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  1. 1. Billie Tackas
  2. 2. History of MyspaceMyspace is a social networking site that was created by eUniverse employees in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2005 that Myspace really became popular, after News Corporation bought the name.It was in 2006 that Myspace launched a UK version, in which they wanted to tap into the UK music scene.Soon after they launch themselves in various other countries.In 2008 Myspace was the leading social networking site and was valued at $12billion.
  3. 3. But due to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter in recent years Myspace has vanished on the social networking radar.It was in 2008 that Facebook to reign of the social networking crown and ever since Myspace’s popularity has never made a come back.
  4. 4. There are many views that as Myspace focused on making their site a ‘Social Music Site’ that many users lost interest and joined rival sites.But with 30 million users still there is hope that Myspace can regain their popularity. And with social networking such a huge part of peoples lives there is no doubt that through a good marketing campaign we can make Myspace as success, again.
  5. 5. Current MarketingAt this present time social networking site Myspace does not advertise itself.However they do market themselves on rival site Twitter.On their Twitter account they post information about updates on their site, such as new interviews, music news and much more.But even on Twitter they only have around 200,00 followers as apposed to Facebook who have over 3million.
  6. 6. Because they have no marketing strategy or PR campaign they are lacking in fans and users.But after such an epic fail in the social networking world, Myspace need to re launch themselves and branch out to connect with new and old users.We feel that re branding would damage Myspace even more, so we have come up with various events and ideas that we feel will get Myspace back on the social networking map.
  7. 7. IdeasCelebrityEndorsements Give aways Myspace’s Big Night Out Music events Merchandise Sponsorship Magazine features
  8. 8. Myspace’s Big Night OutOne big event could well put Myspace back on the radar and make it something more than a website.We have come up with the idea of a music event that will be held around the world in various countries.This will hopefully create a new buzz around the world, which Myspace once did.
  9. 9. Myspace’s Big Night Out is a music event that will be held in London, Ibiza, Tokyo, Rome and New York.This is something that works well with the sites focus of music and will also set a new tone for what social networking sites can do.The event will be held on the 1/07/2012, this is a prime time for music events.Popular artists like Lana Del Ray, Professor Green, Rizzle Kicks, Rihanna and Adele will play at the various locations.
  10. 10. Marketing: Myspace’s Big Night OutSocial Networking SitesUsing their Twitter account is a perfect way of letting people know about the event.Tweeting the posters, images and exclusive news will make sure that we are promoting the event in more ways that one.Twitter is also a brilliant way of the artists promoting the event as well. Artists could tweet about the event in the upcoming weeks and this will let their worldwide fans know where they will be and how they can buy tickets.
  11. 11. Marketing: Myspace’s Big Night OutCelebrity PromotionDue to the amount of celebrities and artists that are performing at the events, using them as part of the advertising would be really beneficial.This would mean arranging interviews throughout May and June for many of the artists, in these interviews they will mention the event and when it is. For example Adele would have an interview in Cosmopolitan and Professor Green could have a TV interview on Sunday Brunch.
  12. 12. The artists will also have interviews on the radio. The best radio station for this is BBC Radio 1.By having the interviews at prime time, such as the morning show 7-10 and the drive time show 4-7.Being the most popular station and their target audience being the the sort of audience we expect to see at Myspace’s Big Night Out.The main focus of the interview will be what the artist is doing at the moment, and they will talk about the event in detail.
  13. 13. Myspace’s Big Night Out Myspace’s Big Night Out posters. Part of the promotional material that will be printed in magazines such as NME. Posted on the Myspace, twitter account, and Myspace’s website. There will be 5 posters in total each with the cities sky line featured on it. To the far left is the New York poster and the other is TokyoPosters will be released February
  14. 14. Marketing: Myspace’s Big Night Out Campaign PlanMarketing Event Information WhenPress Release Press release to let publications January such as magazines and music websites know about the eventWebsite and Twitter Letting people know new From January to July information about MBNO throughUpdates the Myspace website and the twitter accountCelebrity Promotion Celebrity promotions will happen in From April to June various magazines and on various TV shows, this will help to promote MBNO and let people know about it.
  15. 15. Marketing: MyspaceMyspace needs to start marketing itself more if it wants to be the site that it was once before. Apart from Myspace’s Big Night Out, there needs to be more promotional, marketing and PR events in which Myspace can make people aware of them again.
  16. 16. Sponsorship: MyspaceAs Myspace is music focused it needs to make its mark on the music industry. A way they could do this is through sponsorship, by sponsoring massive music festivals and events they will get noticed by fans and will be taken seriously in the industry again.For example at Festivals such as Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, and Coachella people come from all over the world to be there. They have the biggest and best artist in the world perform there.Myspace could sponsor these events which would mean there name would be exposed to thousands of people each day they are there.
  17. 17. Sponsorship: MyspaceIf Myspace sponsored at these events, it would also mean they could have their own tent.In these tents they could have artists perform, there could be give-aways and also merchandise could be put on sale.With over 100 festivals taking place in the UK this summer there is a huge potential for Myspace to sponsor them.
  18. 18. Celebrity Endorsements: MyspaceWe think that using celebrities in PR events would grab the attention of new and old users.For example if celebrities were to give an exclusive interview to their fans would be attracted to the site.