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  • Setting and Improving the standards of IT Professionals Developing the BCS as the industry body for IT Professionals Influencing all major strategic IT development in government practice Influencing major strategic IT thinking in the market in general Improving the perception of IT Professionalism
  • The core or foundation level contains the three modules and for each one of these the students have to pass through a specific test. A successfully passed test results in the handout of a EUCIP core certificate. The core level certificate is the prerequisite for entering into the elective level training programme. At the electve level the building blocks for a competency development may include physical courses, remote school classes, self study, e-learning programmes. EUCIP has accepted the accreditations of other professional development schemes like ISEB, SFIA, EXIN etc. The EUCIP elective level training will typically result in one EUCIP professional certificate. The certificate will be industry and/or user driven. There will be one test per IT profession and one certificate per profession.


  • 1. going further together Professionalism and Professional Products from the The British Computer Society Pete Bayley Director, Qualification Products
  • 2. Why the need for Professionalism
    • At this point pictures of newspaper clippings showing failed IT projects was shown. The file has been removed as it would have made the presentation size excessive.
  • 3. A new attitude of mind ?
    • Do we as a profession want to continue to be regarded as
    • an unprofessional, unreliable, expensive waste of money?
    • As a profession, we need to grow up, and become a true
    • profession of the 21 st century
  • 4. What needs to be done ? IT professionals need to be members of a professional industry body IT decision makers need to demand greater professionalism IT professionals need consistent relevant standards, qualifications and certification Making the IT Profession the profession of the 21 st century” The profession needs to be thinking about tomorrow as well as today IT professionals need continuous professional development
  • 5. The BCS Response The Membership organisation for the IT Profession Influencing IT decision makers IT standards qualifications and certification The BCS “Making the IT Profession the profession of the 21 st century” Thought leadership on the future of IT – the “IT Learned Society” Using the knowledge and experience of the BCS members at all stages
  • 6. Certifying IT Competence
    • Chartered IT Professional qualification represents the ‘gold standard’ for IT competency accreditation ( www.bcs.org )
    • ISEB qualifications are available at several levels of competency, and in a rapidly growing number of IT subject areas. For IT Practitioners/Professionals. ( www.iseb.org.uk )
    • EUCIP – a new European entry level practitioner qualification ‘ Eu ropean C ertificate for I nformatics P rofessionals’
    • ECDL/ICDL - European/International Computer Driving Licence. The BCS qualifications to improve computer literacy for Society in general (computer users) ( www.ecdl.co.uk and www.ecdl.com )
  • 7. ECDL family of qualifications E-citizen Equalskills Basic Concepts of IT Using Computer & Managing Files Word Processing Spreadsheets Database Presentation Information & Communication Advanced WP Advanced Spreadsheets Advanced Database Advanced Presentation ECDL Certified Training Professional ECDL Web Publisher ECDL IT Administrator ECDL Security ECDL Teachers ECDL CAD ECDL Programme Introductory Core Advanced Specialist Key: Bold = Out Now! Normal Text= Future Release
  • 8. Demonstration video - ECDL
    • At this point in the presentation a video of the use of ECDL in various businesses was shown.
  • 9. ISEB Certification
    • Training delivered via accredited providers
    • ISEB creates and marks examinations
    • IT Service Management and Software Testing are biggest
    • 2500 registrations per month on average
    • 90 accredited providers several operate internationally
    • ISEB Certificates
  • 10. ISEB product map
    • At this point in the presentation a pdf version of the ISEB roadmap was projected. This is the same as that handed out and discussed at some length.
  • 11. Developments 2005-7
    • IT Service Management .. Continued growth likely
    • Software Testing ...……… International developments
    • BSD ………………………. Review started
    • Project Management ……. Several developments
    • Process development …… (inc. catalyst)
    • IT law, Application management, PPSO, ITIL all planned for review and qualification development
    ECDL RM ISEB RM 0506 ISEB RM 0405
  • 12. EUCIP framework at 2 levels: foundation and vocation
    • Competency developing building blocks:
    • Courses
    • Schools
    • Self-study
    • E-learning schemes
    • Accreditation of professional development schemes, e.g. ISEB, SFIA, EXIN, AIG
    • EUCIP core is compulsory to becoming certified:
    • 1 skills card
    • 3 modules/tests
    • 1 core certificate
    • EUCIP professional certificates:
    • Industry (user) driven
    • Based on ISM
    • 1 test per profession
    • 1 certificate per profession
    PLAN The use and management of information systems OPERATE Operations and Support of Information systems BUILD Aquisition, development and implementation of information systems Certified IT professional
  • 13. BCS Professional Exams Certificate Comparable to Year 1 HND, 3 modules 2 hour written exam, 140 hours per module 10 Membership points Diploma Examined to HND level, 1 core + 3 optional modules 2 hour written exam each, 140 hours per module, 20 membership points Professional Graduate Diploma Examined to degree level, 4 optional modules 3 hour written paper each, 200 hours per module, 30 membership points Professional Project Dip: +10 Membership points PGD: +20 Membership points
  • 14. Professional Development
  • 15. ISM Benefits
    • Based on actual practice
    • Flexible and easy to use
    • Increases effectiveness
    • Improves quality levels
    • Focuses training
    • Saves time and money
    • Price of ISM refunded if CDF purchased within 6 months
  • 16.
    • Corporate Career Development Product
    • Main Features as Skills Manager plus:
    • Manage the development of IT skills across an organisation
    • Ensure training programmes meet individual and business needs
    • Central database of skills and specialisms
    • Aid succession planning
    • Develop Team Skills
    • Lead to BCS Accreditation
    • Now available
  • 17. Demo of Career Builder
    • At this point an animated demonstration of Career Builder was shown. This tool is available to all BCS members and is accessible from www.bcs.org . It does require membership number and pin to access it.
  • 18. EINSTEIN SAYS…. ‘ Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination ’ - Albert Einstein
  • 19. Questions? www.bcs.org