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Central Agencies Presentations


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Published in: Business

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  • Strategy & planning provides our cluster with proactive leadership to ensure we are on track to meeting our clients goals and we align with the corporate I&IT direction. By keeping on top of I&IT trends and emerging technologies, the branch recommends I&IT strategies that enable our customers to achieve their business priorities. This approach ensures we are recommend leading edge, proven technologies to our clients. The branch works with our customers and CAC staff to provide strategic advice.
  • The Services Management branch oversees the provision of I&IT services to our customers. They act as CAC’s chief controller by providing contract, financial and procurement management services.
  • Customer Solutions Delivery plans, develops and implements business solutions for our customers. Some of the services this branch provides are listed here. You can contact this branch whenever the need arises for a technology solution. The branch works with our customers to provide comprehensive project management, development and application support. Our expert team of I&IT professionals can work with your employees to develop a solution that meets your business requirements.
  • Introduction of new processes and technology to improve government decision-making processes Pilot/implementation of LongPen technologies Increase automation to support Cabinet meetings Integration of systems to support decision-making Modernizing government communications New enterprise systems implemented to manage government news releases Development of critical government websites for engagement with public and employees Effective tools and processes to manage incoming government requests Modernizing business processes Exploration of technologies to meet green agenda (wireless, video) Introduction of collaboration tools (used within and external to government
  • Introduction of new processes and technology to support ministry’s mandate Introduction of collaborative tools and services (within and external to government) Approval, oversight and communications of public infrastructure projects Business solutions support for numerous divisions within ministry Renewable and energy efficiency support
  • Introduce new processes and technology to support ministry’s mandate Improved process and technology to support government’s spring budget and fall economic statement processes (e.g., secure collaboration services) Implement improved analytical tools Implement systems changes to support budget commitments (e.g., Provincial Land Tax Reform) Introduce new processes and technology to improve government decision-making processes Implement integrated dashboard reporting for executives Modernize legacy systems to support annual planning process
  • Modernizing Ontario’s Systems for Tax Administration (MOST) Introduce new, integrated technology to support ministry’s vision Improve service delivery to taxpayers through online services Implement single business number Upgrade imaging and remittance systems Support for government’s key budget initiatives Corporate Tax Administration Redesign Comprehensive tax reform package including single sales tax implementation Accelerate Ontario Child Benefit payment Open for Business (faster and friendlier for families and businesses) Introduce new processes and technology to support ministry’s mandate Implement business solutions to support business functions (e.g., managing new relationships with partners, enhancing collections, audit, investigations)
  • Information management Document management Paperless office Collaboration SharePoint Webcasts Telephony integration/MS communication server Legacy renewal .Net platform with consolidated CIF Mobile workers & telework New paradigm Mobile applications via BlackBerry platform Part of BCP AODA compliance Testing Privacy and security Overriding priority
  • 2009-10 operational plan objectives Develop portal-based customized applications Create external-facing websites Implement a front office, analytical tool for trading activities Develop a loan system to centralize OFA loans to public bodies Implement a new, integrated communications solution Implement an electronic records management solution
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome to CAC - 101 Roundtable Breakfast with The Central Agencies Cluster Information Technology Association of Canada Thank you to our sponsors
    • 2. 16th Annual ITAC IT Challenge Golf Tournament and Luncheon
    • 3. Questions? [email_address]
    • 4. Samantha Liscio CIO & ADM (A)
    • 5. OPS I&IT-related priorities
      • Modern e-government services
      • A green and clean environment
    • 6. I&IT vision
      • An Ontario where people, information and technology drive innovation and excellence in public service.
    • 7. CAC vision
        • Partners in service excellence
    • 8. CAC mandate
      • Provide customer-focused business solutions, services management and I&IT strategy and planning to
        • Cabinet Office (including Premier’s Office and Lieutenant Governor’s Office)
          • Policy and communications
        • Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
          • Public infrastructure investments
    • 9. CAC mandate
        • Ministry of Finance (including Financial Services Commission of Ontario and Ontario Financing Authority)
          • Financial services regulation
          • Fiscal policy and controllership
          • Government financing
          • Tax policy
        • Ministry of Revenue
          • Tax administration
          • Income supplements
    • 10. CAC priorities
      • Operational excellence
        • Raise overall service levels while reducing overall per unit costs
      • Customer intimacy
        • Understand customers’ wants and needs
        • Contribute to senior management forums
    • 11. CAC priorities
      • Service & product leadership
        • Apply IT solutions to enable customers to meet their modernization and business transformation agendas
      • Focus on
        • Improved service delivery (e.g., getting the fundamentals right)
        • Information management
        • Modernization/legacy renewal
        • Green IT
        • Citizen engagement
        • Collaboration
    • 12. CAC challenges
      • In an era of change :
        • Attract and retain IT talent
          • New skill sets (e.g., move to integrator role)
          • Specialty services (e.g., information management, architecture)
          • Service portfolio approach
            • Project and portfolio management
            • End-to-end service tracking
          • Fee-for-service conversions
    • 13. CAC challenges
      • Current economic climate
      • Collaboration
      • Organizational change management
    • 14. Questions? [email_address]
    • 15.
      • Rick Provenzano
      • I&IT Strategy and Planning
    • 16. Overview – I&IT Strategy and Planning
      • Provides strategic, proactive leadership to enable customers’ business agenda and ensures alignment with I&IT directions and policies
        • Strategy & planning
        • Performance measurement & reporting
        • Portfolio management
        • Project methodology
        • Enterprise architecture
        • Information management, privacy & security
    • 17. Priorities – I&IT Strategy and Planning
      • Green IT
      • Leveraging existing technology
      • Information management
      • Technology roadmap
      • Application portfolio management
      • Defined collaboration service
      • Employee relationship management
        • Telework
      • Emerging I&IT trends
    • 18. Questions? [email_address]
    • 19.
      • Stephen Webb
      • Services Management
    • 20. Overview – Services Management
      • Manages the acquisition of IT services to support customers’ business and personal computing needs
        • Service agreements: vendors and customers
        • Performance management and reporting: vendors
        • Vendors of Record
        • RFS & RFP processes
        • Financial management and administration
    • 21. Priorities – Services Management
      • Implement service agreement model for customers
        • Vendor agreements (e.g., SLAs)
        • Customer service catalogue
        • Service-level schedules
        • Performance reporting for IT service delivery
    • 22. Priorities – Services Management
      • Work with vendors to find cost-savings
        • Hardware and software use and requirements
        • Legacy retirements
        • Transfer of hardware and software ownership
    • 23. Priorities – Services Management
      • Improve service management processes
        • ITIL versions 2 & 3 processes
        • ITIL staff training
      • Participate in release of new Vendor of Record for desktop management services and products
    • 24. Priorities – Services Management
      • Support Ministry of Revenue transformation
        • Vendor agreements
        • New services
        • Interjurisdictional agreements
        • Vendor management processes and performance reporting
    • 25. Priorities – Services Management
      • Move to consumption-based financial model
        • Cost of services
        • User pay model
        • New processes
    • 26. Priorities – Services Management
      • Improve service activation and release management
        • Newly developed and enhanced applications
        • Integration and operationalization processes
    • 27. RFPs and RFSs
      • More ad hoc , one-off consulting during fee-for-service conversion
      • Moving to solutions-based consulting, as required
      • Short-term requirement for task-based consulting
    • 28. Questions? [email_address]
    • 29. Health break CAC - 101 Roundtable Breakfast with The Central Agencies Cluster Information Technology Association of Canada Thank you to our sponsors
    • 30.
      • Rose Reeve
      • Customer Solutions Delivery
    • 31. Overview – Customer Solutions Delivery
      • Delivers and supports business solutions that meet customers’ needs
        • Customer relationship management
          • Consulting & strategic advice
          • Advocacy
        • Project management
        • Business solutions analysis & design
        • Solution acquisition, development and implementation
        • Maintenance and support
    • 32. Major initiatives – Cabinet Office
      • Decision-making processes
        • LongPen ™
        • Automation & integration
      • Communications
        • News releases
        • Websites
        • Requests
      • Business processes
        • Green IT
        • Collaboration
    • 33. Major initiatives – Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
      • New processes & technology
        • Collaboration
        • Public infrastructure projects
        • Business solutions
          • Support for energy efficiency
    • 34. Major initiatives – Ministry of Finance
      • New processes and technology
        • Secure collaboration tools for Budget and Economic Statement
        • Analytical tools
        • Budget commitments
      • Decision-making processes
        • Dashboard reporting
        • Legacy systems
    • 35. Major initiatives – Ministry of Revenue
      • Modernizing Ontario’s Systems for Tax Administration (MOST)
      • Key Budget initiatives
        • Corporate Tax Administration Redesign
        • Tax reform including single sales tax
        • Ontario Child Benefit
        • Open for Business
      • New processes and technology
    • 36. Questions? [email_address]
    • 37.
      • John Marman
      • Financial Services Commission of Ontario
      • (FSCO)
    • 38. Major initiatives – FSCO
      • Financial Services Commission of Ontario
      • (FSCO)
        • Information management
        • Collaboration
        • Legacy renewal
        • Mobile workers & telework
        • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
        • IT privacy and security
    • 39. Questions? [email_address]
    • 40.
      • Morris Cheung
      • Ontario Financing Authority
      • (OFA)
    • 41. Major initiatives – Ontario Financing Authority
      • Applications
      • Websites
      • Analytical tool
      • Loan system
      • Communications solution
      • Records management solution
    • 42. Questions? [email_address]
    • 43. Samantha Liscio CIO & ADM (A)
    • 44. Contact information
      • Samantha Liscio
      • ADM & CIO (A)
      • Central Agencies I&IT Cluster
      • Tel: (905) 433-6890
      • E-mail:
      • David Reid
      • Manager, Business Services
      • Central Agencies I&IT Cluster
      • Tel: (905) 433-6533
      • E-mail:
    • 45. CAC Organization CIO Office
      • I&IT Planning
      • Performance
      • Measurement
      Information Management, Privacy & Security Architecture Services Business Relationship Management Application Solutions Delivery IT Services
      • Finance
      • Human Resources
      • Procurement
      • Contracts Management
      • Service Planning
      • Service Build Development and Integration
      • Services Management
      • Service Provider/Vendor Management
      • Tier 2 Application Support
      • Project Management
      • Development & Implementation
      • Maintenance
      • Acquisition and Integration
      • Business Planning
      • Business Consulting & Strategic Advice
      • Business Advocacy
      • Analysis
      • New Project Requirements Definition
      • Information Planning
      • Information Standards
      • Information Privacy
      • Security Management
      • IT Service Continuity Planning
      • Strategy & Planning
      • Portfolio Management
      • Project Management Office
      • Performance Measurement
      Business Services Strategic communications
      • Architecture Strategy
      • Architecture Oversight & Alignment
      • Lead Domain Architects
      I&IT Strategy & Planning Branch Services Management Branch ITS OFA FSCO Customer Solutions Delivery Branch Cabinet Office, Energy & Infrastructure, Finance and Revenue
    • 46. CAC - 101 Roundtable Breakfast with The Central Agencies Cluster Information Technology Association of Canada Thank you to our sponsors