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  1. 1. Choosing furniture for a studio apartment must depend on its size and the space that you assign for each room. You are lucky if you were able to get one that includes partitions; but if you only get a bare space then you need to exercise a good planning scheme. The secret to have an elegant, uncluttered look for your studio apartment depends on your own judgment.american made furniture
  2. 2. The Studio Apartment Floor Plan The first thing that you need to dois to get the floor plan of your studio apartment, as it has the exactmeasurement If not, then measure it yourself Once you haveobtained the floor plan, you can start drawing out on paper whereyou want to position the bedroom, living room and kitchen/diningarea It is fine picturing it in your mind but putting it on paper is better You can also allot the exact measurement for each area This willlikewise allow you to assign where to place your furniture
  3. 3. So include on your paper the furniture that you want to have Itwould also be a big help if you mark it on the floor You can usecardboards or flattened boxes as your make-shift dividers to see howit will look The "L" shape is an ideal layout for a studio apartmentThis allows more walking space as well as to identify the practicalareas
  4. 4. Designing the Studio Apartment Start by setting a theme to make abalanced atmosphere that includes the furniture, furnishings, colorsand decorations Avoid making a clutter by not overdoing yourdesign Keep it to a minimum but make it distinct and precise tomake a statement Choosing Furniture for your Studio Apartment Toenhance your limited space, choose furniture that is not only strikingbut also functional Create a central spot
  5. 5. Since you only have a limited space, you cannot afford to haveseveral pieces of furniture To create a focal point, choose a big sofawith a striking color or an impressive bed Choose furniture that hassimple and straightforward lines or with geometrical forms Getmultipurpose furniture Storage would be a big problem in your studioapartment
  6. 6. Hence, you need furniture that provides storage spaces Get a bedthat has underside drawers, chest drawers and ottomans with built-instorage Choose a vertical wardrobe cabinet that has plenty ofshelves and drawers and a built-in mirror Contemporary and modernsofas have shelves and with an extended base that can be used astables Coffee tables are built with more efficiency and pragmatism
  7. 7. You can have a lift top coffee table that reveals a storage space,where the top can be used as a tray or a laptop base Some coffeetables have an overlapping 5-level rotating design that can belengthened revealing quadrant storage compartments You can alsoopt to have wall-type shelves or cabinets for your media gadgets,books and other decorations Select Space-saving Furniture Thismeans to pick furniture that can serve you two purposes One goodexample is a sofa bed
  8. 8. Sofa bed, as the name implies, can be used as a sofa during theday and can be transformed as your bed during the night Get akitchen counter and pair it off with bar stools Choose a kitchencounter that has adequate shelves and drawers to keep your stuffThis can serve as your dining and working table Hang your kitchenutensils
  9. 9. Have a vertical shaped cabinet to house your other kitchenequipment This does not only save you on space but will make yourdining and kitchen organized Even with the small amount of spacethat you have you can avoid american made furniture making yourstudio apartment to look crowded All it takes is an appropriatechoice of furniture to make it look elegant and presentable
  10. 10. american made furniture