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Guide Lines of Gas cylinder rule, By B C Das
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Guide Lines of Gas cylinder rule, By B C Das


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It is sharing of knowledge. By Bimal Chandra Das, Rtd. AGM (Safety), Bokaro Steel Plant,/ Bokaro. Kolkata

It is sharing of knowledge. By Bimal Chandra Das, Rtd. AGM (Safety), Bokaro Steel Plant,/ Bokaro. Kolkata

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Guidelines of Gas Cylinder Rules, 1981Closed metal containers intended for storage and transport of compressed gas having avolume exceeding 500 ml. (1/2 Litre) but not exceeding 1000 litres are covered under theseRules. But containers exceeding 1000 Ltres are covered under SMPV Rules. This exclusivecompilation of 78 Rules, Five Schedules and Forms A to F are covered under ten chaptersdealing with important aspects e.g. construction, test & examination of cylinders, restrictionson filling, possession, import or transportation of cylinders, valves and other fittings meetingthe requirements of standards, markings and color coding of cylinders, precautions inhandling and use, etc. Relevant rules from users point of view are mentioned below :-Rule- 3Requires that every cylinder and its valve and other fittings to be constructed, tested,examined and certified as per the Standards given the Schedules to this Rule.Rule –6&7Specify the markings by stamping, engraving or similar process on the cylinder and valverespectively. The rules provide the details including manufacturer’s identity and inspector’sstamp to be so marked.Rule - 8Specifies color coding for industrial cylinders as per IS: 4379 and specifies in sub-rule (2)such color marking for new gases and gas mixtures not given in the IS: 4379.Rule - 13Prohibits employment of children & intoxicated persons in loading / unloading and anypremises licensed under Gas Cylinders Rule.Rule - 18 & 19Deal with safe handling & use and storage of cylinders.Rule - 20Owner of every cylinder is required to keep for the life of the cylinder a record containingprescribed information.Rule - 39 to 42Deal with Periodical Examination & Testing of cylinders and specifies that IS:5844 to befollowed.Rule - 43Specifies the conditions when a cylinder can be condemned.Rule - 44Requires to maintain a history sheet with record of tests, examination and repairs to bemaintained for each cylinder by testing station.Note: These guidelines are only illustrative in nature; The book of Rules, kept in the office ofGM (S&FS) may be referred for details./mnt/temp/oo/20120718150553/gascylinderrule-120718100551-phpapp01.doc