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  1. 1. For search engine optimisation to be effective, excellent content must be used. Some consultants now believe that the concept of the target audience is a bit too broad. They prefer to use content which is aimed at buyer personas. An SEO servicehas to assess different sites and see whetheror not this kind of approach makes sense for specific online companies.
  2. 2. Explaining buyer personas When thinking about what makes an ideadistinctive, it comes down to individuality Whereas a target audience can bethought of as a mass group with typical preferences, buyer personas are lessgeneral One expert has described them as being equivalent to a buyerpersonality The basic idea is to consider one person, such as a 22-year-oldarts student who lives away from home, for example, who could be persuadedto make a purchase
  3. 3. Then, you should produce content which might tempt individuals like that toact Use three or four personas Many campaigns involve inventingthree or four personas These are given characteristics which could be seen astypical or relevant
  4. 4. For example, a site which is selling office stationery might look at buildingpersonas in the knowledge that certain types of people typically make thepurchasing decisions with regards to office supplies There is arguably littlepoint in trying to sell large volumes of stationery to temporary workers, forexample Make them real The individual buyer persona should begiven a range of characteristics
  5. 5. For instance, the age, income, gender, education and interests of an officemanager may be relevant if you are trying to persuade them to buy stationeryproducts Some imagination can be used effectively at this stage, but there isno need to go overboard The ‘interests’ section of the persona shouldnot be extended to the point where it becomes unrealistic or distracting
  6. 6. The personas should not be isolated If you think back to the officestationery example, more than one individual may have a say in decidingwhether or not a particular product is bought While there may be one personawith greater influence than the others, all the personas might have somethingto contribute to a discussion Therefore including a secretary persona as wellas an office manager one makes sense
  7. 7. An alternative route When making personas, social media can be agreat help Sometimes the likes of Facebook and Twitter will be usefulnetworks in this area With some goods or services, it might be more effectiveto use LinkedIn
  8. 8. This has 140 million members and can be an invaluable social tool It isexcellent if you want to find out important details about a wide variety ofbusiness people and organisations Not a total content solutionWhether or not you use LinkedIn, the use of buyer personas can be usefulwhen producing better content
  9. 9. Content writing can be quite complicated, however, and a whole range ofthings contribute to the success or failure of web content Buyer personas maybe a slight improvement on target audiences, but it is important to rememberthat they are also just one piece of a bigger picture For more informationplease visit –
  10. 10.