Pulp Fiction Narration

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  • 1. A. Butch gets Wrist watch F. Getting Medieval B. Jules and Vincent PULP FICTION E. Match Fixing and Milkshakes C. Marvin Who? D. Restaurant
  • 2. A. Butch Gets Watch • Boy Butch gets the watch from Koons, which he had received from Butch’s father • The first event in Pulp Fiction, approx 20 years before all other events
  • 3. B. Jules and Vincent • Jules and Vincent discuss Royale cheeses and foot massages • Shoot the partners and get the case • Miracle • Take Marvin
  • 4. C. Marvin who? • Marvin accidentally dies in the car • Mr Wolfe and Thorough car cleaning
  • 5. D. Restaurant • Honey Bunny and Pumpkin decide to rob the restaurant • Vincent and Jules have entered the restaurant after the car clean up and get caught in robbing. • Jules and Vincent persuade Honey Bunny and Pumpkin to leave the place.
  • 6. E. Match fixing and Milkshakes • In the Bar, Butch agrees with Marsellus to go down in the 4th round • Vincent and Jules come into the bar and hand over the case. • Marsellus orders Vincent to take Mia out. • 5 $ milkshakes and a trophy later Mia has had it. • Vincent revives her by fluke.
  • 7. F. Getting Medieval • Butch fails to throw the match and escapes • But returns to get his dads watch. • Accidentally kills Vincent who had been waiting for him in his flat • Runs into Marsellus on the street. Both are held by Maynard and Zed. • Marsellus gets buggered but Butch rescues him. • Marsellus pardons Butch
  • 8. A B C D E F START