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ITIL Implementation ~ ITIL Implementation ~ Document Transcript

  • ITIL Implementation ~ 2006 FTA Technology Conference & Exhibition Albuquerque New Mexico August 2006 Paul Broderick Commissioner State Revenue Office Victoria Australia 1 My country - Australia Australia - States & Population Northern Territory Queensland 0. 2M 3. 8M Western Australia 1.9M South Australia 1.5M New South Wales 6. 7m ACT 0. 3M Victoria Total Population: 4.9M 20 Million Tasmania [approx] 0.4M 6 State Revenue Office -Victoria 2 1
  • My home town - Melbourne State Revenue Office -Victoria 3 My football team – St Kilda State Revenue Office -Victoria 4 2
  • Purpose of the presentation Share our experiences on the implementation of ITIL in the State Revenue Office (SRO) Victoria State Revenue Office -Victoria 5 Agenda  Background information on the SRO  Our vision  Our achievements  What is ITIL?  ITIL processes  Why did the SRO adopt ITIL  Our approach  The results  Accreditation reality  What worked well  Benefits of ITIL for the SRO  Negatives  Q&A State Revenue Office -Victoria 6 3 View slide
  • Background information… The SRO is the major revenue collection agency for the Victorian Government We administer a range of taxes, subsidies & exemptions In 2005/06 we collected $7.9 billion in revenue The SRO has 450 staff across two locations in Victoria – Melbourne – Ballarat (Regional Centre) State Revenue Office -Victoria 7 Our Vision To be recognised as one of Victoria’s best performing organisations State Revenue Office -Victoria 8 4 View slide
  • Some achievements…  ISO 9001 certified (Quality Standard)  Insourced IT services after 7 years of Outsourcing -Built an IT department from ‘scratch’ -Saved the government $2m per annum State Revenue Office -Victoria 9 Some achievements…  Award winning Balanced Scorecard Reporting System  Best practice risk management system & framework  Gold Technology Award for our revenue management system “e-Sys” State Revenue Office -Victoria 10 5
  • Some achievements… Reputation for delivering IT Projects on time and on budget Australian Business Excellence Award for Information and Knowledge Management First government organisation in the world to achieve ITIL certification State Revenue Office -Victoria 11 What is ITIL? Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of references: – developed by the UK’s Office of Government Commerce – describing an integrated, process based, best practice framework for managing IT Services – Forms BS15000 or AS8018 State Revenue Office -Victoria 12 6
  • ITIL Processes Service Delivery Service Support – Service Level – Incident Management Management – Problem Management – Financial – Configuration Management (for IT) Management – Capacity – Change Management Management – Release Management – Service Continuity Management – Availability Management State Revenue Office -Victoria 13 Why did the SRO adopt ITIL?  ITIL was adopted after we ended a 7 year outsourcing relationship.  The driving force for insourcing was- – COST – CONTROL – CULTURE  We wanted to “build the best small IT shop in government.” State Revenue Office -Victoria 14 7
  • Why did the SRO adopt ITIL? (cont…)  We looked for best practice in IT service delivery and found ITIL  Seen as a way of attracting and retaining good IT staff.  ITIL certification was a natural progression of our ISO 9001 certification.  SRO sees value having its procedures and processes externally reviewed and scrutinised State Revenue Office -Victoria 15 The Standard makes some bold claims! “This Code of Practice describes the best practices for service management processes…” “…these service management processes deliver the best possible service to meet an organisation’s business needs within agreed resource levels…” State Revenue Office -Victoria 16 8
  • Our approach  May 2003 – Insourced all IT services using ITIL model  January 04 – 8 months after ‘bedding down’ insourced IT services, investigated requirements to achieve ITIL certification. – Certification not available under BS15000 at that time  March 04 – Set goal to achieve ITIL compliance of > 80% by 30 June 2005  April 04 – engaged consultant to assist State Revenue Office -Victoria 17 Our approach 1. June 04 – Consultant assessed SRO ITIL readiness at 70% which was the highest rating they had assessed over last 2 years in State and Federal Govt. July - September 04 – Initial workshops to complete gap analysis – ITIL Foundation training – Process owners appointed – Commenced drafting ITIL processes (filling the gaps) October 04 – AS8018 released (based on BS15000)  November – January 05  – Accreditation project schedule developed – Project formally started State Revenue Office -Victoria 18 9
  •  April 05 12 – Stage 1 audit conducted by LRQA to review documentation to establish all procedures required were available, controlled and in place.  June 05 16 – Stage 2 audit conducted by LRQA to carry out an assessment of the SRO IT management system to the Standards State Revenue Office -Victoria 19 The results 18 week time-line from formal project start in January 05 to 1st audit. – Stage 1 audit – 8 non conformances Additional 5 weeks to continue to capture / consolidate ITIL compliant evidence and address stage 1 non- conformances This was completed with in-house resources who were still required for operational support. State Revenue Office -Victoria 20 10
  • The Results Certification obtained for a period of 3 years – 2 minor non conformances – Surveillance audits every six months for 3 years Subsequent Surveillance audits successfully completed without any non-conformances (3 conducted in 2005/06) State Revenue Office -Victoria 21 Accreditation Reality AS8018 (Australian Standard for ITIL) is quite prescriptive Writing processes, refining documentation, gathering evidence and undertaking internal audits not a core skill of process owners Tools utilized for Service Desk, Configuration Management and Management Reporting required significant upgrade to better support the ITIL processes State Revenue Office -Victoria 22 11
  • What Worked Well Project management focused attention on the schedule and deadline Goal was to keep processes simple – Not trying to re-invent the wheel – Re-use of existing AS9001 processes – Support and coaching – On-going training and development Experienced ISO internal auditor Senior management focus and commitment IT staff committed to achieving ITIL certification – they wanted to be the first in Australia State Revenue Office -Victoria 23 Benefits of ITIL for the SRO Documented IT policies and procedures to an external standard (AS8018) Greater visibility of changes Better reporting Better maintenance of in-sourced environment leading to on-going cost savings and reduced risk State Revenue Office -Victoria 24 12
  • Improved communication and information flows between IT and customers – Contact service desk for incidents / services requests A quality approach to IT services ITIL certification has attracted staff wanting to working in a certified organisation to increase their skills State Revenue Office -Victoria 25 Negatives Overheads in reporting – requires more in-depth reporting (needs to be balanced with the benefits of more transparent reporting by IT) Frequent audits – Cost of external audits – Time commitment of internal auditors State Revenue Office -Victoria 26 13
  • Some of the organisations with ITIL certification  CSC  EDS  GE Capital Services  HP GlobalSoft  IBM UK  Infosys  LG  NEC  Northrop Grumman  Samsung  Satyam  Siemens IT Operations  State Revenue Office State Revenue Office -Victoria 27 Questions? State Revenue Office -Victoria 28 14