Introduction to ITIL and the supporting role of Asset Management
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  • 1. Introduction to ITIL and the supporting role of Asset Management David Cuthbertson Square Mile Systems © Square Mile Systems 1 Tel 0870 950 4651 Mob 07717 883177
  • 2. Background Early career – communications design and micro-chip applications 1990s – founded 2 IT businesses, leading to trade sale Current – 2 businesses based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire software - for documenting data centres & complex IT systems services - to deliver IT asset and configuration management In addition - Chaired the BCS Service Management Specialist Group - Director of National Outsourcing Association - speaking/organising various events ITSMF, CMG, IoD, FAST, BCS - participate in ITSMF CCRM Special Interest Group © Square Mile Systems 2
  • 3. Current IT Themes and Trends • Reducing the cost of providing IT • Faster implementation of systems (within budget) • Delivering more reliable IT services • Optimisation of existing resources • Developing better controls Typical management choices Virtualisation Outsourcing Use a management framework ITIL, ISO27001, CoBit, ISO9000, BS25999 Implement Asset Management? © Square Mile Systems 3
  • 4. Why Service Management? • Change IT culture – Project focussed to service focussed – Solve problems by agreeing common processes rather than buying equipment, software or toolsets – Reduce communications gaps between technical teams, business groups, users, suppliers etc. – Measure effectiveness of service delivery • Improve the Business/IT interface so that services are appropriate to need © Square Mile Systems 4
  • 5. What is a Service? A means of delivering value to Customers by facilitating Outcomes Customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific Costs and Risks. ITIL V3 Definition of a service © Square Mile Systems 5
  • 6. Example 1 Providing a PC to a new user – Buy a new one or use from stock – Define machine name – Install standard operating system – Install specific software for department/function – Check cabling and network connection (order/change) – Allocate a user ID and access rights to systems – Set up local printing – Deliver and install – Test © Square Mile Systems 6
  • 7. © Square Mile Systems 7
  • 8. Example 2 – Upgrade a server SQL FWS_04 UK_FWS_04 UK_FWS_Blade_01 © Square Mile Systems 8 MF_SW02 MF_SW01
  • 9. ISA Payment Process Payment Request Client Funds Transfer ISA Payment Request Handling ISA Payment Request Customer Services Citrix Client ISA Payment Workflow Client Transact BACS-IP BACS-Sched Claims Processing Audittrack BACPAY Claims Processing Workflow Paylog Funds Move SQL FWS_04 Oracle LP1 Oracle LP2 Oracle FWS_03 Citrix Server LPAR1 LPAR2 UK_FWS_03 UK_FWS_04 UK_FWS_05 Z800 2065 Cheque Printer HO_BACRT01 BACS IP-VPN Service Desk UK_FWS_Blade_01 UK_FWS_10 MF_RT01 MFLAN BT Global MF_RT02 Front Desk HO Secure LAN © Square Mile Systems 9 MF_SW02 MF_SW01 SW_FWS_01 SW_FWS_05 FW_FWS_01
  • 10. Multiple Applications & Servers DEAL GLOBAL CASH INCOMING SECURE SECURE INTERNAL AUDITS FUNDING PAYMENTS CHECKBAL GH INVEST VIEW INS MANAGER FUNDS EDI Complex systems are not easy to comprehend or validate so a change control system is needed © Square Mile Systems 10
  • 11. The Rise of Service Management • Started with the OGC (then the CCTA) in the late 1980s developing best practice booklets • Became the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and has evolved with industry changes and experience • IT Service Management Forum formed 1991 • Through the BSI and ISO, it became an international standard (2005) • Institute of Service Management (IOSM) formed 2005 • Adopted by most UK government organisations and many commercial businesses © Square Mile Systems 11
  • 12. Service Management Evolution Trade ITSMF BCS-SMSG Associations IOSM Standards BS15000 IS020000 Best Practice ITIL V1 ITIL V2 ITIL V3 (2007) 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 © Square Mile Systems 12
  • 13. Certification Pass Rates Foundation 87% Managers 46% 35000 Foundation Course 30000 Managers Course 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Source ISEB web site © Square Mile Systems 13
  • 14. ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 ISO 20000 The Standard Code of Practice ITIL Guidelines Best Practice Your in-house implementation Policies, processes, procedures © Square Mile Systems 14
  • 15. ITIL V3 Titles Service Strategy Service Operations Strategy Generation Event, Request, Incident, Strategy Implementation Problem, Technology, Value Networks Operations, Access, Service Portfolio Mgmt, Monitoring & Control Financial Management, ROI Service Design Continual Service Improvement Policy, Planning & Imp Measurement, Trends, Five Aspects of Service Design Reporting & Analysis, Availability, Capacity, Continuity, Review, Assessment, SIP Service Level Mgmt, Supplier Mgmt. Outsourcing Design Service Transition Introduction to the Service Lifecycle Change, Build and Test, Release The Big Picture, & Deployment, Service Model Maps, Service Asset and Configuration, Practice Basics, Knowledge Mgmt Getting Started © Square Mile Systems 15
  • 16. Governance Methods St lls an Ski da rd & s e Al dg Continual Service ig le Improvement nm now en K t Service Ca Design se se se pics Su Su Stu y To die Service e es cialt Strategies Spe Templates ITIL Service Operation Ex Ex Ex Co Imp C C ec ec ec nt prov Service i i in ut ut ut en ice pr ua eme ive ity Transition v v em rv r al al t l S ent ov Se bil I I Int Se nt Se nt erv ala pr al r r ro Im tinu e ice Sc du ce ce n cti Co tio tio on n n s St in ud k W y ic Ai ds Qu Qualifications
  • 17. ITIL / ISO 20000 Service Delivery Processes Security Management Service Level Management Capacity Management Service Continuity Service Reporting Financial & Availability Management Management Control Processes Configuration Management Release Change Management Relationship Processes Processes Resolution Processes Release Business Incident Management Relationship Management Management Problem Management Supplier Management © Square Mile Systems 17
  • 18. Typical ITIL Approach • Define immediate quick wins to improve business services – Incident management – Change control • Develop processes, service offerings and controls through use of a service desk toolset • Expand and develop as required © Square Mile Systems 18
  • 19. Example 3 - Defining a Service With a service catalogue It becomes easier Performance To log an incident Hours of service Measure availability User base Measure performance Responsibilities Predict impact of change Delivery components Analyse root causes Recovery Perform recovery tests Availability Introduce service changes Charging Release new changes Reporting Justify costs and controls © Square Mile Systems 19
  • 20. Example 4 - Change Request Flow Change Request Define affected systems N Standard? Define impact Y Follow Determine Risk Testing Procedure Backout plan required? Check FSC & PSA Submit RFC © Square Mile Systems 20
  • 21. Different Teams, Different Focus Business Processes Departmental, Company Services Systems End user, infrastructure, supplier Applications Service Applications PC, server, mainframe, SOA Management Virtual Infrastructure Mid-range PCs, Network, Servers, Storage, DBMS Servers Networks Hardware Infrastructure LAN/SAN PCs, Network, Servers, UPS, Storage, Other Desktops Data Fixed Infrastructure IMAC Centre (Cabling, Power, Cabinets, Rooms, Buildings) © Square Mile Systems 21
  • 22. The ITIL Version 3 CMS Change& Asset Config Technical Quality Service Business Compliance Presentation Release Mgmt Life-cycle Config Mgmt Desk Impact View Portal View View View View View View View (Cobit) Layer Search, Browse, Store, Retrieve, Update, Publish, Subscribe, Collaborate Knowledge Query & Analysis Reporting Performance Mgmt Modelling Monitoring Processing Layer Customer/User – Service –Application – Infrastructure mapping Information Integration Service Portfolio Service Package Integrated Asset & Config Service Change Service Release Layer Common Process Scheme Meta Data Reconciliation Synchronisation Extract, Load Mining Data Integration Data & Project Discovery Software Information Doc Definitive Asset Mgmt Config Platform Federated Enterprise Filestore Media & Audit Tools Mgmt Config Sources CMDBs Apps Project Library Mgmt & Tools Software © Square Mile Systems 22
  • 23. ITIL Configuration Management 1. Asset Management – Life cycle of a component, often with financial value 2. Application Development and Releases – Life cycle of applications, systems and versioning 3. Service management – Service relationships between CIs (Service Maps) 4. Technical architecture – Technical relationships between CIs, network diagrams, SAN links 5. Physical architecture – Rooms, cabinets, chassis, power, cabling, space © Square Mile Systems 23
  • 24. Different Views of a Server Service £1 per cup = £6 Licences for 10 cups Se Maintenance contract r v ic e Cost View – Asset Management Service View Hierarchy Release 1.1 Row D Servers Row D Servers Row C Servers B2-18 B2-01 B1-13 B1-04 Row B Comms Row A Carrier Terminations Release Management Systems & Network Management Data Centre Management © Square Mile Systems 24
  • 25. Differences in Approach Business Processes Departmental, Company Services End user, infrastructure, supplier Service Applications PC or server based Asset Virtual Infrastructure Components PCs, Network, Servers, Storage, DBMS Hardware Infrastructure Components Technical PCs, Network, Servers, UPS, Storage, Other Data Centre Fixed Infrastructure (Cabling, Power, Cabinets, Rooms, Buildings) © Square Mile Systems 25
  • 26. Typical CMDB/CMS Update Issues Change Asset Release Service Technical Data Issue View View View View Centre Install a new cabinet, with power and cabling Y Add a full blade server chassis to a cabinet Y Y Connect a blade to the network, SAN and update management tools Y Y Move an existing server to the blade keeping the same name Y ? Y Y Virtualise the server onto a blade ? Y Y Y Create a new virtual test server Y Y Y Release an updated version of a bespoke application Y © Square Mile Systems 26
  • 27. Sample IT Asset Lifecycle Acquire Disposal Plan Decommissioned Develop Post-Live Test Live Detailed design Deployment © Square Mile Systems 27
  • 28. Reducing the Amount of Data Before After Word Visio Needs Word V Asset I S Excel Excel U Release Visio A Word L Service I Visio Word S Word Excel A Technical T I Visio O Physical N Visio Visio Excel Excel Visio Word © Square Mile Systems 28
  • 29. IT Asset Management • Reducing the cost of providing IT • Faster implementation of systems (within budget) • Delivering more reliable IT services • Optimisation of existing resources • Developing better controls © Square Mile Systems 29
  • 30. In Summary • ITIL is here, growing and worth adopting • IT Asset Management is not well understood • Both are management issues, not technology issues – So both require drive and energy to implement • Immediate benefits from implementation of IT Asset systems – Unused resources and unnecessary contracts – Reconcile other systems to identify gaps – Gaps in process, policies and understanding • Strategic benefits – Common naming systems – Lifecycle processes – Billing and charging for services – Supplier management © Square Mile Systems 30
  • 31. More Understanding Acquire literature/books Go to seminars/conferences - ITSMF, HDI and regional groups Online discussion forums Meet and talk with suppliers, existing adopters Get trained In practice, it is refining your own best practices and ensuring common terminology, processes and roles are appropriate for the business. © Square Mile Systems 31
  • 32. Further Information OGC web site ITSMF web site BCS Service Management Group Help desk Institute TSO ITIL books BSI Web site for ISO20000, other materials ISEB Web site © Square Mile Systems 32