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Metricus Overview Presentation
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Metricus Overview Presentation



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  • 1. Clarity on the performance of IT Metricus at a Glance Metricus Metricus has been acknowledged for breaking new ground on IT performance management and is nominated for the ITSMF Innovation Award by three independent juries.
  • 2. Metricus provides clarity on the performance of IT and enables effective IT decision making Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs B.V. All rights reserved. Metricus allows IT managers to take informed decisions about the performance of IT by presenting them with accurate KPIs, reliable dashboards and advanced data analysis capabilities. Using Metricus IT managers can determine if IT services or processes are being performing as per business requirements, if resources are optimally utilized, and determine the impact of improvement initiatives.
  • 3. IT Performance Management is about measuring, improving, and demonstrating the value of IT Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. Define what is important to you and what you should measure Measure your IT performance through best practice KPIs and performance data Manage the ongoing process and present decision making information to relevant stakeholders in your organization Initiate improvement activities based on historic data and scenario planning
  • 4. Metricus enables organizations to define, measure, manage and improve IT’s performance Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved.
    • A best-practice IT KPI library with metrics that align with your business goals.
      • Metrics for ITIL, C OBI T, ISO/IEC 20000 processes
      • IT balanced scorecard KPIs, Cost Control KPIs, Green IT KPIs
      • ‘ Meta information’ explaining how to use and adopt KPIs
        • Quality and reliable information from your IT organization that you can count on
      • Process or functional scorecards with traffic light symbols to visualize your performance
      • Highly visual dashboards for your CIO presenting a holistic view across functions and teams
      • Data analysis capabilities
        • Recognize trends, compare performance, and proactively improve performance
      • Benchmark internal teams or departments
      • Scenario Planning using cause-and-effect diagrams
      • Six Sigma charts help you identify process flaws
      • Initiate and track improvement initiatives
        • A practical do-it-yourself approach to data and metric management
      • Tools, templates and guidance to extract data from your ITSM tools
      • Manage KPI settings, trends, target, tolerance, definitions
      • Ability to customize reports, or add your own KPIs
    Define Measure Manage Improve
  • 5. Define - Structured KPIs drive IT Performance Management Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. IT KPIs (that are aligned with the business strategy) play a role at each decision-making level in the organization and enable the organization to take informed IT decisions in line with business requirements Business Leadership IT management IT departments IT Balanced Scorecard IT process health dashboards Functional and process scorecards Over 600 Timely, accurate, and quality IT metrics and measures (KPIs) in Metricus Business Strategy IT Strategy Processes and Activities drives drives Categories: ITIL v3, IT Services, Infrastructure, Service Level Management, COBIT, ISO/IEC 20000, Green IT, Balanced Scorecard, and more..
  • 6. Measure- Dashboards, Scorecards, Reports “ A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives; consolidated and arranged on a single screen so the information can be monitored at a glance” Intelligent Enterprise, 2004 Green IT dashboard Metricus Dashboard from the Service Request Module
    • Highly visual, data aggregated from various sources
    • Provide a one glance view on the current state of the organization/process or activities.
    • Typically used by CIOs, IT Management and business users.
  • 7. Measure- Dashboards, Scorecards, Reports Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. Comprehensive Dashboards A typical Metricus Dashboard Template that provides a comprehensive picture on your current IT performance and historical information. These two elements together allow you to take adequate decisions for the future Six Sigma charts For selected KPIs you have the ability to create Six Sigma control charts or histograms. This functionality helps you reduce defects in your processes
  • 8. Manage – Manages the integration of data from your ITSM tools
    • Data management is the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from disparate systems into a single data store for the purposes of manipulation, evaluation, and analysis.
    • Data management allows organizations to access all their fragmented data, create an accurate and consistent view of their information assets, and leverage those assets to drive business decisions and operations.
    Data Management is the link between operational systems and tools and decision making information based on structured Key Performance Indicators
    • Metricus Data Management
    • Export data from your service management tool into Metricus Templates
    • Upload templates via FTP to Metricus
    • Metricus processes your data and transforms it to information
  • 9. Manage – Metric Management functionalities Easy Data Templates Every Module includes structured templates that help you collect data from your service management tool and upload this to Metricus. The simplest way to do this is through FTP allowing you to refresh your data whenever you want to Define your reporting structure This allows you to define your reporting structure. Do you want to report per department, geography or team? Manage access rights Assign dashboards to users and manage who sees what Settings Manage definition, set target, tolerance, data criteria
  • 10. Improve – Trend analysis, Scenario Planning, Initiative management Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. To improve performance in the future, one has to look at the past
    • Trend analysis helps to understand patterns and behavior of KPIs
    • Comparing historic information is important to be able to define policies for the future
    • Trend analysis further helps you to monitor if your improvement initiatives are resulting in overall better performance
  • 11. Improve – Trend analysis, Scenario Planning, Initiative management Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. KPIs are linked to higher level business goals, and to other KPIs. This information allows you to develop scenarios and predict outcomes of your actions
    • KPIs in Metricus are linked to each other. This information allows you to assess the effect of changes to KPIs.
    • With this knowledge, you can create various models and scenarios that allow you to meet your expected results
    • Metricus allows you to dynamically design cause and effect relationships
  • 12. Metricus Product Offerings Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. Metricus Enterprise provides a robust and comprehensive set of tools and knowledge that you can use for the effective management of all your IT Performance Management initiatives Metricus for Consultants enables IT management and ITSM consulting companies to add powerful IT Performance Management capabilities to their consulting offering Metricus Modules provide comprehensive on-demand solutions to measure, manage and improve the performance of selected IT services, domains, processes and strategies. Modules for ITIL Modules for IT Governance Metricus Specials
  • 13. Metricus Features Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved. Scripts, templates and guidance relevant to the integration of data End-user training online or face to face All Modules are included in Enterprise SaaS Globally accessible, browser based, fully managed Partners provide consulting services around Metricus Metricus provides end-user support, including support in managing data Partners can embed Metricus in their consulting approach and grant customers access to Partners’ Metricus subscription No minimum number of users Data management part of initial configuration Modular approach, pay as you go Documentation is available to support the use and configuration of Metricus Dashboard, Scorecard and Data Analysis Templates Included in Metricus Modules kpi Up to 25 KPIs with ‘meta’ information relevant to the use of KPIs Standard Metricus Platform Features applicable to all products Included in Metricus Enterprise Included in Metricus for Consultants Sandbox environment Ability to integrate consultant specific KPIs or knowledge Fully customizable according to customer specifications
  • 14.
    • for more information visit
    • www.metricus.com
    Copyright ©2009, ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. All rights reserved.