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McCabe Software Application Lifecycle Solutions at
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McCabe Software Application Lifecycle Solutions at


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  • 1. McCabe Software Application Lifecycle Solutions at Citigroup
  • 2.
    • Introduction and Opening Comments
    • Frank Ryan, VP Change Control Group, Citigroup
  • 3.
    • Introduction and Opening Comments
    • David Belhumeur, CEO McCabe Software
  • 4. McCabe Overview
    • Since 1977, McCabe Software has been a leader in providing Application Lifecycle Management Solutions to top organizations worldwide.
    • McCabe Software is a privately held company headquartered in RI.
    • Offices in MA, MD and the UK.
    • Development and distribution worldwide.
  • 5. Agenda
    • Opening Comments
    • Company Overview
    • McCabe Products
    • Citigroup and McCabe
      • Existing relationship
      • Moving forward
    • TRUEchange & ITIL Practices and Process
    • Current and Future Offerings
    • TRUEchange within Citigroup
    • Questions
    • Demonstration
  • 6. McCabe Software Products
  • 7. McCabe IQ
    • McCabe’s software quality management suite
    • Cyclomatic Complexity, an industry standard was developed by Tom McCabe Sr.
    • Graphical display of code complexity.
    • Dynamic analysis of testing coverage.
    • Detailed metrics and reporting.
    • Focus resources on more complex areas.
    • Assure quality.
    • Provide confidence.
  • 8. McCabe CM
    • McCabe CM - TRUEchange and Agent make up our software change and configuration management solutions set
    • TRUEchange is the flagship solution under this banner and its Integrated Difference technology is unique in the industry, avoiding the limitations of traditional dependent delta technology.
    • Low administrative overhead - ROI
    • Integrates with defect tracking and IDE solutions.
    • The Agent is a Remote Deployment solution delivering universal release management capabilities allowing you to release/deploy change across a worldwide enterprise
    McCabe CM - TRUEchange & Agent
  • 9. McCabe CM - TRUEchange Better On Purpose
    • The core technology behind TRUEchange was developed in 1984.
    • Our change management approach is not ‘new’, but is still unique to the industry.
    • TRUEchange has a pure lineage, not having been “mashed” together with other, acquired, technologies.
    • While our open architecture allows us to integrate with different SDLC technologies, our McCabe CM products (TRUEchange, Agent) work seamlessly together because they were built to do so.
  • 10. McCabe Relationship with Citigroup
    • Citigroup has been a valued customer and partner in the evolution of TRUEchange for over a decade, and our technological roadmap has dovetailed nicely with your requirements over that span.
    • History of meeting Citigroup’s needs while working in close conjunction with Frank Ryan’s Change Control group. i.e.: Bill Hymen has contributed to both the ZLinux port and Agent testing.
    • McCabe is consistently responsive in addressing needs and concerns of Citigroup.
  • 11. Moving Forward with Citi
    • McCabe will continue to emphasize the positive impact and outcomes that we can provide to the organization. Some of our short-term initiatives are:
      • To provide informational material and, in the near future, tutorials and software updates via the portal
      • To provide other business units within Citigroup with information about our solutions via On Site events, etc.
  • 12. Benefits
    • Our history - We have worked closely with Citigroup over the last 10 years and will continue to adapt and meet your needs in the future.
    • Extensive platform support
    • Platform independent client
    • Low administrator to user ratio
    • Portability
    • Reliability
    • Security - Role and Phase-based
    • Audit Compliance
    • In 2007, TRUEchange was among a select few listed in the Gartner Group’s annual SCCM review.
  • 13. TRUEchange & ITIL Barbara Dumas, Application Lifecycle Technology
  • 14. ITIL Framework Where does TRUEchange fit in?
    • ITIL framework is not tool specific – but tools can undoubtedly contribute to or diminish the ability to manage and measure IT assets and resources.
    • TRUEchange provides a software configuration management environment that inherently manages the elements of change as an entity.
  • 15. TRUEchange and ITIL Change Management
    • TRUEchange source code control provides a superior, and flexible process for managing software changes across the entire lifecycle of the application.
      • Request for Change
      • Assignment
      • Apply the change
      • Test
      • Accept
    • Changes cannot be lost, or modified. Complete history regarding the specific change is maintained – always.
  • 16. TRUEchange and ITIL Release Management
      • TRUEchange Configurations are used for deploying source code updates and/or updated packages to a local file system in a repeatable, secure manner.
      • TRUEchange Agent for deploying source code updates and/or updated packages to remote machines in a repeatable, secure manner.
        • Schedule multiple deployments.
        • Execute remote scripts
        • Agent maintains deployment history
  • 17. ITIL and Configuration Management
    • Within the scope of an organization, CM relates to the identification, management of assets, and the relationships between those assets.
    • Using the McCabe tools, for software configuration management, this process is already in place. As a result of the detail we maintain at the software, change, and package level – we can contribute to relevant configuration items (CI’s) maintained within the organizational CMDB structure.
  • 18. The Fundamental Process Chain Mission Every change must be controlled along the process chain. Not just a reference to the change – but the change itself!
  • 19. Our Partners at Work 2.
    • Integration and testing of the complete release
    • Preparation of pilot project and operation
    5. 7.
    • Full distribution
    Development Integration Operation Business
    • Reviewing Change
    • Defining Release
    1. Business Technology Center
    • Prepare Distribution
    • Certification and assessment
    6. 3.
    • Acceptance of order release
    • Development
    • Preparation of testing, pilot project and distribution
    • Value generated to the bank: Priceless
    • Providing support (SLA)
    User Service Center 9
    • Providing operation and monitoring
    Operations Control Center
    • Rejection of order release or
    • Software Deployment
    • Source Code Mgmt.
    • Software Control & Distr.
    • Order Mgmt.
    • RFC Mgmt.
    • Requirement Mgmt.
    • Requirement Mgmt.
    • Testing
    • Problem Mgmt.
    • Configuration Mgmt.
    • Configuration Mgmt.
    • Information Mgmt.
    • Configuration Mgmt.
    • Acceptance of solution and final report
  • 20. Current and Future Product Offerings Don Mulrenan, Product Specialist McCabe Software, Inc.
  • 21. Scope of McCabe at Citi
    • McCabe CM – TRUEchange is currently in use throughout the Citigroup organization.
    • Groups use TRUEchange primarily for the development and management of internal source code.
    • The source code is packaged and provided to the Change Control group for deployment.
  • 22. Direct Benefits to Citi
    • Current benefits of TRUEchange that are available to groups within Citi:
      • Integration with .Net
      • Integration with Eclipse
      • The Stream CM managed workspace
      • McCabe/Citi portal available for training purposes or possibly software upgrades.
  • 23. Why TRUEchange
    • TRUEchange is the only Software Change and Configuration Management solution to utilize 'Integrated Difference' technology
      • Unparalleled Support for Parallel Releases
      • Drag-and-Drop Technology to Migrate Change in Seconds, Not Days
      • Agile Workspace and Intuitive Stream View to Get You Up and Running in No Time
      • Lock down code releases
      • Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
      • Secure Support for Globally Distributed Development
      • Pass Federal, State, and Internal Audits (Sarbanes-Oxley, etc)
  • 24. More Reasons Why Integrated Difference Technology is Better
      • Nothing is lost – ever
      • Complete traceability for audit purposes
      • Reproducibility
      • Selective Migration
  • 25. Configurations
    • Configurations enable the logical grouping of applications, libraries or modules from disparate projects and tie them together into a manageable unit for build or deployment purposes.
  • 26. Remote Deployment with the Agent
    • The Agent easily deploys packages to multiple platforms saves time.
    • The Agent extends the capabilities of TRUEchange. TRUEchange excels at providing traceability between the deployed application and the original source code
    • Deploy the way you need to: full or incremental, scheduled or immediate.
    • Meet regulatory compliance and process enforcement guidelines with separation of duties via role based security (ITIL, SOX, etc)
  • 27. Future Directions
  • 28. WAN performance
    • As more and more sites adopt global, distributed development, McCabe is working to further optimize TRUEchange performance over the WAN
    • Compression currently applied to status files reading, inside StreamCM
    • Will extend to cover transaction files, agent communication, CLI, and integrations
  • 29. LDAP licensing
    • LDAP integration will enable TRUEchange to participate in corporate-wide user authentication
    • The LDAP feature will be designed to work with Microsoft Active Directory
    • Will satisfy corporate requirements for expiring passwords, password strength etc.
  • 30. StreamCM Administration Functionality
    • StreamCM client is already the most powerful TRUEchange client. Administration functionality will include
      • Adding/Updating users
      • Updating file type definitions
      • Resetting passwords
  • 31. UTF-16 Encoding Support
    • Latest versions of MS Visual Studio are using UTF-16 encoding by default
    • UTF-16 files currently need to be stored in binary format in TRUEchange
    • Native support for UTF-16 will enable file differencing, conflict resolution etc
  • 32. Unicode Entity Support
    • Improve I18N by allowing UTF-8 characters for:
      • Project names
      • Branch names
      • Checkout and checkin descriptions
      • Configuration names
      • File and directory names
      • File content
  • 33. Agent Enhancements
    • Ability to delete files on a remote file system
    • Ability to compare remote files with files in the repository
    • Ability to browse remote files
    • Logging non-frozen deployments
    • Logging file copyouts with no script executed
  • 34. Training
    • Enhanced training/evaluation materials making use of virtual environments
  • 35. New Server
    • Next generation server that will continue to distinguish, and strengthen the advantages of using TRUEchange
      • Expanded reporting and metrics
      • All new features, e.g. Point in time file content retrieval
      • Server performance improvements
  • 36. Questions?
  • 37. Demonstration
  • 38. Thank you!