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Place Based Pubic Programs for Humanities Org, William Hosley


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This is a cluster of emessages created to publicize public programs at museums and historical orgs in Connecticut. …

This is a cluster of emessages created to publicize public programs at museums and historical orgs in Connecticut.
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Bill Hosley

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  • 1. fuwutiwlt tralfuasarc liril fivres ConnecticutHistorical Society& Histoic Hartford hostCT CMIJ hentage War Magical HistoryTour AiI Hos/ey CHS 4 & statr Rockvi e, MiddletowL Winsted & Hartford DeparE from CHS(pronptly) 8:30am, Sept24th Sat$70pp($60nenbers)-lunch post-tourreception CHS & atReg,deadli4e August tur info or to reg.go to www.chs.or 31. ffiF gtd E#
  • 2. Culture& Economy: WhatWendell Berry Can Tbach aboutSmart us Growthand Sustainable Communities Pfogrd b) Bill rlosicy 1000 fbr friendsofCTsSmarr Go$rh Confere.ce V Prcil Robent horson Phil LaBdon (pancl/workshop ipm) & al MarchI8th.2-8p!r, FoxBuilding,960 G MainSr_, rtartibrd Topr-rgistef goto: w1l000liiend$cr.orgTreasures Fron Our Valley ;- ,.;.
  • 3. Small Wonderc:RediscoveringEast Haddamb Cultural & Enviro. Treasures Iustratedprognm by William Hosley Sponsored EastHaddam & FirstChurch by HS at FirstChurch, EastHaddam, Wed.Sept.14that Zpm EastHaddam whatit takesto become first ctasscultural has aheritagedestination learning & environment. keyis capitatizin Theon the diversity its culturaland ot environmentat attractions,whichareexlraodinary---€s mlch or morethananytown itt sizein CT !
  • 4. Haftfotd as a Platform for Learningand CivicAttachment Iustratedprognm by William Hosley Bookingsavailable:wnhoslGy@snet"net860-9444349 orThepoweroflocal historyis lbe proDiseofcivic atiaclmenl.Prideofplace is anecessary prerequisjle fordethical socially-coopemtive, prcductivecivic life- UrbadstNealPierce Mites tlat?@ple thal ce aboLta plsoespendmo.etime andmoney, moreprodxciivemd ftore entr€pren€uial." N Pla@-Based Edu.rheoristDavid Sobelobsewes "Schools that shouldplay a cenh.airole in thepropagarion of€nlighten€dlocalismby usingthelocalcommdrymd envircment lo teachlmguage ans,math€matics,s@ialsciences, science,history and@sthetis of thecolmuiry ed its environmenl."
  • 5. Cufient IssuesForumNewspapers New Media: Detnocrqq, & Change & Wed,March4th , 4:30-6:30 pm Historicalpe$pectiveon newspapers Connecticut, in followed a paneldiscussion by involving: Paul Bass,editorof theNew Havenlndependent Marcia Chambers,NH Independe[t, formerNY Times Rich HanleS Professor ofJoumalismQuinnipiacU. ColinMcEnroe, HartfordCourant, radio& blog Chris Morrill, GlobalPost, intemational-news up stalt Sdis Slonsord lit Connecticut llt@nfties CouDcil Nq Allime Foundatior &
  • 6. MorethanBooks: Libraries, Community & Historic Preseryation Illustrated Program William by Hosley Bookings Available Pcrry/subj<t rh€ infob wnh*rq€t nThispog€m t€@s two cenluries ofAmeric€n librarypracti@ with a specialiocuson Conneciicul its manymunicipal and histohc and speciattyresearch AtlibEnes. a tirnewhenfew communities art museums, had hisloricat socie,iies,or othorwaysof preseruing treasures, civic Hostey noies,,tibranes it didall- one6lopshopping cuhur6l ior enichmeni,presetuation,communitv mem-ory and - oi couFe - booksand reading.This illustbted..mchai tour fe,l.eshesawa€nessof Connecliculs henlage,enraordinary environment buiilandcommitmeni life-leaming access ideas lo and to i!,lttf||il1
  • 7. Monumental Achievement: CivilWarand The the Makingof AmericanMemory l.4atthies at Ellswofth Hail Memorial Homestead778Paisado Ave.Wlndsor, Sunday Ct Mayl5th@2pm IlustratedPrognmby WilliamHosley Also--Civil E hibitionOpening, War 1-5pm
  • 8. Housing Our History: A Searchfor Place,Part & Community Brcwn Bag Lunch & Discussionwith Ei Hosley TheHeritage Society 1100 Bagby Houston, St. TX Friday, Odober 2011 12pm theTeaRoom 28, at in Ih€ besthouscdtrscuDsatrdconnunity-b{sedhitoricll o.gantations pro de inspirutional experi€nces; lmong our b€srte&hinAtoots. the lfc do job othisloric presenrljon i. conpcllingsnys nnd !re a rcfugcfo.locil- isd likc nothinslett in ourculturc,Tnis pmg.,n insdrc comnnnity tcnd- cN, presenationhls! lhundltions,cducators, rrtkls lnd ftcnds sith eri- dence that nrseumr tblt !rc smal! localnnd ruthcntica.sterciriftnship, ciyiceng.genen! pridc of placeand socirlselfrrc. Hallournaiiont cnt- ru r 0 ln r n i mu n]ir rh crc,Ler! nnLic.! hke!!11
  • 9. 50 GreatPhotosof 21st CenturyHartford Artists and Photographers Arise! Show& Sharewhat YOUSeeAn OnlineExhibition-"HistoricHartford"on FB
  • 10. Art of the City:Sculpturc & Civic Embellishmentin Uictoian Connecticut IllustratedProgram William by Hosley Eookings available: wnhosley@snet or 860- 4 8349 net lljc Ansic$ ci8 is a cEatior of thc viclorian indusrial age. tb ,mcricais oJ lhe I 9ri cenlul]. indnsrd.li2alion called l-orsolid mrenitiesaincd at lclelnig 0p.Thengo.l Nasro sah tneccononic bcnettsof nrdusirialiarionNirh.ut serficing social slabilitl.cullunl!tua4,nml ccmcrcrics. pub lrc parks,and socialsdvioes sere rhe elue lhar held indusirial soci€rl logerhs. h::;r
  • 11. Rediscoverthe Treasuresof Old North! Save2nd lvorth District School NOw! Programs& Discussior by B/l Hosley& Friends BetriendSaveSecondNorth"on FacebookFor updates upcoming on tours,programs advocacy and It6not overtill ils over. Letsmakeour voiceshead
  • 12. Lighting Fpeloms Fld,ne: Conn?di. ut & L.u HqvensRcvolutitnury Wur Sites fhut9. February lgth at 5:3O i+!H J"i 7
  • 13. Tour de New Haven 08 / Cycling inlo Eistory S r Iu r ,l a o c r u h d 15.2008. 10 ll. J0 arn ) 8. M3f, P(trtres Slxd)Notes/Slunp &(ri.r!mn iBak er ttarei sitl r pizi pNd (!r5pp)efrcshncDs adimiri* Rnc udi!g ,D d Lig HAVEN CI,{JB F BICYCLN 1i _.:1
  • 14. A People Enlightened Generally Cannot Enslaved Be BlackActivism HigherEducation Antebe/lum & in NewHaven Program Hilary.I.Moss, by AmherstCollege wednesdayMay7th at 5:30 New HavenMuseumCo-sponsored TheAmistadCommittee, by Inc. iF:i:,"4+ 4 :ji
  • 15. Unpacking the Eoxes: Memoir ofa Life in Poetry Tallq Reading,BookSigning& Reception RecentPoet Laureateof the UnitedStates October23rd-5:30 DonationsWelcomed spon$rs: Noughton Miffii farcouft Publishlng,