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The Meaning behind the Dream Catchers Name
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The Meaning behind the Dream Catchers Name


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Experts in Business and IT Alignment The Meaning behind the Dream Catchers Name After decades of providing technology solutions and facing wave after wave of vendor promises that seldom transpired we begin to look for the reason behind the trend. From ERP upgrades preceding the Year 2000 to Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and finally Enterprise Systems Management, each of these technology waves had successes but fell far from the mark as promised by the suppliers. While organizations such as IDC produced study after study bestowing the financial benefits of these solutions, the market was riddled with “shelf ware”. ROI and break-even reports with fantastic results abounded yet many IT Directors would not present the solutions to their management. They could not articulate how they would achieve these results. From interviews with many “leading edge” sites where best-in class solutions were sold, we concluded the culprit was in IT Processes. IT Processes when refined provide the answer to how management could deploy technology and realize the benefits. It is not the technology that provides value to an organization but rather the way it is utilized. Looking further we realized that success in an organization was dependent on the alignment of people, processes, and technology. In doing so the IT organization can share expectations and measure IT's performance against established service level agreements. With this our vision of the Dream Catcher was born. The Dream Catcher is an American Indian custom where the mother would hang the Dream Catcher above the baby’s bed, the webbing would catch the bad dreams and the hole in the middle would let the good dreams through. There are typically three feathers which hang from the ring. We saw the feathers as representing People Processes, and Technology. The Ring represents the Organization alignment of IT Services and Business Objectives. The webbing is our task of dispelling the promotion of ROI promises for technology solutions. Finally, the hole in the middle is where we present what truly makes the difference to organizations: IT Best Practices based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). From this vision we formed our company named Dream Catchers whose mission is to help organizations achieve Operational Excellence in a manner that is quantifiable and self-sustaining. Our goals are to deliver on this vision as the highest quality solutions provider in the industry backed by a 100% guarantee and to ensure the success of our clients with free continuing education programs. This vision and focus on quality of service coupled with the 3 elements of our mission statement have produced a business model unmatched by others. We call this the Dream Catchers Difference. 866-FOR-ITSM
  • 2. Experts in Business and IT Alignment The Dream Catchers’ Difference: The Dream Catchers difference is defined in terms of our Quality of Service Programs and the 3 elements of our Mission Statement: Quality of Service Programs Lasting education. Upon completion of our course, you will have access to our continuing Education Services that provide you with activities to further your education and ensure that you keep your knowledge alive. Professional, experienced instructors. Our instructors are ITIL Masters Certified and have real world experience in implementing IT Service Management. Guaranteed training. Guarantee on ITIL Foundation certification exam for classroom based training. Please see web site for details. Recognition. Dream Catchers provides multiple programs for recognition of excellence among our customers. Framed Certificates of Achievement are awarded to top performers in designated classes who excel under specific conditions, and a Crystal Trophy called the “Crystal Award” is provided to any student making 100% on an ITIL Certification Exam. Recognition programs encourage students to perform at their best and provide recognition to those who excel. ITIL Special Publications. Dream Catchers works with The Stationery Office, official ITIL Publisher, for the creation of special publications. These special publications are delivered by accredited ITIL trainers to enhance the learning experience of the student. ITIL documentation is far more useful reference material for implementations than generic introductory books. Mission Statement Operational Excellence. Dream Catchers focus is exclusively on improving IT operational excellence of our clients. We offer solutions that address the core needs for IT Quality of Service. Quantifiable Results. Rather than offering promises or industry reports on the ROI of IT Service Management, Dream Catchers primary business is performing IT Business Value Assessments relevant to ITIL implementations. We have years of experience, have developed proven methods and tools, and have a business value approach. Our commitment is to provide solutions that customers can measure and thereby set realistic expectations. Self Sufficiency. IT Service Management being a process of Continuous Service Improvement implies personal and continuing involvement. Therefore companies must integrate the knowledge, skills, and best practices into their core IT processes and people. Dream Catchers services are designed to transfer knowledge, and empower through skills. We work with our customers to ensure ITIL Best Practices become integral to their core strategy and IT processes. 866-FOR-ITSM