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Learn How To Make Money Online


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If you want to learn how to make money online you need to read this, because I've broken it down so even a complete newbie can start making money online.

If you want to learn how to make money online you need to read this, because I've broken it down so even a complete newbie can start making money online.

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  • 1. How To Make Money Online – Broken Down For The Complete Newbie…Ever wondered how to make money online?…well you’re not alone!There is over 60,500 people searching for theanswer to that question each and every month.That’s A LOT a people!Well if you’re completely new to the thought ofcreating a REAL income online it’s really easy toget lost in the sea of information and becomeoverwhelmed.It almost seems like this mystical thing thatseems to good to be true. (SCAM)But when you look around you see people claiming to be making 5, 6, even 7 figure incomes fromthe comfort of their own homes.How is this possible!?Well in today’s post I’m going to share with you what I’ve learn’t over the time of me learning howto make money online.In fact what I will share with you today is exactly how I’ve been able to have $1000 days and mostof the time I was ASLEEP when I made this money.This is also the exact business model that EVERY successful person who has ever made moneyonline has implemented and followed with minor customizations.But the formula is the SAME. How To Make Money Online Explained…First of all it’s important to know that making money online has the same core principles as makingmoney off line.In any business or in any transaction there has to be a product or service of VALUE provided to themarket place.So there are basically two things: 1. A product/service of value. 2. A market place to sell the product/service.Making money online has these same two core principles but with the add power of LEVERAGE.And by leverage I mean you have the ability to sell products that don’t need to be packaged and
  • 2. shipped, you can sell products that can be downloaded.So your customers can instantly access the product/s.And when it comes to getting your product in front of your target market the internet enables you tobasically clone yourself and create massive leverage in your marketing and follow up.Just to give you an example: you can create videos and upload them to YouTube, these videos willrun for you promoting your product/service 24/7, 365 day a year.That’s just ONE example of the type of LEVERAGE the internet provides you.Learn more ways of leveraging the internet to create wealth by clicking here. The System For How To Make Money OnlineNow we have a basic understanding that the only REAL difference making money online has tomake money in any traditional business is the added LEVERAGE.And we understand that we need a product/service and a market to sell it to.Now let’s take a look at the working parts of how to make money online which is EXACTLY whatevery successful person making money online uses.It all comes down to a sales funnel which is the definition of LEVERAGE in the online space.So what makes up a sales funnel:1 - Capture PageA capture page is a simple one page website that issolely designed to capture people’s names, emailsand phone numbers which are then stored in anauto-responder.Here’s an example: Click Here…2 - Sales PageOnce people enter their details into your capturepage they are then instantly re-directed to a salespage/video which does the selling for you, this allows you to create automated income.Here’s an example: Click Here…3 - Up SellsStudies show that it’s A LOT easier to sell to existing customers and it’s extremely effective to offermore products to the person who already has their credit card in hand.This is where the concept of the up sells come in, so when someone purchases your first productthey are then instantly re-directed to another page that sells them on a slightly higher pricedproduct/service.
  • 3. You can set up this up sell process to where you have the ability to make thousands on the front endof your business.The funnel that I’m promoting give’s me the ability to make $4,625 on the front end.You can set this up for yourself by Clicking Here.4 - Auto-ResponderAn auto-responder is an online service which allows you to store peoples names, emails and phonenumbers which allows you to build your very own LIST.Your list is your very own online ASSET because you can market to them for the rest of timeobviously they can unsubscribe when ever they like,…but your main focus should be on building your LIST. (ASSET)So as people enter their details into your capture page they have the ability to purchase right awaybut if they don’t it’s not the end of the world because you can email them whenever you like.The idea is to create an email follow series which drips emails into your prospects email inbox thatprovides value, tips, tricks, trainings, product recommendations, business opportunitypresentations, etc. This is how you create multiple streams of income on complete auto-pilot.Stats also show that people usually need anywhere from 5 – 7 exposure before they purchasesomething, that is why it’s extremely important to capture people’s details.This is pure LEVERAGE!The only thing left to do is drive targeted traffic through your sales funnel and watch the money spitout the other end. How To Make Money Online For The Complete Newbie…If you’re new to this industry and to making money online then this information maybeoverwhelming to you.But I want you to know that it’s completely possible!Anything’s possible!You just need to develop the skill sets needed to put this together.But if you want to skip years of struggle I’ve got an all in one solution that enables even thecomplete newbie to get started right away.You don’t have to create: • A product • Capture pages • Sales pages • Sales videos
  • 4. • Payment systems • Up sells processes • EtcYou can just CLICK HERE, watch that video and get started.And what you’re about to learn by was created for the complete newbie to be able to get started and start making seriousincome within 90 days or less.We have a simple system for you to follow so all of the guess work on “How to make money online”has been thrown out the window.Once you:Watch this videoAnd get in.You will have a simple step by step system to follow which will allow you to make money whileyour sleeping or hanging out at the beach with your friends and family.The possibilities are endless my friend.Billee BradyUS – 315 285 4251AUS – 0447 692 751Skype – billee01P.S. You can learn more about how to make money online by heading over to my blog: