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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Managing Digital Identities: Challenges and Opportunities IdM Panel at TrustBus 2007 Marco Casassa Mont Hewlett-Packard Labs
  • 2.
    • Overview
      • Identity Management (IdM): A Very Complex & Active Area
        • Consolidation of “Classic” IdM in the Enterprise
        • New Trends Impacting on Identity and IdM
        • New IdM Initiatives
      • Old and New Identity Management Issues
      • Top Challenges and Opportunities
  • 3. Identity Management: A Very Complex Area … Users Enterprises/ Orgs Government Old and New Threats Consolidation of Traditional Identity Management in Enterprises Flow of Identity Information Across Boundaries … Whole New Set of Initiatives in the Identity Management Space Identity Information Stored all Over the Places (Devices, Service Providers, Enterprises/Orgs, Govs Sites, etc.)
  • 4. Identity Management: Consolidation in the Enterprise …
  • 5. New Trends Impacting Identity Management Users Enterprises/ Orgs Government - Web 2.0, - Collaborative Networks, - Content Generation & Mash-up, … - Enterprise (Web) 2.0 - Convergence IP/Telco Networks (NGN) - Business-driven IT Management - Risk & Assurance Management - New Laws and Legislation - … - Terrorism, - New Global Threats, - New Legislation, Laws, … - Mobility, - New types and range of Personal Devices - New Services - Convergence of IP/Telco in Next Generation Networking (NGN)
  • 6. Identity Management: A Whole New Set of Initiatives … Users Enterprises/ Orgs Government User-Centric IdM (Identity 2.0) Driven by Web 2.0 & Federated IdM: - OpenId - InfoCard - Sxip - … Identity 2.0 & Web 2.0 for Enterprises: - Content-aware Access Control … National Identity IDs/Cards (biometric IDs, etc.) Device-based Identity Mgmt: - Liberty Alliance Identity-Capable Platforms (ICP) - Next Generation Trusted Computing (TCG) - Network-based Identities … Identity as a Service Privacy Laws, Other Legislation (US RealID, etc.) Business-driven IT Management and Implications for IdM: - ITIL, Cobit, BS7799, … - Federated Identity Assurance Identity Governance & Compliance to Laws - Role Mining in Complex Orgs/M&As, …
  • 7. Identity Management: Old and New Issues … Users Enterprises/ Orgs Government - Privacy: (pseudo-)anonymity vs. need to disclose - New Potential Risks introduced by Identity 2.0 (e.g. Identity Phishing …) - Identity Thefts and Frauds - Lack of (Digital) Education - Lack of User Control on Data - Lack of Assurance and Trust - Too much reliance on Human-based Processes: Lack of Automation of Privacy Management and Compliance Management. … - Lack of IdM + Privacy Standards - Little control given to users over data - Lack of Control, Assurance and Accountability in Outsourced Environments - … - New Potential Privacy Threats for Citizens - Cross-Organisations Data Correlations - …
  • 8. IdM: Challenges and Opportunities (Next 5 Years) Top Challenges Top Opportunities
    • 1. Improve Users’ Control on Their Personal Data (within Devices and Orgs)
    • 2. Enterprise Privacy Management: Automation of Privacy Management and Regulatory Compliance in Enterprises
    • 3. Alignment of Enterprise IdM Practices and Solutions to Business-driven IT Management (ITIL, etc.): Identity Governance, Risk and Assurance Mgmt
    • 4. Secure, Privacy-aware and Trustworthy Federated IdM/SSO
    • Interoperability between various Federated IdM/SSO initiatives
    • 6. Standards to enable Data Exchange between Enterprises/Orgs driven by Security and Privacy Policies and Users’ Preferences
    • Exploitation of Web 2.0 + Identity 2.0 in Enterprises/Organisations …
    1. Improve overall Enterprise IdM Practice and User Experience/Control … 2. New Research & Development Opportunities in the Identity Management Area both at the User and Enterprise sides 3. New Business Opportunities in the Identity Management space in terms of IdM Services, Solutions, Products, …
  • 9.