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Learn How To Make Money Online The Easy Way
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Learn How To Make Money Online The Easy Way


If you want to learn how to make money online you need to checkout this PDF because inside I share with you how I went from picking fruit for a living to now making money online.

If you want to learn how to make money online you need to checkout this PDF because inside I share with you how I went from picking fruit for a living to now making money online.

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  • There are many Ways to make money online, search for it and you’ll find hundreds of them. That is because these days everybody wants to learn how to make money on the Internet without a job. Some of these work at home jobs are legitimate and real methods of making money on the web and others are pure scams and get rich quick schemes.

    Now here's a easy and legitimate way to earn money online working from home, from making money with Surveys,offers and referrals to making money on cashcrate,And here a easy and legitimate way.

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  • The best system voted for making big money online: , take a look and them see for yourself.
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  • Hi Lela,

    I'm glad I've stopped picking fruit too! haha...

    Thanks for adding the value to this slideshare by adding that resource.


    Billee Brady
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  • Great story and advice ! Glad U do not have to pick fruit any more !

    I am no longer washing dishes either !

    I learned to make money as an Amazon affiliate with these free training videos I got at

    I hope more people start earning money online like us !
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  • 1. Learn How To Make Money Online The Easy WayIf you’re ever read or seen my content online before you’d know that I like to try and give you theexact nuts and bolts of how to make money online etc, but the truth is:…the nuts and bolts are SIMPLE!I could explain them to you on a napkin over a coffee.But today I want to share with you my story of how I went frombeing a high school drop out of a kid to now making moneyonline.Now bare in mind I didn’t finish school, probably because IKNEW I wasn’t going to work a dead end job for the rest of mylife, Well that and the fact that I was easily lead astray and at times doing the leading. :-)Add the fact my dad used to say “Don’t you swear in the house son” when I mentioned the wordjob or work in the house.Haha…I thought that was pretty funny when I was growing up but little did I know it was sticking.. >>> Follow These Simple 3 Steps And Make $1,000 Per Day, CLICK HERE <<< Let’s Take A Step Into The Past…I want to give you a brief look into my past for two reasons:1 - You can have a slight understanding of where I came from.2 - And for you to see if I can do it YOU can do it.Although I’m not going to write an autobiography here today I will give you the brief version.I left school as soon as I could because it just didn’t jive with me and the influences I had around meat the time,I was more focused on running a muck than getting good grades with the goal of getting a flashJOB. (Just Over Broke)But I got to the age where it was time to start paying rent so it was time to hit the workforce.
  • 2. The town I grew up in “Bundaberg” didn’t have a lot of job opportunities for people with minimalskills and education,…so I got the only REAL job that would take me.Which at the time was picking fruit because Bundaberg is filled with rural area which requiredpickers to pick the fruit.It’s usually a back packers job but the locals without any otheroptions found themselves out in the fields picking everythingfrom tomatoes to potatoes. …man did picking fruit for a living SUCK!I still remember waking up at sparrows “fart” (Crack of dawn), dry reaching because I dreaded thesmell of the chemicals in the tomato bushes.But despite my borderline psychotic hate for the job I got together my water bottle and lunch for theday and headed off for a full day in the sun picking fruit.…I feel sick just thinking of those times again.But it was what it was an I didn’t know any better so the years slipped by and I HAD pickedeverything from Tomatoes to Potatoes and everything in between.It got to the point where I desperately wanted to get out of my home town and just leave it in thepast along with picking fruit.I just KNEW I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life working a dead end job, I could just feel itdeep down, …I was put on this earth for MORE than that.I just had a gut feeling that life was not mean’t to be this hard, living from week to week,…working too damned hard only to make enough money to be broke!To make an already long story short.I moved down the coast, went through various jobs and the last job I held was a courier driving job.…it was a butt load better than picking fruit BUT it was still a JOB. >>> Follow These Simple 3 Steps And Make $1,000 Per Day, CLICK HERE <<< How I Went From The 9-5 To Online…The big question that needs answering is “How did a high school dropout go from working the 9 –
  • 3. 5 grind to making money online?”Side Note: I usually worked from around 6am to 3 or 5+pm, 9 – 5 just sounds better..Well that is a great question and I can tell you it’s be a journey and a half to say the least,…the best learning experience I’ve EVER had in my whole entire life!Basically I had stumbled around the internet trying to figure out the secret and I’d fumbled aroundwith the pieces of the puzzle but I had never been taught the:…napkin style formula. The simple version of how to make money online.And for the sake of helping you to stop fumbling around trying to find the secrets to unlocking theinternet riches.Here is the napkin style version: • You provide of product of VALUE and what the market place NEEDS. • You sell that product with a COMPELLING sales video • You get enough people in front of that sales video to make the needed sales to create your desired income.That’s it!Look most people join a company which “may” have a product of value but the sales message isn’tCOMPELLING enough for people to DECIDE to buy.So most people end up having to work harder to get ever MORE people in front of a poor salesmessage only to make less money.The key is: • Product of VALUE • COMPELLING sales message • And targeted trafficThat’s it! NO more NO Less!If you piece all of that together you can start having $100, $500, $1,000, EVEN $3,000 days!Just take a glance around the internet and you’ll see that all the successful people making moneyonline have all three piece of the puzzle tied together.And you only really have two options yourself:1 - Learn how to piece all of this together yourself, • Market Research • Product Creation • Website Creation • Compelling Selling • The List Goes On!
  • 4. Is it possible?ABSOLUTELY it’s possible and if you have the time, money and motivation to be the lone rangerand do it ALL yourself you better get started TODAY,…because you’ve got A LOT to do!Then you have the second option…2 - Plugin to a PROVEN model that has it ALL.If you’re the type of person who’s ready to just start making money without going through theendless sea of information and through all the trial and error.Then you need to just plugin to a business model that has done all the work for you,…it’s ALL tested and PROVEN!There are over 72,000 people using this business model to change their life’s.Whether you’re a high school drop out like me or you’re just sick and tired of trying to climb thecorporate ladder, …and you want to start building a life on YOUR terms.Then you need to plugin to a Napkin Style business model that has done ALL the hard yards foryou,The only thing left for you to do is to get people in front of the COMPELLING sale message andGET PAID.If a high school dropout can do it,YOU can do!PERIOD….Watch this video. (Take note of how compelling it is because this is YOUR sales video)And JOIN HERE. (When people join through your page YOU get paid 100% commissions)Once you watch this video and get started you will receive two phone calls: • One from the company itself. • One from me personally to go over an action plan to get you into profit ASAP.Look I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible QUIT their jobs (Just Over Broke) andstart making money on their OWN terms.Living a lifestyle on their OWN terms.Never having to worry about the bills ever again!All while doing it the EASY way!The Napkin Style Way..Lets lock arms & FIGHT for our FREEDOM!
  • 5. Billee BradyUS – 315 285 4251AUS – 0447 692 751Skype – billee01P.S. You can learn more about how to make money online by checking out my personal blog: BilleeBradys Official Blog