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    (Hot News Archive) (Hot News Archive) Document Transcript

    • www.maatconsulting.com Hot News Archive 2007 - 2009 Hot News 2009 ISO 20000 Part 3 Available (Dec 2) The "Guidance on scope definition and applicability" is newly published. ISO/IEC TR 20000-3:2009. Click here to buy from ISO website for around $110. Top-of-the-Tree ITIL Qualification (Nov 27) APMG has at last, 2 years after announcing it would be created, finally published the approach to achieving the ITIL V3 Master Certificate qualification. Not to be confused with the V2 ITIL Managers Certificate (known as ITIL Masters in N. America), this is the qualification that sits above the ITIL V3 Expert Certificate. Candidates who must already hold ITIL V3 Expert will have to submit a proposal on what and how they will address a real-life issue with ITIL and then prepare and submit a Work Package for assessment which involves supporting the Work Package at an interview. I assume the "Masters" name has been chosen to make it seem like a Masters Degree. There is no way this will be even mildly comparable to a year's postgraduate study at university and the writing of a 15-20,000 word dissertation. I note that one N American IT professional on Linkedin already states they are an ITIL V3 Master (presumably V3 Expert) - so plenty of confusion soon, I think. Click here for details on OGC ITIL official site. ISACA publishes Risk framework (Nov 25) The Risk IT Framework that complements COBIT and Val IT has been published by ISACA. It is freely downloadable to all if you register (also free). Click here to access at ISACA's website. ITIL V3 Intermediate Capability Handbooks (Nov 6) OGC has published (6 Nov '09) the first two of 4 books that are based on the content of the ITIL V3 Intermediate Capability Certificate Courses. These are titled Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) ITIL V3 Intermediate Capability Handbook and Release Control and Validation (RCV) ITIL V3 Intermediate Capability Handbook . Intended as both practitioner guides and exam support books, these are cheap at £9.95 and until the end of November you can gain a 20% discount by entering IT20 as the discount.code during online checkout at the OGC bookstore. Shipping worldwide is possible, too. Click here to link to OGC website. OGC announces ITIL V2 Sunset (Oct 30) OGC has announced that ITIL V2 exams will sunset on 30 June 2011. ITIL V2 Foundation exams will go on 30 June 2010, ITIL V2 Manager exams on 31 Aug 2010 and ITIL V2 Practitioner exams on 31 Dec 2010. The V2 managers Bridge will be last to go on 30 June 2011. Resits have a slightly longer period. Click here to visit OGC website to read the announcement. Extra IT Gov Guidance from ISACA (Oct 14) ISACA is planning an updated version of the IT Governance Implementation guide that will be titled "Implementing and Continually Improving IT Governance". It will include tools and materials as a zip file. The book will be based on a lifecycle approach. The model used will be familiar to many ITIL-aware ITSM staff - the Continual Service Improvement Model, although the model is presented in a different way and much of the terminology is different. Read more in Gary Hardy's article in the COBIT Focus Newsletter for Oct 09. New edition ITIL V3 Books planned (Sep 11) OGC has announced that the ITIL V3 core books are to have new editions (i.e. significant improvements but not a new version). Major changes planned are: Service Strategy will be simplified to improve accessibility, all books will be in plain English and idiom-free, common treatment for all processes, roles and responsibilities will be clearly explained. Additionally, the 312 entries in the OGC's Change Control log for V3 Core books will be addressed. Our view: Most of this was specified in the guidance for the original V2 Refresh project (that came to be called V3). Somehow this got diverted by the writers of the books and we got Lifecycle over-hyped at the expense of care with process definitions. Click here to view on OGC's website. ITIL V3 Small-Scale Implementation (Sep 9) OGC has published (28 Aug) the long-awaited V3 version of a popular V2 book: "ITIL V3 Small-scale Implementation". Designed for smaller organisations it shows how to combine roles in order to successfully implement ITIL V3 in smaller and medium-sized businesses. Click here to link to OGC website for information.
    • www.maatconsulting.com ITIL and Six Sigma (Sep 9) OGC has published a whitepaper that discusses the relationships between ITIL V3 and Six Sigma. Written by two of Pink Elephant's consultants it shows the synergy between the 2 approaches. It is freely downloadable from the OGC website here. IT Unified Compliance Framework (Aug 14) Need to understand all the relevant compliance regimes, frameworks and standards in your country or zone that IT needs to obey/use? Then IT Unified Compliance Framework (IT-UCF) is for you. Developed by Network Frontier LLC, it tracks and maps IT controls across international regulations, standards and best practices. Over 400 such authority documents are tracked (yes, really, apparently the world has over 600 such documents) and their content harmonised into 1250 controls in a hierarchical structure. It is a creative masterplan for IT controls and a big step on the road to integration of the plethora of standards and controls. Click here to view on the IT-UCF website. ITIL V3 Pins (Badges) (Jul 24) If you have passed ITIL V3 exams via ISEB you can now request online your lapel pin (free). There are pins for Foundation, Lifecycle, Capability, Expert. The Master pin exists but you cannot gain the qualification at the moment. Click here to register and obtain your pins. MOF/COBIT/Val IT synergy (Jul 15) Microsoft has published "MOF to COBIT/Val IT Comparison and Cross-Implementation Guide: How to Leverage MOF in a COBIT/Val IT Environment". Microsoft has signed an agreement with ISACA to use COBIT and Val IT content in its documents and frameworks. Essentially, they see Val IT as strategic, COBIT as tactical and MOF and ITIL as operational. The new report includes basic mapping of MOF to Val IT and MOF to COBIT. Later a MOF to ITIL mapping will be published. This looks a smart move as it will encourage the take-up of MOF which has many free resources. Watch this space as Microsoft is also a key player in IT-CMF, "the periodic table of frameworks" that will unify frameworks. ITIL devotees needn't despair- it is still there! Click here to download from Microsoft's website. Business Case for IT Governance (June 21) ISACA has published a 32 page guide: Building the Business Case for COBIT and VAL IT: Executive Briefing. This will be useful to senior IT Service Managers who are planning an Enterprise IT Governance project and need to gain senior management support. Click here to download (free to all) from the ISACA website. 100% pass again. (June 18) Once again, all 100% of delegates who attended a COBIT Foundation Course in May taught by Dr Geoff Harmer, our principal COBIT lecturer, passed the COBIT Foundation Certificate. COBIT User Guide for Service Managers (Apr 6) IT Governance Institute (ITGI) has published this guide with the endorsement of itSMF International. At 51 pages it is compact yet explains the need for IT Service Management good practice (2pp), discusses the role and its activities (4pp); then shows how COBIT and ITIL support governance of IT Services (using COBIT's Business Goals to IT Goals to IT Proceses approach and linking with the COBIT to ITIL V3 mapping), (8pp) and shows how to get started (3pp). The final section, for me is the most useful (19pp) as it shows in tabular form, the details of key activities, controls, deliverables (such as service catalogue and known error database), roles and responsibilities with references to COBIT 4.1, ITIL V3 and ISO 20000 docs. Appendices include 7 very short case studies. Freely downloadable to ISACA members from the ISACA website or purchasable at $35 (e-book) or $50 (book) for non-members. Click to link to the ISACA website. IT-CMF - a Grand Unification Framework? (Mar 11) A new framework launched in Feb 09 looks like being the equivalent of the Grand Unification Theory (GUT) that physicists are seeking i.e. "the answer to everything". IT Capability Maturity Framework, which sees itself as a Unififying Framework and "a Periodic Table of atomic business processes" is designed for achieving and measuring value from IT investments. It looks at: Managing IT like a Business; Managing the IT budget; Managing the IT capability and Managing IT for business value . It uses a CMM style 5 levels of maturity approach and has 36 processes. Limited material is published at present but a 90 min webcast at launch is here. It is an IT Governance approach similar to ISACA's VAL IT. Core parts of IT- CMF have been tested by BP, Chevron, SAP, Northrop Grumman and Intel. IT-CMF has been mapped to ITIL but not yet published. Click here to link to IT-CMF at the IVI website.
    • www.maatconsulting.com COBIT Job vacancies pay 24% more than ITIL (Mar 9) According to ITJobsWatch in the UK, in the past 3 months average salaries for permanent vacancies that included COBIT as a requirement have been at an average of 24% higher than those that included ITIL as a requirement. Contract IT Jobs show a 17% uplift in average daily rates for COBIT skills compared with ITIL skills. Click here to link to ITJobsWatch. ISO/IEC 38500:2008 Download Preview (Mar 1) The IEC in Swizerland has made freely available an 8 page preview of the IT Governance standard. Click here to view on IEC website. 100% pass COBIT Foundation (Feb 4) Maat Consulting is pleased to announce that once again 100% of the delegates attending its public official COBIT Foundation course in January in London passed the exam. Routes to ITIL Expert (Jan 26) How should you go about gaining an ITIL V3 Expert Certificate. We compare the V2-V3 Bridging with the Native V3 Routes. Click here. Hot News 2008 Official COBIT Foundation Course, London for £850 incl. exam (Dec 26) Following a fully-booked and successful public course in June with a 100% pass rate, we have scheduled a public COBIT Foundation course in Central London on 12-13 January 2009. This is the official ISACA course and is taught by our ISACA-accredited COBIT lecturer, Dr Geoff Harmer. ITIL V3 Foundation Handbook (Nov 24) The release rate of ITIL V3 publications has really ramped up in the past few months. Now TSO and itSMF have jointly published The ITIL V3 Foundation Handbook. The book is targeted as a guide for revision for the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam as well as a pocket resource. Some of the authors are established ITIL trainers. Also the book is endorsed by APM Group the official accreditor for ITIL. It is cheap, too, around $15. Competes with the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam - The study Guide, from the ITSM Library (see news item for Nov 6)). Click here to buy from itSMF UK webite. Aligning COBIT 4.1, ITIL V3 and ISO 27002 for Business Benefits (Nov 6) This 22 page Management Briefing with 100+ pages of appendices has just been published by ITGI and the OGC; the authors are Gary Hardy, "father of COBIT", Jimmy Heschl, of the COBIT Steering Committee who has led the COBIT mappings to other frameworks work over the past few years and Jim Clinch, the ITIL Refresh Chief Editor. It is a major revision of the similar document written in 2005 that covered ITIL V2, COBIT 3.0 and ISO 17799. It explains the value of best practices and how harmonisation, implementation and integration can be made easier. The appendices provide comprehensive mapping of the three best practices. Click here to download free from the ISACA website ITIL V3 Foundation Exam - The Study Guide (Oct 30) Van Haren Publishing has announced the publication on 7 Nov of the official itSMF Study Guide for the V3 Foundation Certificate Exam, 230 pages in pocket format. and part of the ITSM Library. We are awaiting sight of a copy before commenting further but in the past itSMF publications, particularly ITSM Library editions, have been valuable additions to our bookshelves. Click here to link to Van Haren Publishing's website. ITIL V3 Intermediate Level Syllabus Completed (Sep 7) The syllabus of the final mandatory course that is needed to gain an ITIL V3 Expert qualification, "Managing across the Lifecycle" is now available from the official ITIL site. Click here to link. COBIT 4.1 to ITIL V3 Mapping (Jul 31) ISACA has published the COBIT 4.1 to ITIL V3 Mapping document (65 pp). ITIL V3 maps to 24 of COBIT's 34 processes and maps fully to 8 COBIT processes. As the report says and we agree: "When used together, COBIT and ITIL provide a top-to-bottom approach to IT Governance and thus to service management". The mapping report is available for free download to ISACA members from the ISACA website or can be purchased as an e-book by anyone from the ISACA bookstore.
    • www.maatconsulting.com Aligning COBIT 4.1, ITIL v3 and ISO 27002 due Q3 08 (Jul 22) ISACA has announced that in Q3 2008 a new version of the alignment document covering COBIT 4.1, ITIL V3 and ISO 27002 (i.e. the latest versions) will be published. Also in Q3 2008 they will publish mappings of COBIT 4.1 with a host of other frameworks: ITIL v3, ISO 20000, BS 25999, COSO ERM, FFIEC, PMBOK2 and NIST SP800-53. In addition a number of new reports and guides will be published. Interesting titles are: COBIT User Guide for Service Managers and two reports on Business Goals and IT Goals. For further imnformation read the COBIT Focus newsletter. ITIL V3 takes off - over 6000 hold ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate (Jul 14) APMG has reported the numbers passing ITIL V3 exams through APMG accredited Training Organisations. See APMG website Also reported are 900+ gaining V3 Foundation Bridge and 46 gaining V3 Managers Bridge. Bearing in mind that most accredited training organisations are accredited through ISEB or EXIN the actual numbers are probably 3 to 5 times as many as reported by APMG. ISEB launches ISO 20K Foundation Certificate (Jul 14) The Information Systems Examinations Board, an Examination Institute for ITIL, has announced the launch of a Foundation Certificate in ISO 20000, the international standard for ITSM. Exams have been available since 2 June 2008. See ISEB website MOF V4.0 builds on ITIL V3 (May 5) In late April, Microsoft launched Microsoft Operations Framework V4.0. Built on MOF V3.0, It has been heavily influenced by ITIL V3 and now is based around a Service Lifecycle (Plan, Deliver, Operate, Manage). The Service Management Functions (SMFs) that are like ITIL's processes have been redesigned and reduced to 16 SMFs. The Management Review Points have been increased from 4 to 6. The classy MOF icon has been redrawn but has lost its panache. MOF 4.0 is freely downloadable from Microsoft's MOF website. COBIT Salaries soar while ITIL Salaries are flat (Mar 25) According to ITJobsWatch in the UK, the average offered annual salary over the past 3 months for jobs that cited COBIT was £64K, an increase of 19% over the same period last year. In contrast, the average offered annual salary for jobs that cited ITIL was £43K with a fall of 1% over the same period last year. It is our view that the increasing interest in IT Governance coupled with the shortage of experienced and qualified COBIT consultants is a factor. COBIT Foundation Course, Central London, 9-10 June 2008 (Mar 12) In response to many enquiries in the past 6 months we have scheduled a COBIT Foundation Course in Central London on 9-10 June 2008. The course will be presented by Dr Geoff Harmer an ISACA-accredited COBIT Lecturer. This will be the official ISACA COBIT Foundation Course and will include the ISACA COBIT Foundation examination in the last hour of the course. Delegate Price: £850 + VAT. Click here for details and online registration. ITIL V3 Foundation Overview Diagram (Feb 17) We have made available on our Downloads page a free download of a colour A4 diagram summarising ITIL V3. It is ideal for those of you studying for the ITIL V3 Foundation or the ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge examinations. The diagram provides great clarity by linking the ITIL V3 processes to the Products, Partners and People involved. The diagram has been developed by James Keighley of 4J Ltd. James is a highly experienced ITIL and ISO 20000 lecturer that we have worked with for many years. The diagram is the copyright of 4J Ltd and is published on the Maat Consulting website for personal use only with their consent. ITIL V3 Foundation Overview Diagram Free! Coming Soon (Feb 10) We will shortly be making available on our Downloads page a free download of a colour A4 diagram summarising ITIL V3. It will be ideal for those of you studying for the ITIL V3 Foundation or the ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge examinations. The diagram provides great clarity by linking the ITIL V3 processes to the Products, Partners and People involved. The diagram has been developed by James Keighley of 4J Ltd. James is a highly experienced ITIL and ISO 20000 lecturer that we have worked with for many years. The diagram is the copyright of 4J Ltd and will be published on the Maat Consulting website with their consent. ITIL V2 & ITIL V3 Terminology in 13 languages - Free! (Feb 7) Translation tables covering over 1000 ITIL terms are freely downloadable in Brazilian Portugese, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Swedish from ITSMPortal's website. Click here to link.
    • www.maatconsulting.com ITIL V3 to COBIT 4.1 Mapping (Jan 25) The COBIT mapping team under Jimmy Heschl has done a sterling job in the past few years by mapping COBIT to other frameworks. Now the eagerly awaited mapping of ITIL V3 to COBIT 4.1 is imminent. As expected ITIL V3 is more aligned with COBIT 4.1 than ITIL V2 was. However, the verdict is that ITIL V3 alone is insufficient for IT Governance. but ITIL V3 and COBIT 4.1 together provide "a top to bottom approach to IT Governance". For more information read Jimmy Heschl's "sneak-preview" article in the Jan 2008 COBIT Focus Newsletter. ITIL V3 mapping to ASL (Jan 31) OGC suprised us today by moving unannounced into the framework mapping arena formerly the sole preserve of ISACA/ITGI. OGC has just published a 13 page whitepaper that maps ITIL V3 to the Application Service Library (ASL). It is authored by the lead architects of ITIL and ASL. This is the first of a planned series of ITIL V3 Alignment Whitepapers. ASL was derived from ITIL v1 at PinkRoccade in Holland in the late 1990s and in 2002 was released into the public domain under the control of the ASL BiSL Foundation. ASL is essentially a process model covering Application Management and its links to Business and IT Infrastructure Management. Now that ITIL V3 fully integrates Application Management with ITSM there is much synergy with ASL with ITIL V3 adding value in the Requirements and Operate stages of the application lifecycle and ASL adding value in the Build stage. The ITIL V3 section of the report is notable for adding clarification to the ITIL V3 books by including diagrams of the IT Service Chain, Organizational Functions and the relationship of the Application Management Lifecycle to the Service Lifecycle. These will be welcomed by those lecturing or learning ITIL V3. Hot News 2007 Free 'Little ITIL' book for ITIL V3 (Dec 2007) Once again itSMF UK has come up with a little gem: "An Introductory Overview of ITIL V3". They manage to explain all of ITIL V3 in 55 pages. Ideal for today's short attention span! It's free to download and printed copies can be ordered from itSMF at delivery cost only. Oh, and by the way, Table 1 on p.41 says there are 26 processes, one less than in The Official Introduction. ITIL V3 Qualification Syllabus - The Final Words? (Nov 2007) Sharon Taylor, The Chief Examiner ITIL V3 has published a 31 page document titled "ITIL Service Management Practices - V3 Qualification Scheme". This is version 3.0 of the scheme and covers all of the exams at Foundation and Intermediate Levels with an outline of the Advanced Level. Both Native V3 and V2-V3 Bridging are included showing the credits awarded and course durations (in hours). V2-V3 Bridging has been clarified and those with substantial numbers of V2 Practitioner qualifications can now bridge too, although it is a challenging option. ITIL V3 Highlights Free Presentation - Revised 19 Nov 2007 (Nov 2007) What's new in ITIL Version 3? What's different to ITIL V2? New processes, new qualifications. 27 Powerpoint slides. Revised to include recent qualification changes and to include new non-OGC books on ITIL V3. "Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam The Official ITIL Foundation Study Aid" (Nov 2007) Suitable for assisting with preparation for V3 Foundation and V2-V3 Bridging exams. Published by TSO. Now available. Sadly, 3 practice exam questions have wrong answers. The errata sheet is here. ITIL V3 Glossary in different languages (updated Jan 31) Now in Brazilian Portugese, Danish, European Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese as well as English. Soon available in Spanish (Latin America), Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Hindi or Urdu. Link is to the official ITIL site. When there, scroll down, click Accept and download. ITIL Managers V2-V3 Bridge syllabus Eagerly awaited by those with ITIL V2 Managers Certificates. It's a 4-day course with a 90 minute exam of 20 multi-choice, scenario-based questions that leads to the ITIL Diploma (referred to as "ITIL Expert level" while a new internationally acceptable name is found.). Courses expected available: start of 2008. ITIL V3 Books: Contents and Introductions Free Downloads! The Table of Contents pages and the Introduction chapters (in full) for all 5 core ITIL books have been made available for free download by TSO. Download from here. Official Introduction to V3 book published The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle book was published on 31st August 2007. Details
    • www.maatconsulting.com ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge Course The official syllabus has been published by APMG (6 August) for this 1 day bridge course for those who already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate. A 20 question multiple choice exam at the end of the course gains you the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate if you score 65%. Details. COBIT Foundation Courses Maat Consulting is now able to offer the official ISACA COBIT Foundation Course. This is the ISACA authorised COBIT Foundation classroom event. We can run a one-company COBIT Foundation onsite course for your company. We also welcome approaches from ITIL training providers who are seeking to move into the rapidly-growing IT Governance and COBIT area. More... ITIL V3 Process Locator Free! Download our unique printable full-page colour diagram showing where to find ITIL V3 processes in the 5 newly published ITIL V3 core titles. ITIL V3 Trivia for the V2-experienced Ten differences between ITIL V2 and ITIL V3. ITIL Diploma announced APM Group has announced (5 June 2007) that there is to be a qualification called the ITIL Diploma in Service Management. This can be gained with 22 credits from passing ITIL V3 courses. Those holding the ITIL V2 Managers Certificate will be able to gain the ITIL Diploma by simply taking a V3 Bridging Course and passing the examination. This will be available from Q3 2007. Details ITIL V3 Glossary Download for free the official ITIL V3 Glossary in English from the official OGC website.