The Fascinating Secrets of You, Inc
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    The Fascinating Secrets of You, Inc The Fascinating Secrets of You, Inc Document Transcript

    • Billionaire Belief presents: The Fascinating Secrets of You, Inc. 18 Incredible Lessons For The Hustler Within You Dhane D. S. Crowley This document is copyrighted and protected by all applicable laws. Reproduction of this document is strictly forbidden unless permission is given by the author prior to reproduction. © 2011 Billionaire Belief 1
    • “Do what is required of you, and remain a slave. Do more than what is required of you, and become free.” –Marcus 2
    • This book is dedicated to my Aunty Lisa who told me to never settle for 3
    • Congratulations!Youve just been named Chairman of the Board of You, Inc. You also own100% of the stock!I know this might be frightening to you. The title might be a little long.But at the end of the day, its just another opportunity for you to servepeople in a very unique way.Theres no need in running away from the responsibility of self-management, and taking ownership of your leadership position.No matter how hard you try, youll never be able to outrun theseresponsibilities.If you really want to achieve your dreams, remember that the game of life is99.9% mental and o.1% physical.Hopefully you’ll feel energized and inspired to get your game tight, and todevelop the mental toughness you’ll need to be successful once you finishreading this book.It’ll provide you with some basic tools and strategies to help you lay down asolid foundation for your personal success.It’s imperative that you continuously develop your mental edge on a dailybasis by deliberately gives yourself positive mantras to recite in your headover and over again. That’s the difference between being a failure and beingsuccessful.Ultimately, 90% of success is just showing up. The other 10% is action!So once again, congratulations and welcome to your position as Chairman ofthe Board of You, Inc! 4
    • Claim Your Dreams.The only way to claim your dreams is through a commitment to excellence.Not a commitment to mediocrity.If you can’t make a commitment to yourself, you’re naïve to believe anyoneelse would want to make a commitment to you.There’s no need to make excuses or come up with reasons why you can’t dothis, or you can’t do that; or why this won’t work, or that won’t work.Resist those mediocre habits of mind, because if you keep thinking that way,you’ll start getting exactly what you’ve been wishing for.Don’t Let Anyone Stop You.Over the years, you might have been told that youre too young or too old todream or worry about business, money and success.However, the rules of the game have changed.Your job isn’t to be an employee.Your job is to effectively and efficiently manage your habits of mind, yourmoney, and your business, so you can achieve your dreams.That’s your #1 priority, because if you make His, Her, or Their, Inc. your #1priority, you’ll be taking orders from those people for the rest of your life.We no longer live in the Industrial Age.The conventional wisdom of “go to school, get good grades, and go to collegeso you can get a good job with good medical benefits” is an obsolete modelof 5
    • More than likely you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad before, so this isn’t newnews to you.Job security is an illusion.We now live in the Information Age.Fortunes are made on a daily basis not from being an employee for 30-40years.No.Fortunes are made everyday through the sale of information.Words and thoughts communicated through phones lines, cell phonetowers, and the Internet.In order to take advantage of this excellent global opportunity, you mustshift your thinking from an opportunistic perspective to a strategicperspective.Conventional wisdom czars [opportunistic thinkers] will tell you you’restupid and crazy for wanting to take ownership of your financial future,instead of settling for a job that offers a salary and good medical benefits.But who cares what they think.They’re operating from a model that is outdated and no longer exists.You [a strategic thinker] should never allow someone’s opinion of you tobecome your reality.If they [opportunistic thinkers] think something is hard, thats too bad 6
    • If they [opportunistic thinkers] think youre crazy, so what!You want to be responsible for yourself, as well as your financial future soyou can do more than just pray when you’re faced with adversity.Prayer is necessary, but it can only take you so far. You must follow it upwith action.If you choose not to be responsible for yourself, like I said earlier, you’ll betaking orders for the rest of your life.Weirdo’s Rule.At the end of the day, it takes a fairly weird and abnormal person to besuccessful.Just think about professional athletes.Kobe Bryant, for instance, is famous for his flashy moves and sweet jumpshot. He’s a player most opponents dread guarding.He was blessed with talents and abilities like the rest of the players in theNBA.The difference between Kobe and everyone else is that Kobe has discipline,dedication and determination (d3) that supersede everyone else’s.He wants to be the best professional athlete in the world. Not the best playerin the league.He spends the majority of his time investing in Kobe, Inc.Most people only get to see the Kobe Bryant who plays on TV and in 7
    • Very few get to see the 6-6-6 Kobe. The up bright and early in the morningKobe who spends 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, 6 months out of the yearinvesting 100% into Kobe, Inc.He understands that in order to be the best, he has to eat right, exercise,run, have balance in his lifestyle, and do whatever it takes for him to be inthe best condition possible to win Championship after Championship.Wouldnt you say youd have to be a pretty weird and abnormal person to bethis successful?I mean, how many people are willing to wake up at 5.00 am to do multiplecardiovascular exercises?How many people are willing to put down their Hostess Twinkies and BigMacs, and eat the best foods that will allow them to live a healthy andproductive lifestyle?Not many.And you want to know why they aren’t willing to do those things?Because they choose not to.Kobe didnt get the name the "Black Mamba" by mistake.The man’s game is lethal not by chance, but by choice.“Doing” v. “Not Doing” Habits.If you waste your time using the majority of your 24 hours a day engaged in“not doing habits”, then you have what you want.We don’t live in a world of have’s and have not’s. We live in a world of will’sand will not’ 8
    • Most people choose to be distracted by whatever it takes to destroy thepossibility of them achieving their dreams.You shouldn’t allow yourself to waste precious time practicing “not doing”habits.Don’t allow old-fashion and out-dated opinions and beliefs to distract you.Don’t allow conventional wisdom, or their Czar’s, to distract you.Don’t allow Facebook to distract you.Don’t allow Twitter to distract you.Don’t allow the cell phone to distract you.Don’t allow the TV to distract you.I’m not saying you can’t use these things.Of course you can!But only if you promise to use them for productive activities.Checking in to see what you’re friends are talking about on Twitter andFacebook isn’t productive use of your time.Stop kidding off and get focused.You must start taking life seriously.Don’t allow anyone or anything that isn’t helping you achieve your dreamsdistract you.Period! 9
    • As long as you put 100% trust in God, keep your eye on the prize, and stayfocused, who can stop you?Remember The Time!Most people want to sit around on their assets to enjoy hours of aimlessactivity.If you look at time from a perspective of weeks, months, and years, youthink you have more time than you really have to get something done.Instead, look at time from a “day” perspective.Each and every one of us is blessed with 24 hours each day, 1,440 minutes,86,400 seconds to do what ever it takes to be successful or unsuccessful.Every hour that passes is one less hour you have left to accomplish yourdreams and goals.Remember: You can never get your time back.If you don’t like a shirt you bought yesterday, you can take it back and get arefund.However, you can’t get a refund on time.Time isn’t a commodity.It cant be replaced.Once it’s used, it’s used.No re-dos.Period! 10
    • Success Is A Learnable Skill.Success isnt something you stumble into.Success isn’t something you accidently run into.No.Success is a way of life.Success is habit.Success is a state of being.In order to reach that state of being, you must build the confidence and self-esteem to rid yourself of negative emotions.By letting go of the past and all the negative baggage that comes with it,you’ll open up the gateway to your heart, allowing positivity to flow intoyour life. Then you can claim your success, and achieve everything youveever dreamed of.Being successful takes work. Achieving your dreams takes work.Since youre the only person who can handle the job, theres no reason torun or hide from it.If you do, youre letting others take your dreams, as well as ravage what youcare about most.And you wouldnt want that to happen, right?Get Your Game Face On.Genghis Khan is one of the fiercest conquerors of all 11
    • He was the founder of the Mongol Empire, which became the largestcontiguous empire in history after his death.He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia.After founding the Mongol Empire and being proclaimed "Genghis Khan",he started the Mongol invasions that would ultimately result in the conquestof most of Eurasia.He didnt get his name by running away from his fate. He didnt go hidebehind a bush to avoid being seen by his destiny.This great warrior went out on the field of battle to win.He had to.When Khan and his Mongolian Army went to war, they didnt just take theirweapons.No.They took their wives.They took their kids.They took their most prized and precious possessions.So they had to win.If they turned their backs on their fate and destiny, they wouldnt have justlost their lives.No.They would have lost the lives of their loved ones, and lost everything theyever 12
    • If Genghis Khan would have ran away, I wouldn’t be talking about himtoday.He may have been defeated in a battle or two, but he and his army werenever failures, because they never quit.They achieved their goal of victory no matter what it took.By any means necessary.Be The Master of Your Fate.Its up to you to decide who wins the game.In order for you to win, youve got to have a mindset thats as solid as a rock,and stand as tall as a sequoia in the face of adversity, fear, worry, and doubt.And you must have a playbook for success!Always remember youre the only person standing between everyone elsewho wants to take what you care about most.In front of you are both benevolent people who want to help you achieveyour dreams, and scandalous people who want to take everything you careabout most.Behind you stand your family and your most prized possessions.Youre in the middle.You must decide whether or not you will claim your fate and destiny, or leteverything you care about most be ravaged.You must take the responsibly of being the captain of your 13
    • Its your choice though.Take ownership of your destiny.No one is going to sub in for you while you take a water break.This job is 24/7/365. Better yet, 25/8/366.Take pride in your work, give your best, and always put forth 100% effort atall times.Hustle.Keep your mind in the habit of “doing” things instead of “not doing” things.You have 24 hours in a day, remember?If youre not in the habit of “doing” things to better yourself, then you mustbe in the habit of “doing” things that make you worse off.While you’re wasting time engaged in “not doing” habits, there’s someoneelse out there engaged in “doing” habits.And they’re coming after your dreams to.And you’re letting them.Unfortunately, duality is a universal law.So you dont get a grey area here.You must have impeccable discipline, determination, and dedication (d3) toreach your dreams.Get in the habit of conditioning your mind on a daily basis to “do things” 14
    • Not in the habit of “not doing things”.Unfortunately, hustling has a negative connotation due to bias andsubjective propaganda.But hustling has nothing to do with monetary gain or value.Hustling is purely being aggressive about putting 100% EFFORT intowhatever it is that you’re doing that’ll allow you to achieve your dreams,because you’ve made a commitment to never allow anyone to out work youor out think you.That’s what makes you a hustler.Period.Vehicle Maintenance.Lets not forget about your temple, the vehicle that protects you during yourjourney throughout life.You must maintain it.Eat foods that will give you energy and nutrition.Resist your urges and impulses to eat foods that aren’t good for you.If it tastes overwhelmingly delicious, spit it out. Its probably not good foryou.If it tastes disgusting, and doesnt smell too bad, chew and swallow. Its awhole lot better for your body than what you were about to eat.Exercise on a daily 15
    • Repeat.Exercise daily.You’ve got at least 20 minutes for yourself, right?You can’t count eating a Twinkie as dumbbell curls.You can’t make fast food a cornerstone of your diet either.If you stay in the habit of not doing the things to keep yourself healthy,what’s the point in being wealthy if you’re going to spend most of your timein the hospital or on bed rest?Get Use to Being Uncomfortable.In order to get something youve never had, you must do something youvenever done.And if you didn’t know, the solutions and answers to the mistakes andsetbacks that you’ll have to face in life are outside of your comfort zone.More than likely, that might make you feel uncomfortable. But that’s thebest position you could be in.If you continue to do things the way youve always done them, then youllcontinue to get the same results.And you’ll keep expecting better results while you keep doing the samethings.I believe they call that, insane??? 16
    • If you continue to hold on to your cherished opinions, out-dated beliefs, andnegative emotional baggage, youll have a harder time achieving yourdreams.Holding on to all that negativity weighs you down to the point ofimmobilization.That’s like being a franchise player for a NFL team, and going out on thefield on Sundays playing with ankle weights, and a weight vest on.Play after play, you try to be the franchise player, but wonder why you arentgoing anywhere.Leave the ankle weights and weight vest at home.Better yet, just throw them away.Youll make room for more positivity to come into your heart, which willallow you to develop a mindset that’s as solid as a rock.And you’ll be able to stand as tall as a sequoia in the face of adversity, fear,worry, and doubt.Remember: If you choose to hang on to all the negativity and emotionalbaggage from your past, youll always have the capability to achieve yourdreams.It’ll just be a lot harder to achieve them.Today is the Big O.Life is about today.Remember!Tomorrow isn’t 17
    • You must seize the day (Carpe Diem), for today is the big opportunity.You don’t have weeks, months, and years to get yourself together and getthings moving along.You’ve got hours, minutes, and seconds to get it done.Don’t wait till tomorrow to do what can be done today. Don’t waste theopportunity.And don’t kid yourself.You can plan for tomorrow all you want. But when your time is up, it’s up.Focus on getting the most out of your hours, minutes, and seconds on adaily basis.Make sure you position yourself to live the type of lifestyle you desire andundoubtedly deserve.Once you make it to the “real world”, no one is going to hold you by the handand show you the ropes.You’ll come across more people who will try to lead you astray than lead youto the promise land.You’ve got to decide to figure out the game of life on your own. And once youdo, the next step is to find the mentors who can provide you with theguidance and directions you’ll need to succeed.And you’ve got to figure this game out today, not tomorrow.You Can Be Comfortable Or Wealthy.Regardless of whatever your definition of success is, it’s important that youknow that enough isn’t a 18
    • Enough is your best!Until you’ve reached your desired level of success, you shouldn’t be satisfiedwith your results.You definitely can be happy and grateful for what you do have, but it’sdissatisfaction that creates change in your life.So once again, never be satisfied with your results until you’ve reached yourdesired level of success.No one else can define success for you. And if you allow them to, then you’reobviously taking orders.So, you can strive to be comfortable and do just enough not to get fired byyour employer, and receive just enough compensation not to quit.Or, you can strive for wealth, and ultimately end up living very comfortably.Both choices have prices that must be paid.However, you only have time for one.You’ve Got One Job.Chairman of the Board of You, Inc.If you choose to pass up on the offer, you’ll take orders for the rest of yourlife and live in mediocrity.Or, you can take advantage of the offer, and live in excellence.There’s no such thing as an employee who is an entrepreneur.You’re either one or the 19
    • Not both.The two can’t co-exist.That’ll be an oxymoron.So it’s your choice. You decide.My Personal Best.The best lesson I’ve received so far in life when it comes to being successfulis this: Associate with the best people in your game so you can ask the right people, the right questions, so you can get the best information you’ll need to achieve your dreams.Anything else is uncivilized.The Challenge.Now that we’ve got that mumbo-jumbo out of the way, it’s decision time.The position is yours at You, Inc., whether you want it or not.You’re a franchise player now.Step up!Be the franchise player you’ve always dreamed about and wanted to be.Not the bench warmer player everyone else wants you to be, or even worse,the spectator standing in the bleachers cheering the players 20
    • Take ownership of the position of Chairman of the Board of You, Inc., andbe responsible for the results you produce.Because when you blame others for your results, you forfeit the opportunityto do anything about them.Working for You, Inc. is the most important business enterprise you canever be a part of.It’s the most important job you will ever have in your life.Being Chairman of the Board of You, Inc. is your #1 priority.As long as you make His, Her, or Their, Inc. your #1 priority, you willcontinue to wish, hope, and pray for some magical breakthrough that youexpect to be delivered on a silver platter.But all along the way you’ll be taking orders from someone else, and living amediocre lifestyle where you get medical benefits, sick-days, weekends off,and a 2-week paid vacation out of the 52 weeks you’re blessed with in a year.And even in today’s work environment, that’s a BIG maybe…Until you establish your “Why” for getting up every morning, the “How” toearning more money, having more fun, and ultimately, absolute freedomwill continue to seem ambiguous and out of reach.Remember!Success begins with CAN. Failure begins with CAN’T.Accepting the responsibilities of this position means accepting freedom.Declining this position means you’re willing to settle for mediocrity andremain a slave to life and to 21
    • It’s your choice though.You decide.Final Thought.I’m just an ordinary guy who does extraordinary things.But I’m an adult first.Money, power, and respect don’t make me an adult.My unwavering standards, expectations, integrity, character, principles, andwill to succeed are what make me an adult.You can strip me of all my worldly possessions, but as long as I have those,I’m still an adult.And as long as I live up to those things, money, power, and respect will beattracted to me, as opposed to me chasing them all throughout my life.That goes for you to.You’re equipped with the same basic skills and abilities that I’ve beenblessed with.If I can do amazing things, I’m telling you, you CAN to.And the only reason why you aren’t doing amazing things yet, is because youhaven’t developed the unstoppable, supreme confidence that’s need toperform at the top of your game all day, everyday.All you need is to be strong and courageous.Do you have the courage to win? 22
    • Do you have the will to succeed?Yes you do. I know you do. But you’ve got to believe you do.And you need a mentor to that’ll provide you with the guidance anddirection you need to succeed.And that’s what I’m here to serve you with.Lastly, always remember that there are no dress rehearsals in life.Life isn’t a scrimmage.It’s GAMETIME all day, everyday.So great luck! (That’s just preparation meeting opportunity anyways).And as always, MAKE IT a magnificently great day!To Your Abundant Success,Dhane D.S. CrowleyFounder, Billionaire Belieftalktome[at]billionairebelief.com310-893-0844P.S. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk about howyou can live your best life now, I didn’t include my eMail and phone numberfor now reason. Feel free to give me a call. I’m human, and I have a life to, soif you call and I don’t answer, leave a message. Thanks again! 23
    • “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” - 24
    • Are You Struggling To Find A Proven Way To Escape The Rat Race? If your answer is a resounding YES, then listen up!There’s a Billionaire within that’s being held hostage by THE DREAM – goto school, and get a job so you can get benefits and enjoy life. If you don’tpay the ransom to free the Billionaire within you so you can work less,produce more, and enjoy a better future, THE DREAM will kill it off. Whatthis means for you is that you’ll never have the ability to overcome fear,avoid distractions, and stop procrastination so you can dream BIG.If you don’t have the ransom to free the Billionaire within you, don’t worry.I’ve got your back.Learn how to beat THE DREAM and set the Billionaire within you free byending all the confusion and feelings of hopelessness you’ve been dealingwith in your life so you can have a clear picture of what you need to do towork less, produce more, and enjoy a better future.To help you out, I have simplified the process and created a proven systemyou can use that will help you overcome fear, avoid distractions, and stopprocrastination dead in its tracks so you can take back your mind, escape therat race, and run your own business empire!I call it “Your Life Blueprint Workbook.” You can download a FREE copy totake back your life… Go to: 25