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Bills Made Cheaper - Show us a bill and we will show you a saving!!!

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Bills Made Cheaper Brochure

  1. 1. Billsmade cheaperJoin the campaign for cheaper bills in business. Billsmadecheaper is part of the Invew group.
  2. 2. Our proposition is simple!You showus the bill... We’ll show you the savings!We work harder than the restto show you the best savingsand provide a saving that issecond to none too!
  3. 3. Some of our partners...Our team have years of experiencein saving businesses money.Our management team who have been saving businessesmoney for over 20 years. We work hard as we fullyunderstand how difficult business has to work to makemoney and how much of that money earned is lost tooverheads and taxation.Some of our customers like to put us to task in other areasincluding energy saving light bulbs and stationary!!!As we say if there’s a cost, there’s always a saving!
  4. 4. It couldnt be easier to savemoney on your energy bills.The majority of businesses do not have the time toinvestigate the deals the market has to offer.That is why thousands of our customer have employedour services and collectively enjoy millions of pounds insavings as their main benefit.We can save you money on yourenergy and even help you reducethe amount of energy you use! "Billsmadecheaper has provided us with invaluable advice and support for a number of Gas and Electric site works we have undertaken for our clients. We have always found Billsmadecheaper to be professional and efficient in how they provide their service which gives us and our clients confidence that all work is completed on schedule. We would recommend Billsmadecheaper to any of our landlord and tenant clients and we look forward to our continued working relationship for many years to come!" Mr Daniel Davies - Tushingham Moore
  5. 5. Telecoms & Systems:Billsmadecheaper can save you money on all your communicationscost, a detailed comparison and review of your bills can demonstratehuge savings which are hard to ignore. We can save you money onyour calls, lines, broadband, data and tailor packages that exactlymatch your business needs. Regardless of whether you are a callcentre or a small business with just a single line we will match up aplan that delivers on cost, service and security.Case Study:A recent example of where we were able to demonstrate savings was fora small contact centre with 12 lines on a BT ISDN30 line, the business alegal advice firm had asked BT Local Business for a quote and were aboutto sign a contract for their install, equipment, lines and calls. We weregiven a referral to one of the partners who agreed to let us have a look atthe quote and provide a comparison.We immediately discovered that the BT quote was wrong, BT Local Business had omitted to include hardwarewhich was critical to the business and had not taken into account the business call traffic when offering the callpackage. The business was making 10,000 plus mobile calls per month and BT offered a package offering 500free minutes to mobiles and 5000 local/national for each of his lines, the customer was under the impression thatthe free minutes would be aggregated across all his lines and that the 500 free minutes per line would take careof the majority of his mobile calls. They also quoted pence per minute but failed to explain that they were billingper minute.They didn’t and then BT Local business came back with further offerings despite already offering him the bestdeal!We worked with our partners and delivered a comparison that delivered savings of over £4,000 per year or£20,000 when you consider BT local wanted the business to sign up for 5 years. We achieved this with lower callcosts, a three year contract and per second billing! We also provided a better deal on his equipment whilst givinghim the product that met his needs. We also have the same support from BT Openreach for the install of his lines.Simply show us a bill and we will provide youwith a comparison to show you a saving!
  6. 6. What our customers say about us... We value all our customers equally but here is a few things that some of our customers said about us. "Since opening our 5 restaurants, Billsmadecheaper have helped us to save several thousands of £s on our utility accounts. We are now in the process of building our 6th restaurant; Billsmadecheaper arranged the installation of the meters and supply of our gas and electricity, saving us time and money. The company offers excellent customer service and understands the needs of growing businesses; I have a dedicated account manager called Darren Walton who I can now contact should I have any problems. Billsmadecheaper are by far the most professional and effective consultants I have worked "I have now been working with Mr Kibir Rahman - East Z East Billsmadecheaper for sometime and have found them to be professional and non-biased when it comes to searching for my contracts. The "This is just a quick email to say thank you to Darren information given to me has been clear Walton @ Billsmadecheaper for a fantastic service. and easily understood." He was rather patient in calling me back and also went the extra mile to get me the best deal possible Mr Andrew Haynes - Tims Bakery for my business. As you are aware the first year of starting a new business is the most crucial and Darren has been rather helpful in helping me achieve this with my electricity. not only has he called me back as and when promised but he was vey good at explaining the necessary to me in a "fool proof" manner. I would like to extend to him my gratitude and hope that he is recognised by his supervisors for a job well done.” Mrs Simone Simmonds - One Stop Shop (UK) LtdSome of our partners...
  7. 7. Billsmade cheaperJoin the campaign for cheaper bills in business.