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Future Developments
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Future Developments


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Best Management Practice Portfolio Future developments
  • 2. PRINCE2 Refresh – Completing the Set
    • Just published:
      • Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 ™
      • Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™
      • PRINCE2™ Pocketbook
    • Three to come:
      • An Introduction to PRINCE2 ™ : Managing and Directing Successful Projects
      • Passing the PRINCE2 ™ Examinations
      • The Executive Guide to Directing Projects: within a PRINCE2 ™ and MSP™ Environment
    Page 05/25/10
  • 3. Life after PRINCE2!
    • Alignment of MSP with the new PRINCE2
      • Risk responses, aggregation, consistency
    • Issue log items
      • RACI tables
      • Clarify tranche overlaps
      • Language/terminology
      • Appendices
      • Glossary definitions
    Page 05/25/10
  • 4. Life after PRINCE2!
    • Alignment of M_o_R with the new PRINCE2
      • Governance, stakeholder, guidance, techniques
      • Issue log items
        • Escalation, tolerances
        • Glossary
    • Development of practitioner exam for P3O
    • Development of training/qualification to accompany Directing with PRINCE2
      • Convergence with Home Office PPS qualification
    • Study to look at proof of benefit of using PRINCE2
  • 5. Life after PRINCE2!
    • Determine need and route to commercialise Portfolio Management Guide
      • PPM Subgroups believe as
      • Currently free pdf download on OGC website
    • Maintain and promote P3M3
      • Some minor revision to remove negative statements in model and self assessment questions
      • Role in self assessment with government departments
      • Establishing a database for results and benchmarking
        • Starting with some of the birds of feather session
        • Interest from Queensland University
  • 6. Life after PRINCE2!
    • Develop P3O Practitioner qualification
    • Continue to develop high quality case studies
    • Continue to develop white papers
      • Research the need for value management guidance
      • Financial control for projects.
    • Update common glossary
      • Reference group with remit across whole portfolio
        • Membership public, private and academia
      • Ultimate arbiter for changing definition
  • 7. Life after PRINCE2!
    • Continue to work with central government PPM Community
      • Research the need for benefits management guidance
        • Work started by PPM Standards Sub-group
        • Impact on Commercial portfolio
    • Engage with user groups to determine reaction to revised PRINCE2
    Page 05/25/10
  • 8. Complementary Guidance
    • Still current
      • APMP for PRINCE2 Practitioners
      • Agile Project Management: Running PRINCE2 Projects with DSDM Atern
      • Focus on Skills Series Suite
    • Under review
      • Improving Project Performance using PRINCE2 Maturity Model
      • Business Benefits through Programme and Project Management
      • Managing Portfolios of Change (with MSP for Programmes and PRINCE2 for Projects)
      • People Issues and PRINCE2
      • PRINCE2 for the Project Executive: Practical Advice for Achieving Project Governance
      • Tailoring PRINCE2
      • Buying Software - A Best Practice Approach Book
    Page 05/25/10
  • 9. New Best Practice
    • Still to come
      • Agile Service delivery using PRINCE2, ITIL and DSDM Atern
      • Benefits Realization Management
    • Ideas under discussion
      • Value Management
      • Guides to tailoring PRINCE2
      • Builing on P3O guidance
    Page 05/25/10
  • 10. Refresh process to Product Description
  • 11. Refresh process post Product Description
  • 12. White paper process
  • 13. Questions?