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  • The need for increased focus on information infrastructure comes from the increased reliance businesses have on information. << This slide could be removed, and its contents used for an introduction >>
  • Information continues to grow, as it has for decades, but that’s not the real challenge. New business challenges impacting IT, and the changing characteristics of data, AND a rapid growth rate combine to create an enormous challenge.
  • IBM Information Infrastructure is an initiative that helps clients meet the challenge of Information Explosion by helping to improve competencies around 4 key areas: Information Availability Information Security Information Retention Information Compliance Core competencies enable “Data Tone” or Information as a Service. Information Infrastructure is a supporting technology for business applications
  • Information Infrastructure Infrastructures today are near a breaking point. They can't handle the day by day demands that are now dictated to them by the people in charge -- the consumer; The consumer is becoming more knowledgeable, more powerful and much more demanding of the companies they deal. They want their information anytime, anywhere, anyplace and they don't care about the technology companies employ to make that possible. This is the cloud model; Each consumer today has an electronic footprint of about 1 terabyte of data (that’s about 50,000 trees made into paper and printed). Music, medical records, social media, cell phones, etc. – that’s the digital footprint. That's going to explode to 16TB by 2020, according to research conducted by IBM ; Today, static data is managed in silos -- where it just sits. Innovative companies know that they MUST employ new kinds of technology to offer dynamic services -- info that “follows” individuals wherever they go in a cloud environment; With the explosion of the mobile web, connected sensors everywhere from cars to pipelines, online medical records, and the growth of Web 2.0 data and social networking, infrastructures need to retool NOW, to even be ready for 2020. 4 Key Areas of Concern for Companies - and IBM's Response In response to these problems, we're outlining three critical elements for the new information infrastructure that focus on the management, consolidation and security pain-points for clients in four areas: Compliance, Availability, Retention and Security Compliance The compliance burden will only continue to grow as you provide more Web-based services to a diverse set of users, including employees, customers and business partners. The reputational damage that comes with the forced publicity of non-compliance has created the most powerful incentives for stronger information security and compliance. “Stay off the front page of the newspaper” is a common mantra for IT Of course, when security processes, auditing and reporting are improved in an organization, those improvements can be mapped to many different regulations . The one area that we are finding with Compliance, is that not only are the fines, punitive damages, sanctions etc a problem, but large companies are now expressing a pain around the ridiculously high cost of compliance. They know they have to deal with eDiscovery and are dealing with it, but per Gartner most Fortune 1000 companies have 86 cases at any one time and are spending on avg 1.5M$ per case, and they are spending that over and over again for each case. Availability Today's infrastructure is not designed to efficiently manage the estimated two BILLION people who will be on the Web by 2011 – especially considering that users today are already uploading more than 10 hours of video to YouTube every minute. Cost effective, scale up technologies are needed to enable Internet scale and speed for the management of vast amounts of online information – coupled with continuous access. Businesses must be prepared for this new phase of “cloud computing,” giving consumers access to data and systems remotely, from any device, anywhere. Retention -- Today's information infrastructure suffers from massive inefficiency in both duplicate sources of the same information and excessive energy costs. Analysts have stated that 50 percent of data centers will run out of power or space for their data centers sometime THIS YEAR. So you would need retention systems that would eliminate duplicate data, coupled with green, cost-efficient archival solutions for long-term retention. On ave, companies need to keep content for 7 years, and more for some industries. In healthcare, this is 50+ years and the content is increasing exponentially in HCLS. Clients also want to keep and preserve certain information for cultural heritage reasons. How do you accomplish this with product in every 3-5 years. How do you future proof your information? How do you optimize your infrastructure for retention? Security - Ensuring that the information in a data center is secure and being accessed by those authorized has become a top concern for all data centers – large and small. A recent data center hack cost one company more than $60 million dollars in damages through stealing of data and unauthorized use of credit card information of consumers.
  • The distinctive advantage of IBM Information Infrastructure is its ability to leverage a breadth of capability from across the company, to deliver client focused, high value solutions.
  • IBM Information Infrastructure strategy includes: leading technology, new integrated solutions, and experience and expertise to implement them successfully Let me tell you a little about each of these three areas, and how they help clients accelerate their transition to an Information On Demand environment = = = = = = Background
  • The first part of the IBM Information Infrastructure strategy is Technology Leadership Best of Breed Products R&D Innovation Acquisitions = = = = = = Background
  • Unlike other alternatives, IBM offers an Information Infrastructure that is: Standards based, to fit easily and adapt to change Comprehensive, covering all aspects of Information Infrastructure Based on Best Practices and successful client engagements IBM Information Infrastructure includes unique capabilities that deliver more value: Integrated Business Transformational Solutions Unified Management Software Comprehensive Tape, Disk and Network Hardware Deep and Proven I ndustry Expertise Flexible Financing Options and Asset Recovery Services
  • IBM has made strategic acquisitions to help clients enhance their information infrastructure and their core capabilities: information availability, security, retention, and compliance. = = = = = = Background NovusCG = consulting & tools - The combined capabilities of IBM Storage and Data Services and Novus will provide clients improved access to business information, enable stronger regulatory and corporate compliance, and boost their overall information technology performance. (GTS) Softek = data migration - "A host-based non-disruptive migration tool for both open systems and mainframes is a simple application but surprisingly one of the most demanded in the market, as IT swaps out technology or introduces new technology," said Arun Taneja, founder and analyst with the Taneja Group. (GTS) FileNet = content management - IBM's acquisition of FileNet will allow customers to benefit from the combined capabilities of both companies - from ensuring content is delivered and utilized in context of their business processes to achieving effective compliance, archiving and document retention. (SWG) Arsenal = business continuity - IBM is helping define the next era of business continuity with the acquisition of Arsenal Digital Solutions, an emerging leader in on-demand information protection. (GTS) IBM's acquisition of Telelogic , completed on April 3, 2008, highlights the aggressive investment strategy that is a key contributor to the success of IBM's software business. Telelogic is a leading provider of software used in the development of technical systems, such as consumer electronics, medical systems, automobiles, communications devices and airplanes. ARMONK, NY - 10 Apr 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire FilesX , a privately held storage software company based in Newton, Mass., and Haifa, Israel, that specializes in continuous data protection and nearly instant data and application recovery software for enterprises and remote/branch offices. ARMONK, NY - 12 Mar 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it has acquired Encentuate, Inc., a privately held company based in Redwood City, California, and a leading provider of identity and access management software focused on enterprise single sign-on and integration of strong authentication technology. IBM will integrate Encentuate into IBM Software Group’s Tivoli division. ARMONK, NY - 18 Apr 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it has acquired Diligent Technologies, a privately held storage "de-duplication" technology company headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts with research and development located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Diligent's technologies and employees will become part of the IBM System Storage business unit of the IBM Systems and Technology Group. Diligent develops in-line data de-duplication software that is integrated with server and storage infrastructures to help organizations significantly reduce the amount and cost of physical storage required in data centers. Enterprise and mid-sized organizations are faced with data centers that are reaching a breaking point of complexity and manageability, while at the same time experiencing explosive demands for storage for new data, transactions, email and back-up files. Data de-duplication is an emerging technology that organizations are investing in today and Diligent's innovative technology provides a single solution to support data protection, archive and data-retention applications -- all while maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • The second part of the IBM Information Infrastructure strategy is Client Focused Solutions Purpose Designed Industry Aligned Cross IBM Integrated = = = = = = Background
  • IBM Information Infrastructure is an initiative that helps clients meet the challenge of Information Explosion by helping to improve competencies around 4 key areas: Information Availability Information Security Information Retention Information Compliance Core competencies enable “Data Tone” or Information as a Service. Information Infrastructure is a supporting technology for business applications
  • This chart shows what the Total Cost of Ownership is for an all disk or all tape solution to backup over 10 years. The tape system is 7 times less expensive. A blended solution is less than half the total cost. Key points: All of one solution or the other does not typically meet all of the customer storage goals. An all disk system could meet performance and compliance, and potentially security but would miss data protection and TCO. An all tape system could meet compliance, security, data protection and TCO but could miss performance goals. The combination of the two in a blended solution could meet all goals. IBM disk and tape blended solutions include: TS7500 virtualization engine for open systems TS7700 DR550, with a backstore of IBM WORM tape N series and SnapLock or SnapVault, with a backstore of IBM tape. TSM SOFS = = = = = = Background Assumptions: SATA Disk= 'this is a fully populated DS4700 (maximum expansion drawers, largest slowest 7K RPM 500GB least expensive HDDs) LTO4 Tape Library Initial capacity is 250TB Growth of 25% / year Replacing disk every 3 yrs after warranty expires is less expensive than paying maintenance fees. Tape is replaced every 6 years. Blended solution puts data on disk for a generous 12 months for high backup and restore performance and then it goes to tape. Most applications of data to disk would probably have a shorter time span except for perhaps image apps like medical imaging. Cost ratio of an all disk solution to blended is 3:1 and the blended is more than twice the cost of an all tape solution. To summarize, a blended solution is far less expensive than an all disk solution and still accomplishes all goals. Source: IBM TCO study for System Storage DR550, 2007
  • The third part of the IBM Information Infrastructure strategy is Expertise & Experience Industry Expertise Consulting Services Experience Based Tools and Methods = = = = Background:
  • Standards Leadership includes SNIA (IBM wrote the disk compatibility standard), Linux, etc. Industry Partnerships include the vendors making LTO, Brocade, Cisco, Network Appliance, LSI, QLogic, Emulex, and a strong Business Partner Channel = = = = Background:
  • IBM Information Infrastructures delivers client-oriented solutions around 4 key areas. To enable IOD, Information Infrastructure has to have these four capabilities: Availability Security Retention Compliance <click> IBM’s strategy is to build integrated solutions around each of these four core capabilities, reducing customers’ time to value. Examples for each area are listed. = = = = = = Background
  • FCoE can reduce a number of NIC and HBA cards down to one pair of 10 Gb DCN cards. A typical server rack has at least 2 HBAs and 2 NICs per server, so 50% reduction in cards, cables, and fabric managers is expected in a typical server rack refresh.
  • IBM has a breadth of Information Infrastructure capability across storage, servers, software, and services that is unmatched. This slide highlights just a few of our key offerings that can help clients make important infrastructure improvements in 2009. XIV power, space, cooling and foot print savings are mainly a result of using high capacity SATA drives vs. FC SCSI drives in competitive systems. XIV differentiator is that SATA drives are used without reliability and performance penalty. Please refer to XIV Power and Foot print sales tools and white papers. ProtecTIER performance and compression capabilities are made possible by HyperFactor in-line processing, and are are backed up by independent testing by ESG, and IBM white papers. Storage Virtualization savings have been validated in Forrester and Taneja White Papers. For background on the claims in this slide, please see the Feb 9 Announcement materials.
  • IBM Information Infrastructure is the foundation for building a more dynamic infrastructure. The goal is to provide better Information services at a better price. Many initiatives help, but Information Infrastructure is the provider of critical information-based services that drive most organizations.
  • I hope this talk has given you some new reasons to consider IBM for your next information infrastructure upgrade. Until your next project, I hope you’ll take advantage of IBM’s capabilities-based approach, and the resources and assessments available to you, to make your next information infrastructure enhancement project more valuable. I’ll leave you with these simple thoughts: IBM is ready to help; and, nobody can match IBM’s ability to help – across the spectrum of information infrastructure requirements. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your time. Philippine Airlines quote is from IBM Press Release
  • Mike Barton,


  • 1. Thinking beyond Today Optimize your Information Infrastructure with Smarter IBM Storage Solutions Pierre-Jean BOCHARD, IBM System Storage Mid Range Storage Solutions Sales Leader [email_address]
  • 2. Why Information Infrastructure Today, information has become the lifeline for business sustainability and competitive advantage. Firms of all size are searching for practical ways to create business value – to get their arms around information, correlate insights and to confidently predict outcomes and take action. For CIOs, the information era poses unique challenges: how to cost-effectively store, archive and retrieve a virtual explosion of new information, how to protect and secure that information, meet compliance requirements and make it accessible for business insight, where and when it’s needed. Without a dynamic information infrastructure, organizations will find themselves facing higher operational costs and greater exposure to business risks. To help our clients, IBM is addressing these challenges with Information Infrastructure solutions for efficiently managing information growth, supporting compliance, reducing storage and archiving costs and enabling continuous access to information in support business requirements.
  • 3. The Information Challenge Data Variety With the expansion of information comes large variances in the complexion of the available data – 80% of data is now unstructured, contributed largely by email, documents, images and video Data Volume By 2010, the codified information base of the world is expected to double every 11 hours. Data is exploding, & its nature is changing to machine-generated – from sensors, RFID, meters, GPS systems & more Data Retention Many industries require certain data to be stored for more than 50 years. But on average 37% of a firm’s data is inactive or expired. Storing and archiving this data unnecessarily increases business risk, energy consumption and IT costs Data Risk With more than 30 new compliance regulations worldwide, the amount of data that is subject to regulation is growing at 64% per year. More than 60% of IT executives now rate compliance with regulations a top challenge
    • Many industries require data to be retained more than 50 years
    • 80% of this data is now unstructured email, images, videos, documents
    • Disruptions from downtime can cost up to 16% of a firm’s total revenue
    Cost Efficiencies Globalization Risk & Compliance Mergers & Acquisitions Enterprise data is exploding (57%CGR), businesses are under pressure to cost efficiently store, protect and manage it Volume Explosion Unstructured Data Multiple Versions Inaccessible, Untimely
  • 4. Key Capabilities for Successfully Managing Information An Information Infrastructure Must Address… Information Retention Information Availability Reduce reputation risks and audit deficiencies Support your information retention policies Deliver continuous and reliable access to information Information Compliance Protect and enable secure sharing of information Information Security 37% of data is expired or inactive 83% surveyed keep some data 50 years or more Average US legal discovery request can cost organizations from $150k to $250k. 84% of security breaches come from internal sources. Downtime costs can amount up to 16% of revenue in some industries. Sources: CIO Magazine survey 2007; IBM Tivoli Market needs and profiling study 2005; The Costs of Enterprise Downtime: NA Vertical Markets 2005" Information Research; IBM Market Intelligence. SNIA Data Management Forum, 100 Year Archive Requirements Survey, © Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), 2007
  • 5. IBM Information Infrastructure Solutions Innovative, Integrated, Available Today IBM and its business partners bring an innovative approach to enable clients to manage information more effectively and mitigate information risks with a dynamic infrastructure that efficiently and securely stores, protects and optimizes access to information Our clients can protect, manage and gain insight from their information with our leading-edge storage and data management products, services and integrated solutions supported by world-class expertise and proven experience Mitigate information risks Deliver continuous access to information Support information retention policies Securely share information Information Compliance Information Availability Information Retention Information Security
  • 6. What is IBM Information Infrastructure? The Power of Integrated Solutions and Industry Expertise Storage and Servers Services Software
    • Efficiently store, archive and protect information
    • Make information accessible and available to the business where and when its needed
    • Support business compliance, energy policies and audit requirements
    + + IBM brings together a breadth of Information Infrastructure capability to address our client’s information management needs, providing a foundation for firms of any size to efficiently and effectively manage information so they can unlock its business value, create new insights and confidently take action Storage and Data Services Internet Security Services Business Continuity and Resiliency Services Management Energy Security Availability Virtualization Compliance
  • 7. IBM Information Infrastructure Strategy Technology, Solutions, and Expertise for Data Center Transformation Technology Leadership Client Focused Solutions Expertise & Experience
    • Purpose Designed
    • Industry Aligned
    • Cross IBM Integrated
    • Industry Expertise
    • Consulting Services
    • Experience Based Tools and Methods
    • Best of Breed Products
    • R&D Innovation
    • Acquisitions
  • 8. IBM is Responding Technology Leadership to Drive Information Infrastructure Initiatives Technology Leadership Client Focused Solutions Expertise & Experience
    • Purpose Designed
    • Industry Aligned
    • Cross IBM Integrated
    • Industry Expertise
    • Consulting Services
    • Experience Based Tools and Methods
    • Best of Breed Products
    • R&D Innovation
    • Acquisitions
  • 9. Breadth of Capability From a Single, Proven Vendor IBM Information Infrastructure Includes…
    • Storage and Security management software
    • Disk and Tape systems
    • SAN Directors and Switches
    • Integrated business solutions
    • Expert storage consulting
    • Deep and proven industry experience
    • Flexible financing
    Manage Visibility, Control, Automation Virtualize Availability, Simplification Protect Security, Compliance, Recoverability Best Practices and Services Archive Active, Inactive (long term) IBM Information Infrastructure Integrated
  • 10. Acquisition Leadership Strategy Bringing Great People and Technologies into the IBM Family; Helping Clients Enhance Core Capabilities
    • Consul - Data governance and compliance monitoring, auditing and reporting, 1/07
    • FileNet - Business process and content management solutions, 10/06
    Information Retention Information Availability Reduce reputation risks and audit deficiencies Support your information retention policies Deliver continuous and reliable access to information Information Compliance
    • Diligent – In-line data de-duplication, 4/08
    • FilesX - Continuous data protection and rapid recovery, 4/08
    • Arsenal – Managed Services for on-line data protection, 12/07
    • XIV – High performance, scaleable grid-based storage systems, 1/08
    • Novus - storage analysis and reporting software and services, 10/07
    • Softek - Data mobility technology and best practices consulting, 3/07
    • Encentuate - Enterprise single sign-on and authentication, 3/08
    • Watchfire - Web application vulnerability assessment and compliance solutions, 7/07
    • Internet Security Systems - Preemptive enterprise security, 10/06
    Protect and enable secure sharing of information Information Security
  • 11. IBM is Responding Client Centric Solutions with a Faster Time to Value Technology Leadership Client Focused Solutions Expertise & Experience
    • Purpose Designed
    • Industry Aligned
    • Cross IBM Integrated
    • Industry Expertise
    • Consulting Services
    • Experience Based Tools and Methods
    • Best of Breed Products
    • R&D Innovation
    • Acquisitions
  • 12. IBM Information Infrastructure Proven Capabilities Manage Information Risks Information Retention Information Availability Reduce reputation risks and audit deficiencies Support your information retention policies Deliver continuous and reliable access to information Information Compliance Protect and enable secure sharing of information Information Security
    • Data discovery, classification
    • Tunable service levels
    • Information lifecycle management
    • Optimized, efficient tiered storage
    • Data de-duplication, compression
    • Integrated archiving solutions
    • Heterogeneous storage virtualization
    • Unified management console
    • Future-proof data migration services
    • Data and media encryption
    • Secure Access control
    • Continuous data protection
    • Encrypted Media, Key Management
    • zSecure Suite
    • Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager
    • Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS)
    • Scale Out File Services (SOFS)
    • Grid Medical Archiving (GMAS)
    • Virtual Tape System (VTS)
    • Compliance Warehouse
    • Data Retention System (DR550)
  • 13. Reducing Total Costs through Energy Efficiency IBM is the Leader in Green Data Center Initiatives Cut TCO 50% with Blended Tape and Disk* 10 year TCO example. Assumes 250TB of storage, 25% growth per year.
    • Green Projects for Information Infrastructure Reduce TCO
      • Virtualization
      • Best Practices
      • Technology Refresh
      • Tiered Storage
      • Storage Consolidation
    * TCO estimates based on IBM internal studies. "... tape is still less expensive to acquire and maintain than disk over the long term and it can offer power and cooling efficiencies over disk." Source: Addressing Archiving and Retention Challenges In the Government Sector, Heidi Biggar and Brian Babineau, Enterprise Strategy Group, March, 2008 Tape $946,405 $7 $3.5 $0 Millions SATA Disk $6,365,950 Blended D+T $2,255,346 Hardware Prod + DR Carts Maintenance Power & Cooling Floor space
  • 14. IBM Thought leadership Expertise and Experience for Enabling Client Success Technology Leadership Client Focused Solutions Expertise & Experience
    • Purpose Designed
    • Industry Aligned
    • Cross IBM Integrated
    • Industry Expertise
    • Consulting Services
    • Experience Based Tools and Methods
    • Best of Breed Products
    • R&D Innovation
    • Acquisitions
  • 15.
    • 50+ years in storage business
    • IBM System Storage – a $5-10B business
      • ~5,000 people, 170 countries
      • 1,000+ Business Partners
      • 14 development labs worldwide
      • $500 million+ in R&D annually
    • Patent and Standards leadership
    • Industry Partnerships
    • More than 2x the size of the nearest Storage Services competitor, based on 2006 worldwide revenue 1
    IBM Expertise and Experience IBM is a Strategic Partner
  • 16. Information Infrastructure Services Implementation Services; Expert Consulting; Services Products
    • Discover and classify data
    • Implement classes of service
    • Support data governance policy
    • Flexible tiered storage
    • Policy-based archival
    • Indexing and long term retention
    • Support recovery scenarios
    • Virtualize storage
    • Simplify Management
    • Control access
    • Protect “data in motion”
    • Protect “data at rest”
    Assess * Design * Deploy * Manage Information Retention Information Availability Reduce reputation risks and audit deficiencies Support your information retention policies Deliver continuous and reliable access to information Information Compliance Protect and enable secure sharing of information Information Security
    • Data Security Assessment and Design
    • Information Protection Assessment
    • Security Governance
    • Storage Optimization & Virtualization
    • Information On Demand
    • Data Mobility
    • Data Continuity
    • Resiliency Consulting
    • Enterprise Archiving
    • Activity Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
    • Regulatory and Standards Compliance
    • Crisis Management and Response
  • 17. What’s New on April 28th? Reducing the cost of protecting and managing your business information Core Information Infrastructure Enhancements More CARS. IBM continues to expand its Information Infrastructure initiative with new and enhanced products and services. Announcements update IBM’s portfolio in Information C ompliance, Information A vailability, Information R etention, and Information S ecurity ( CARS ) IBM announces Data Center Network (DCN) switches and adapters that support Storage Fibre Channel protocol over Ethernet, and expanded Converged Data and Storage Network services; which can help clients quickly reduce network cards and cables by up to 50% , simplify management, and create a more dynamic information infrastructure. Data Center Networking Compliance: Updated FileNet P8 interface to IBM protected Storage . Expanded GTS Compliance and Archive practice in China ahead of Basic Standard (SOX-like) law. Availability: More enterprise-class features for XIV . New performance management in TPC 4.1. More throughput and capacity for DS5000. New IT Optimization service. Retention: ProtecTIER adds replication for virtual tape cartridges to improve disaster recovery . TSM 6 enhances SharePoint integration and HSM for Windows to improve data protection Security: First to market drive-level disk encryption for midrange disk , DS5000
  • 18. Data Center Networking is Essential to Dynamic Infrastructures
    • Networking plays a pivotal role in a dynamic infrastructure
    • A dynamic infrastructure is only as good as its weakest link
    • Dynamic infrastructures place new demands on networks
    • A comprehensive networking strategy is also critical in accelerating the benefits of cloud computing
  • 19. New Data Center Network Hardware. Enhanced Software and Services.
    • New Fibre Channel over Converged Extended Ethernet Switch, Adapters
      • 10 Gb capacity and Quality of Service management (System Storage™ DCN32B-1). Preview, June 23 Announcement.
    • Four New “Series” of Ethernet Products OEM’d from Brocade
      • Two series of modular units for core and aggregation layers (m-series and s-series)
      • Two series of Top-of-Rack (TOR) units for access layer (c-series and g-series)
      • Both high-function routers (m & c-series) and high-bandwidth switches (s & g-series)
    • IBM Network Management Software
      • New release of IBM Director, version 6.1.1
      • IBM Tivoli Network Manager support for new Adapters and Switches
    • Enhanced Network Services: GTS Integrated Communications Services
      • IBM Networking Strategy and Optimization - network Infrastructure optimization for consolidation and virtualization (II, System z, Power, System x) Enhancements available 5/29
      • IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks – consolidation and virtualization (II, System z, Power, System x). Enhancements available 5/29
      • IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks - data and storage network convergence (II, System z, Power, System x) Enhancements available 5/29
  • 20. What Differentiates IBM Information Infrastructure Solutions? Competitive Advantage XIV Storage Systems ProtecTIER Appliances DS8000 Enterprise Disk SVC Storage Virtualization Security and Data Services Tivoli Storage Management Integrated Solutions that simplify and speed time to value: Grid Medical Archiving Solution, Scale-out File Services, Compliance Warehouse Innovative data deduplication appliances can reduce 25TB of data into 1TB of storage capacity, 9x faster than other solutions in the market Next-gen disk storage simplifies capacity deployment, supports infinite snapshots and reduces power, space and cooling costs up to 80% First in market encrypted disk storage simplifies data security and now includes solid state drives and more than 1 Petabyte of capacity per disk system Virtualize storage across multi-vendor systems, increase utilization by more than 30% and save up to 50% in administration and management costs Tivoli’s storage suite includes capabilities such as near instant recovery of Microsoft applications, onboard data deduplication and integrated DB2 databases Enhanced Fidelis Security appliances prevent network data loss or leakage with i nspection speeds up to 4x faster than competition
  • 21. Leverage IBM Information Infrastructure To Create the Foundation for a More Dynamic Infrastructure Building the Infrastructure for a Smarter Planet
  • 22.
    • Global reach
    • Integrated solutions
    • Breadth of capability
    • Deep consulting expertise and proven best practices
    • Expanded ecosystem and business partner community
    • Flexible financing
    IBM Information Infrastructure Complete, Integrated, Available Today “ We can build an IT infrastructure with which we will be able to deliver improved service levels , reduce business risks , and manage the information explosion effectively.” Joffrey Foronda , Manager for Infrastructure and Storage Management, Philippine Airlines, Nov. 2008
  • 23.  
  • 24. Trademarks and Disclaimers Intel, Intel logo, Intel Inside, Intel Inside logo, Intel Centrino, Intel Centrino logo, Celeron, Intel Xeon, Intel SpeedStep, Itanium, and Pentium are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries./ Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. IT Infrastructure Library is a registered trademark of the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency which is now part of the Office of Government Commerce. ITIL is a registered trademark, and a registered community trademark of the Office of Government Commerce, and is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States, other countries, or both. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Information is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. The customer examples described are presented as illustrations of how those customers have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics may vary by customer. Information concerning non-IBM products was obtained from a supplier of these products, published announcement material, or other publicly available sources and does not constitute an endorsement of such products by IBM. Sources for non-IBM list prices and performance numbers are taken from publicly available information, including vendor announcements and vendor worldwide homepages. IBM has not tested these products and cannot confirm the accuracy of performance, capability, or any other claims related to non-IBM products. Questions on the capability of non-IBM products should be addressed to the supplier of those products. All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only. Some information addresses anticipated future capabilities. Such information is not intended as a definitive statement of a commitment to specific levels of performance, function or delivery schedules with respect to any future products. Such commitments are only made in IBM product announcements. The information is presented here to communicate IBM's current investment and development activities as a good faith effort to help with our customers' future planning. Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user's job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve throughput or performance improvements equivalent to the ratios stated here. Prices are suggested U.S. list prices and are subject to change without notice. Starting price may not include a hard drive, operating system or other features. Contact your IBM representative or Business Partner for the most current pricing in your geography. Photographs shown may be engineering prototypes. Changes may be incorporated in production models. © IBM Corporation 1994-2009. All rights reserved. References in this document to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in every country. Trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both can be found on the World Wide Web at http:// .