Efficiency and security of the Norwegian National Health Network
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Efficiency and security of the Norwegian National Health Network

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  • 1. Efficiency and security of the Norwegian National Health Network Janicke Weum Halvor Bjørnsrud Office of the Auditor General of Norway Beijing, April 2010
  • 2. Content
    • Background information
    • Methodological approach
    • Adopted process of investigation
    • Preliminary findings
    • Lessons learned
  • 3. Background
    • The Norwegian National Health Network
      • technical infrastructure for electronic interchange of individual health data
      • a main ICT-policy instrument in achieving superior political objectives on health-IT
    Helse Nord Helse Midt-Norge Helse Sør-Øst Helse Vest Svalbard
  • 4. Figure: The National Health Network
  • 5. Background
    • The Network is operated by the public owned enterprise Norwegian Health Net (NHN)
    • NHN
      • established in 200 4
      • shall provide for an adequate technical infrastructure which allows for efficient and secure electronically communication among main health partners
  • 6. Background
    • Main health partners are e.g.: hospitals, general practitioners (GP's), medical specialists, municipalities, laboratories, pharmacies and the National Social Security Agency
    • National goal: by 2012, all main health partners are to be connected to the National Health Network
    • Connected users by the end of 2009: app. 2050
    - app. 500 Others 47,5 204 Municipalities 69,5 1130 GP’s 100 212 Hospitals % of total national population Connected Users
  • 7. Why investigate?
    • Health data
      • defined as sensitive information
      • national infrastructure must be in accordance with legislation and expectations concerning information security
      • requires a sufficient Information Security Management System (ISMS) for operating the Network
      • responsibility of NHN
    • Risk
      • incidents demonstrate defects in the ISMS, e.g. September 2008.
      • Indicates that privacy and protection measures may not be consistently and effectively built into the ISMS
    • Objective of investigation
      • investigate the efficiency and security of the ISMS for operating the National Health Network
  • 8. How to investigate?
    • Methods
      • specific risk-analysis and document analysis
      • interviews
      • on-site inspections
    • Measurement tools
      • national legislation and regulation
      • international standards and frameworks such as
      • ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27002, COBIT and ITIL
  • 9. Adopted process
    • Included ICT-audit expertise in the project team
    • Obtained basic documentation on the ISMS
    • Performed analysis on risks to the ISMS in relation to the National Health Network
    • Obtained additional documentation from the NHN
  • 10.
    • Defined 8 topics of focus
      • assessment of risk- and security
      • training of clients on information security
      • monitoring of activity in the Network
      • handling of derogations and security incidents in the Network
      • handling of planned changes in the different services accessible to clients
      • encryption of individual health data
      • handling of breakdowns in the Network
      • administration of access control
    • Performed interviews and on-site inspections
    Adopted process
  • 11. Preliminary findings
    • NHN executive handling is potentially less efficient due to the lack of adequate routines for handling of derogations and security incidents
    • The National Heath Network is exposed to external threats:
      • NHN haven’t provided for sufficient monitoring and security barriers
      • NHN risk-assessments are not sufficiently adapted to the responsibility of the enterprise, and threats to the Network
  • 12. Lessons learned
    • Scope
      • Investigations concerning information security may also be integrated as part of more comprehensive performance audits
    • Include ICT-audit experts
  • 13. Contact information
    • Halvor Bjornsrud
      • E-mail: halvor.bjornsrud@riksrevisjonen.no
      • Telephone: +47 22 24 14 15
    • Janicke Weum
      • E-mail: janicke.weum@riksrevisjonen.no
      • Telephone: +47 22 2412 04