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  • 1. Colin Rudd Independent Consultant it SMF Management Board Member Institute of IT Service Management President Elect it SMF, ITIL and SFIA - the business imperative for Service Management STABILITY IN A CHANGING WORLD
  • 2. Introduction
    • What is the itSMF?
    • What is ITIL?
    • What is Service Management?
    • What is the Institute of Service Management?
    • What is their relationship to SFIA?
  • 3. What is the it SMF? The only internationally recognised and independent organisation dedicated to IT Service Management. It is a not-for-profit body wholly owned, and principally operated, by its membership . Formed in the UK in 1991 & now national ‘chapters’ in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. Interest in many other areas What we do Contribute to best practice; run conferences, seminars, regional groups; web-site; magazine; discounted book sales;
  • 4. Why do we need Service Management?
  • 5. Why? - Benefits realisation IDC survey - 79% reduction in downtime & other factors - total savings per user c $800 p.a. - ROI up 1300% Meta - 85% resolution at FPOC - cost per call down 30% - 50% reduction in new product cycle Barclays - Downtime reduced from 60 to 15 mins Proctor - $100 million p.a. savings! & Gamble it SMF survey - 70% achieving “tangible & measurable” benefits
  • 6. What is IT Service Management? A set of disciplines, embracing that together allow us to develop & deliver high quality IT services. Partners Managed services Products Systems Networks Tools Process What to do How Where When People Culture Organisation Competence
  • 7. Quality processes Recommended “best practice” Non-prescriptive guidance Vendor/technology agnostic Focus on process & people >>>> formal standard for ITSM - BS15000 Service Support Service Delivery ICT Infrastructure Management Business Perspective Application Management T h e B u s i n e s s T h e T e c h n o l o g y Suppliers Planning to implement Service Management Security Management
  • 8. Successful implementations depend on competent and motivated people K nowledge , A ttitude , S kills , E xperience Quality people Qualifications - ITIL-based, different levels & delivery mechanisms, point-in-time Ongoing competence - Professional body Institute of IT Service Management www.iosm.com
  • 9. Quality products Business driven functionality Integration Appropriate support Corporate fit
  • 10. Quality partners Service capabilities Integration Support Corporate fit BS 15000 Certificated “ ITIL-registered consultant”
  • 11.
    • Certification Board - OGC, it SMF, Exam Institutes (ISEB & EXIN)
    • Three levels based on Service Management: - Foundation, Practitioners & Manager
    • The future
        • Examinations: - further qualifications based on new books
        • The Institute: - professional registration scheme (based on BS 15000 and ITIL)
    Qualification and registration
  • 12. Professional Institute A professional body for individuals to belong to: Membership according to criteria Contingent upon - continuous professional development (CPD) - adherence to Code of Practice Fellow Member Practitioner Associate Student www.iosm.com
  • 13. SFIA
    • A collaborative industry initiative
    • Provides a recognised ICT framework for:
      • Categories for areas of work
      • Levels of responsibility (autonomy, influence, complexity, business skills)
    • Provides a common language and terms just as ITIL and Service Management
    • An agreed framework for skills and competence assessment
  • 14. Summary Information Services are a vital and core part of the business We need to think end-to-end service, Service Management isn’t optional Quality process-driven approaches and professional staff really deliver value ITIL/BS15000 provide a solid framework for developing an appropriate solution The business can/will reap the benefits and achieve the ROI on IT Professional qualifications, grades and certifications are becoming increasingly important
  • 15. Thank you for listening Any questions? Webbs Court 8 Holmes Road Earley Reading RG6 7BH +44 (0)118 926 0888 it SMF Conference & Exhibition Brighton Metropole 10-12 th November