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2010 ITAAC Membership Briefing

2010 ITAAC Membership Briefing






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    2010 ITAAC Membership Briefing 2010 ITAAC Membership Briefing Presentation Transcript

    • Interoperability Clearinghouse (ICH) A not-for-profit research institute 501.C6 IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) A non-partisan think tank, 501.C3 Assuring the Business Value of Technology Partnership Prospectus 904 Clifton Drive * Alexandria * Virginia 22308 www.IT-AAC.org * (703) 768-0400 IT-AdvisoryCouncil@ICHnet.org 2/25/2010 ™
    • ICH &IT-AAC Objectives Assuring The Business Value of Technology ICH Methods Challenge: Reducing market barriers to entry and improved transparency. IT Acquisition Process is broken and conflicted. Dedication: Improving IT Acquisition Efficiency and Effectiveness for commercial solution providers (COTS, Open Source), thereby reducing sales cycles, cost. Services: Market research, past performance validation, capture strategy, solution interchange forums Market Focus: Business Systems, Cyber Security, Info Sharing, IT Infrastructure, Health IT Results: Level Playing field, increase market penetration, reduce sales cycle time and cost, increased budget allocation to COTS/Open Source solutions by 30%.
    • Federal IT Acquisition Issues
      • Federal IT Acquisition Process is Broken: Long (91 Months), costly, non-predictive. A waste of critical resources.
      • Conflict of Interest rules - Increased enforcement : traditional trade associations, consultants, and lobbyists ineffective, favoring the status quo.
      • “ Low cost bids” vs “best value award”: Acquisition culture and dis-incentives favor Low Cost. Adoption of “innovative solutions” and “commercial best practices” are blocked from serious consideration.
      • Government leaders are clamoring for collaborative mechanisms by which proven solutions can be identified early and adopted quickly.
    • Federal IT Acquisition Process is Broken
      • ICH’s Architecture Assurance Method (AAM) has proven to reduce cycle times and improve timely decision making.
      • IT-AAC recommendation for Acquisition reform already impacting acquisition legislation.
      • IT-AAC monthly member forums bring focus to both root cause and potential solutions.
      • ICH’s non-profit research institute is providing actionable mechanisms, agency by agency:
        • BTA, AF, Army, DOJ, DHS, VA, OSD HA, PTO, GPO
      • IT-AAC and ICH are driving forces for change
        • Innovators and Non-Traditional Contractors Benefit.
    • Increased Enforcement of Conflict of Interest Rules
      • Increased lobby restrictions reducing the Impact of Traditional Trade Associations.
        • Encouraging the use of conflict-free co-laboratories
        • Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL)
        • IT-AAC’s public/private partnership provides a conflict free structure for industry/government interchange.
        • ICH and IT-AAC - Members gain a voice and means of early solution validation in the Governmental selection process.
      • ICH’s Sole Source Contracts/Vehicles provide a basis for agencies to test and validate potential solutions and architectures.
    • “ Low cost bids” vs “Best value award”
      • Ability to bid ICH’s proven methods, research data and expertise, assuring the technological business value and mission assurance.
      • ICH has government - approved recommended and gained expertise for assessing market capabilities and predicting ROI.
      • IT-AAC and ICH functions as a “FFRDC” with which our Members can partner and team.
      • ICH’s ability to capture, audit and adapt industry best practices enables government to validate member best practice offers (COTS, Open Source).
    • Clamoring for Collaborative Mechanisms
      • ICH government sponsored “collaboratory” and contract vehicles enables a high integrity solution architecture information exchange.
      • IT AAC is bringing together top leaders from congress, academia, agencies and industry to reshape acquisition policy.
      • Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL) repurposes existing resources, expertise and labs for piloting and prototyping.
      • Members can leverage ICH’s 39 public/private partnership worth $1.5Million in annual dues savings. One ICH membership = many corp memberships.
      • Members also tap ICH’s deep network of influencers, decision makers and appropriators (26,000 strong)
    • Value of ICH & IT-AAC Membership
      • Reduced cost of sales and increased effectiveness of marketing and sales resources
      • Direct access to and collaboration with Senior Government decision makers.
      • Predictable outcomes of major program capture efforts.
      • Direct validation of member capabilities, best practices, unique value proposition
      • Access to existing contract vehicles for predictive, timely award process.
      • Direct participation in agency planning activities.
      “ We have put to practice the AF Solution Assessment Process (ASAP) … with some well documented success. It was developed with Interoperability Clearinghouse (ICH) and provides a structured and measurable IT assessment process with the agility to provide decision-quality assessments ranging from quick-looks to more in-depth capability-focused technology assessments and lightweight business case analysis.” General Mike Peterson, AF CIO
    • Methods & Tools
      • Acquisition Assessment Method (AAM)
        • Decision analytics for rapid AoA, EoA, BCA, Risk and Technical Assessments
        • Measurable, repeatable and sustainable method to enable cost avoidance and savings
        • Incorporates by reference: SOA best practices, IT Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL) and Evidenced Based Research (EBR)
      • Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL)
        • Open and Inclusive structure by which innovators can validate their technologies
        • Reusable solution architecture templates for e-Gov, IT Infrastructure,
        • Cyber-Security & Health IT
        • Leverages existing testing and implementation results from multiple communities
        • GSA, Sole Source and OTA Contract vehicles for rapid innovation discovery.
      • IT-Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC)
        • A non-partisan Government and industry think tank created to drive sustainable IT Acquisition Reform
        • Leverages expertise from academia, standards bodies, innovators and COIs
        • Provide an interchange for senior level leadership interchange
      Trusted Research Coop … 10 Years of Refinement AAM ™
    • Predictable Results Repeatable, measurable, sustainable success Navy: Assessment of AFLOAT Program – CANES SOA & Security Strategy Eliminated hi-risk Requirements by 23%, $100Ms in potential savings USAF: Streamlined COTS Acquisition Process. Applied to Server Virtualization. Established optimal arch with ROI of 450% & $458 million savings USAF: Procurement of E-FOIA System using AAM Completed AoA, BCA, AQ Selection in just 4 months USMC: AoA and BusCase for Cross Domain, Thin Client Solutions Greatly Exceeded Forecasted Saving in both analysis and acquisition GSA: Financial Mgt System consolidation using AAM. Moved FMS from OMB “ red ” to “ green ”. Eliminated duplicative investments that saved $200M BTA: Assessment of External DoD Hosting Options using AAM $300 million in potential savings with minimal investment BTA: Apply AAM to complete AoA and BCA for Hosting and SOA Reduced average cycle time and cost of Analysis by 80% GPO: Developed Acquisition Strategy for Future Digital System Led to successful acquisition and implementation on time, on budget and 80% cheaper than NARA RMS JFCOM: MNIS Evaluation of Alternatives for Cross Domain Solutions Evaluated 100’s of Options in 90 days, enabling stake holder buy in and source selection.
    • IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) Industry Advisory Board
        • Dave Patterson, former OSD Comptroller, University Of Tennessee
        • Larry Allen, Executive Director, Coalition for Government Procurement
        • Ed Black, President, Computers & Communications Industry Consortia
        • Stephen Buckley, Kerberos Consortia, MIT Sloan
        • William Lucyshyn, Director of Research, School of Public Policy, U of MD
        • Dan Johnson, Sr. Council, Computers & Communications Industry Association
        • Kirk Phillips, the Kirk Group
        • John Weiler, Founder, Chief Strategist,
        • Marty Evans, former AF AQI Director
        • Paul Brubaker, former OSD C3I DCIO, CISCO
        • Chairman Michael Wynn, former Secretary of USAF
        • Honorable Dave Oliver, former OSD ATL, EADS
        • Lt General (ret) Jack Woodward USAF, former AF Deputy CIO and Joint Staff J6
        • Army Gen (ret) Steven Boutelle, former Army G6, CISCO
        • AF General (ret) Thomas Verbeck, ICH Director
        • Dr. Marv Langston, former OSD C3I DCIO, ICH CTO
        • AF General (ret) Paul Nielson, CEO, SEI CMU
        • RADM (ret) Lenn Vincent, Industry Chair, DAU
        • Vint Cert, Founder of the Internet, Google
        • Kevin Carroll, former Army PEO EIS, ICH Corp Relations
    • IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) Government Participants
        • Tim Harp, Deputy Asst Secretary Acquisition, OSD NII
        • Jake Haynes, Program Manager, Defense Contracting Management Agency
        • Gary Winkler, Director Army PEO EIS
        • Greg Gardner, Deputy CIO, Director for National Intelligence
        • Kathy Laymon, Supply Chain Risk Mgt, US Army
        • Maureen Coyle, Deputy CIO, VA
        • John Whitmore, Deputy Director, AF Acquisition, SAF/AQI
        • MaryAnne Rochy, Deputy CIO and PEO Acquisition, OSD Health Affairs
        • David Schroeder, Director External Relations, OSD HA CIO
        • Gino Magnifico, CIO, Army Contracting Command
        • Stewart Whitehead, SES J8, Joint Forces Command
        • Dr Paul Tibbits, Deputy CIO and Director Enterprise Development, VA
        • Dave Green, CTO, US Marine Corps
        • Brad Brown, Director of Acquisition Policy, Defense Acquisition University
        • Barry Robella, Professor of Systems Engineering, Defense Acquisition University
        • Charles Tompkins Esq., Chair Systems Management Dept, NDU IRMC
        • Dr. Robert Childs, Director, IRM College, NDU IRMC
        • Janice Haith, Deputy CIO, Information Sharing, OSD
        • Dr. Tim Rudoph, CTO, AF ESC
        • MGen Susan Lawrence, Army NetCom Commander
        • LtGen Mark Shackelford, Deputy SAF, Acquisition
        • Frank Anderson, President, DAU
        • Dr. Elizabeth MdDaniel, President, NDU
        • Mark Bogart, SES, CAO, DIA
        • John Higbee, Director Acquisition Management, Department of Homeland Security
        • Ralph Roman, Director IT Acquisition Council, Department of Homeland Security
        • Steve Cooper, Former DHS CIO, CIO FAA OTA
        • James Washington, VP and Chief Acquisition Officer, FAA
        • Admiral Lenn Vincent (ret), Defense Acquisition University
        • Frank Garcia, Professional Staff, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
        • Dave Weddell, Deputy N6/CIO, Navy
        • Jan Frye, Chief Acquisition Officer, Veterans Administration
        • James (Raleigh) Durham, Director, Joint Advanced Concepts, OSD ATL
        • Chris Miller, Executive Director, PEO C4I, Navy
        • Stephan Warren, Deputy CIO, VA
        • Bill McKinsey, Chief IT Management, FBI
        • Terry Balven, CIO, AQ, Secretary of the AF
    • Partnership Engagement Options
      • Basic Membership (Silver): $25k/year
        • Attendance for 1 person on all IT-AAC
        • 4 hours per month of support
      • Corporate Membership (Gold): $60k/year
        • Access to all contract vehicles
        • Bi-monthly strategy sessions
        • 12 hours per month of support
        • Hot line support
        • Corporate license for AAM Methods
        • Ability to incorporate into bids and proposals
        • Discount Past Performance and Solution Audits
      • Founding Father Membership (Platinum): $120k/year
        • Access to all contract vehicles; GSA, MOBIS, OTA, Sole Source
        • Board Seat on IT-AAC, access to all meeting
        • Corporate license for AAM Methods
        • 25 hours per month of on-site or off-site support (Tower Club)
        • Access to all market research
        • Bi-monthly on-site Strategic Planning sessions
        • White paper support
        • Most favored teaming status
        • Discount Past Performance Solution Audit
    • Advisory and Analytical Services ICH Methods
      • Studies and Assessments
        • Strategic IT Assessment: Emerging Technologies, SOA, Business Systems, Cyber, Health IT
        • Transition Architectures and Gap Analysis
        • Architecture Alignment: Aligning EA with Acquisition Strategies for line of sight
        • Performance Metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
        • Technology Readiness and Maturity Assessments using Evidenced Based Research
      • Acquisition Advisory and Decision Analytics
        • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Business Case Analysis (BCA), Evaluation of Alternatives (EoA)
        • Value Stream Analysis: Requirements & Capability Gap Analysis
        • Standardized Metrics; Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) and Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
        • Economic Planning and Analysis: 8-Step Process
        • Strategic planning and alignment
      • Direct Market and Industry Surveys
        • Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL), collaborative approach for defining realm of the possible
        • Conflict Free Research: More directed program and quality executive decisions
        • Solution Architecture Working Groups and Conferences that reach innovations of the market
    • ICH Contract Vehicles
      • Contract Options for all ICH members:
      • Prime:
        • GSA Schedule 70, 5 Firm Fixed Price offerings under $500K
        • GSA MOBIS, Small Business
        • SOSSEC Other Transaction Authority (OTA)
      • Sub Contractor:
        • Scientific Service Program, FAR 6-302 Sole Source Pilots (Battelle)
        • SAF/XC BETA (TAG)
        • SAF/FM A&AS (Kerney)
        • Navy SPAWAR EC2 ATS (SAIC)
        • VETS GWAC
        • Seaport IDIQ
        • ENCORE II IDIQ
    • In Review: Business Case IT-AAC’s ounce of prevention in these lean times…
      • Open & Inclusive Structure
        • 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute: Conflict free support and secure services
        • Access to market innovations and lessons learned: Rapidly applied to the Government
        • 39 public/private partnerships, 3,000 industry fellows: Massive “think tank”
        • Top Secret Clearances, Access to tens of thousands of SMEs
      • Repeatable, Measurable, Standardized Methods (Decision Analytics)
        • Acquisition Assurance Method (AAM) streamlines JCIDS and AoA
        • Evidenced Based Research (EBR) validates assumptions and vendor claims
        • Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL) captures realm of the possible
      • Streamlined Studies, Assessments and Analysis Services
        • AoA, EoV, BCA (ROI) and Risk Assessments at a fraction of the cost and time
        • Reusable studies and benchmarks: COTS, Open Source, ERP, Infrastructure and SOA
        • LEAN Six Sigma, Solution Architecture, IT Acquisition, Portfolio Mgt, SOA Governance, ITIL/VCA
      • Assured Mission Outcomes, Low Cost: AF, Navy, USMC, BTA, JFCOM, GSA
        • Evidenced Based Research derived from real world results
        • Reduced acquisition time-line, measurable and predictable outcomes
        • Significant cost-avoidance and savings, reduced analysis/paralysis