Agency heads briefing - 06/06/2007
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  • We have good people but poor processes, and it’s validated by a third party. These areas translate into: Slow to implement requests from customers (request management) Slow to fix things that break (incident management, problem management) We don’t plan well (capacity management, release management, configuration management)
  • Emphasize that 70 percent of our equipment exceeds the useful life cited by industry standards.
  • From Operations: Emphasize partnership with Governor’s Office and OPB.


  • 1. GTA Business Plan Update June 6, 2007
  • 2. Agenda
    • Current Situation
    • GTA’s Two-Prong Approach
    • Timelines
    • RFP and Sourcing Assessment Objectives
    • Agency Participation
    • “ Keeping the Lights On”
    Page 1
  • 3. Our Current Situation
    • GTA faces unsustainable financial losses
    • GTA’s IT operations do not meet industry standards
    • GTA lacks processes and automation to operate effectively
    • State’s IT enterprise has not been managed well
    Page 2
  • 4. Operational effectiveness also falls short * Making demonstrable improvements in service and have integrated processes Has begun to leverage investments through activities like trend analysis, management reporting and process automation to improve service Has implemented all the basic practices, but are not leveraging the investment to improve service or add value Has not yet implemented all the basic (mandatory) practices such as documented processes, organizational commitment and budget, and maintenance of process information * Based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Page 3 IT Service Continuity Release Management Capacity Management/Planning Service Level Management Request Management Configuration Management Change Management Problem Management Incident Management GTA Process
  • 5. Infrastructure Currency
    • Hardware and software running beyond reasonable and supportable timeframes
    • Significant capital expense required to update
    Original Asset Value Page 4
  • 6. All Agencies Face Similar Challenges
    • Aging infrastructure
    • Meeting minimum standards
    • Security and disaster recovery
    • Systems development
    Page 5
  • 7. Governor’s Intent
    • IT enterprise managed well
    • Technology leadership
    • Best managed state
    • Best value
    Page 6
  • 8. GTA’s Two-Prong Approach
    • Shift from expense to investment management
    • Fix the infrastructure
    Page 7
  • 9. First Prong: Focus on Investment Management Page 8 Expense Management Investment Management Current State Future State
    • What’s best for the enterprise?
    • the right dollar
    • at the right time
    • in the right area
    • How do we fix the problem at the lowest cost?
    • the minimum amount
    • as late as possible
    • on minimally acceptable technology
  • 10. Second Prong: Fix the Infrastructure
    • Creates opportunities for the enterprise
    • Sourcing assessment will set criteria for minimum infrastructure standards
    • Everyone will be graded against the same criteria
    Page 9
  • 11. Page 10 Assessment and Transition Timeline
  • 12.
    • Four vendors pre-qualified to bid on RFP May 23
    • Draft RFP sent to qualifying vendors May 25
    • Final RFP set for release June 8
    • Vendor responses due July 9
    • Vendor selection on or about July 27
    RFP Timeline Page 11
  • 13. RFP and Sourcing Assessment Objectives
    • Recommendations on sourcing approach for data center, desktop and telecom services
    • Creation and implementation of a roadmap for service-delivery capabilities
    • Development of a service management governance
    • Ensure sourcing decisions support Best Managed State
    • Develop world-class Service Management Organization
    Page 12
  • 14. 3-Phase Transition
    • Phase 1 – Strategy Development and Discovery
      • Projected completion December 2007
    • Phase 2 – Sourcing
      • Projected completion October 2008
    • Phase 3 – Transition and Implementation
      • Projected completion December 2009
    Page 13
  • 15. Phase 1 Activities
    • Establish fact-based baseline for:
      • GTA data center, telecom and desktop services
      • IT services at up to 12 agencies
    • Recommendations could include alternatives
      • Retain state service delivery but make improvements
      • Outsource services: GTA manages vendor and state owns IT assets
      • Outsource services: GTA manages vendor and vendor owns IT assets
    Page 14
  • 16. Agency Participation
    • Community Health
    • Corrections
    • DOAS
    • Driver Services
    • GBI
    • GTA
    • Human Resources
    • Juvenile Justice
    • Natural Resources
    • OPB
    • Revenue
    • SAO
    • DTAE
    GTA will work with agencies to develop a Memorandum of Agreement Page 15
  • 17. We Are “Keeping the Lights On”
    • Enterprise security program
    • IT infrastructure roadmap
    • State IT strategic plan
    Page 16
  • 18. May 2007 Georgia Technology Authority Page 17