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service profile


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12831 Services Profile Xedis is a dynamic company founded by experienced Service Delivery Managers and Project Managers advising companies to set-up, structure and operate their IT Services and organisation. The differentiator of Xedis, compared to competing companies in the consulting market is: 1. Xedis implements processes, but also takes the responsibility to implement tools to ensure that processes are pragmatic and measurable. 2. Xedis’ services span the entire IT-lifecycle, including the project and service management organisation (support), making end to end process management a reality. 3. Practical experiences based and acquired at international enterprises both local and international. IT Process Consultancy Project Management Optimizes your business Framework –PMO/PSO goals by designing efficient Make your company ready IT-processes. Advice best and/or improve for a project practices of common management methodology & frameworks for Governance approach. This will allow at Strategic level you to align your IT-projects to your business objectives. Interim Service Management Have your IT production environment managed by the Service Delivery Managers of Xedis. This is a service with high added value during an organizational change for which we can also deliver the transition management Interim Project en Program Network & System Management management tool Leave the management of implementation complex and difficult Make your IT-processes projects, in the hands of the measurable by using IT-tools project and program for system and network managers of Xedis. management. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/ 12831
  • 2. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12831 IT(IL) Process Consultancy IT Service management is the discipline within IT that organises IT in function of business needs. Emphasis is on the organisation of IT processes, that apart from technology, take into account business needs. The ultimate aim in organising such processes is finding the right balance between service quality and cost efficiency. Xedis offers the following services : • Performing quick scans to evaluate existing IT processes, and organising work shops for setting up improvement tracks • Organise workshops to define IT vision and strategy resulting in an IT business plan • Result oriented improvement tracks, like the organisation of ITIL- concepts, establishing better communication lines between IT and business, engineering a better separation between first and second line, introducing change management procedures, … • Define IT organisation models, define job descriptions and responsibilities for Service Management process owners. • Measuring the efficiency of existing IT-processes. • Establishing IT standards, such as software standards for improving software maintainability. • Setting up Service Level Agreements and Operational level agreements • Give ITIL trainings fine-tuned to the culture of your company. Profiles that Xedis can deliver in this area : IT Service Management consultants (junior, confirmed, advanced and expert level), Strategic Management consultants (confirmed, advanced and expert level). The roles and functions that these profiles can fulfil are of various nature. In the profile description (cfr. Exhibit C PartII Xedis services price list), some examples are listed but this list is not complete nor exhaustive Associated specific Xedis offerings : “Set up of a Service Support Office”, “Set up of a Service Management Office”, “ Set up of a Governance Office”, “Governance Assessments “, “IT Service Management maturity Assessments” NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/ 12831
  • 3. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12831 Network & System management advice and implementation To support IT processes tools are indispensable. Xedis does tool selection and manages the implementation. Combining process implementation together with the tool implementation will guarantee that IT-process definitions are both pragmatic and measurable. Xedis has expertise in the market leading tools in service management support tools and network & systems management tools. Specialized focus is on seamless integrating Service Management tools with task and element management tools. Profiles that Xedis can deliver services in this area : tool expert and consultant, trainer, technical project lead, migration consultant and other associated profiles Associated specific Xedis offerings : Tool migration assessment and project Interim Service Management Service Manager competencies are scarce in the market. Xedis’ Service delivery managers manage your IT department, until you have found the right expertise. Transfer of knowledge is guaranteed through mentoring and coaching. This service can help your company and have a high added value if your company introduces important changes like the introduction of IT Service Management ( ITIL ) Profiles that Xedis can deliver in this area : Service Manager, Service Delivery manager, Governance manager, Service process manager , support manager and others, SMO/SSO managers and agents and other associated profiles NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/ 12831
  • 4. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12831 Project Management Framework IT-projects do not exist on their own. Projects are meant to enhance the efficiency of business processes. Setting up a project management framework (PMF) within an organization is setting up a strategy to align project goals better with your business goals. The project life cycle, follows the following phases. This can be formally or informally : • Sales : Through communication between business and IT projects are started. • Planning : In order to fulfill a project, the necessary resources are made available and planned. Project goals and objectives are defined both quantitatively and qualitatively. • Execution : The follow up of the project and the keeping of the project aims are measured during the project. • Completion of a project : The transition of the project from a project environment to a service management environment must be prepared in order to maximise customer acceptance of the project deliverables and to transfer the knowledge from the developing environment to the service management environment. Quality improvement of project management processes can be obtained by making hands-on experience available into the project and service management organization. Profiles that Xedis can deliver in this area : Portfolio/Program/Project methodology consultant, PMO consultant, PSO consultant, Audit and risk management consultant and other associated profiles Associated specific Xedis offerings : PMO/PSO Codex, Governance Office methodology NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/ 12831
  • 5. NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/12831 Interim Project Management Big, critical and complex IT-projects that are potentially in trouble, are managed by an experienced project or program manager, to reach the project goals. Knowledge transfer happens in a smooth way from the interim project manager to the project organisation. Profiles that Xedis can deliver in this area : Project, program managers, governance manager, PMO/PSO manager, PMO/PSO agents, auditor, assessor, Quality manager, Risk manager and other associated profiles NATO UNCLASSIFIED NC3A/BOA/ 12831