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How To Use A Blog To Make Money On Complete Autopilot
How To Use A Blog To Make Money On Complete Autopilot
How To Use A Blog To Make Money On Complete Autopilot
How To Use A Blog To Make Money On Complete Autopilot
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How To Use A Blog To Make Money On Complete Autopilot


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If you want to learn how to use a blog to make money then you need to read this because inside this post I share with you not only how to use a blog to make money, I share with you exactly how to use …

If you want to learn how to use a blog to make money then you need to read this because inside this post I share with you not only how to use a blog to make money, I share with you exactly how to use a blog to make money on complete autopilot.

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  • 1. How To Use A Blog To Make Money On Complete AutopilotIf you’ve ever wondered how to use a blog to make money then you’re going to enjoy this postbecause I’m going to not only share with you how to use a blog to make money,…I’m also going to show you how to use a blog to makeautomated income.Money that comes in while you’re either sleeping or evenhanging out with the family at the beach.If you’re new to making automated income or makingmoney with a blog the very first thing you need to do is readthis with an open mind,…because a closed mind will never allow you to grow.So the very first step to reading this is to “Have an openmind”, because with what you’ll be learning today it’s NOT the NORM, no one is teaching thisoutside our industry.And if you take what you learn here and run with it, your life will NEVER been the same.So having said that let’s get into it!>>> Click Here To Learn How To Make $25 - $1,000 Per Day Blogging <<< The First Component For Making Money With A Blog…Now that your minds open to new ideas let me explain how to use a blog to make money oncomplete autopilot.Now I’m going to presume you don’t know a lot about blogging if anything at all so I will start outby giving you a brief explanation of how a blog works.Basically a blog is an online log which was first called a web log and has now been shortened tojust a “Blog”.The original purpose for a blog is to basically share your thoughts, experiences and opinions withthe world through the use of your own blog. It’s YOUR blog and your can blog about anything you like.In the process of blogging you can create a following/readership who not only like to read yourcontent but also interact by commenting and sharing your blog posts throughout the socialnetworks.If done right this will allow your blog posts to basically go viral through the the social networks andin the process create more readers and loyal followers who again interact and create more readers.That is the short version of what a blog is but that leads into the very first thing you need in order tomake money blogging.
  • 2. …which is TRAFFIC.You need people coming to your blog in order to sell them stuff, there are a few different ways ofdoing this and I just shared one with you which is social syndication.You can also do search engine optimization and get your blog posts ranked on the first page ofGoogle for specific keywords but that’s a whole other story we won’t get into here.But you can learn more about search engine optimization (SEO) be reading this post here. How To Create Automated Income With A BlogNow that we know in order to make money with a blog we need traffic, the next thing is to learnHOW to make money from this targeted traffic.And it all comes down to attaching a sales funnel to your blog that sells products that your readerswill be interested in.Well that’s the basic explanation anyway.Let’s take a look at what exactly is a sale funnel.A sales funnel is made up of a few components:1 - A capture pageYou need a capture page to capture your readers email addresses so you can build a targeted list,this list will be your asset because you can email them when ever you like to announce a new blogpost, share tips, trick, etc and also send promotions to products that they may be interested inbuying.Again that is the short version of what you can do with your list but you just need to understand thatthe core of your blogging business is to build that LIST.2 - A sales pageOnce a reader enters their email into your capture page two things happen: 1. There email address is stored in your auto-responder to build your list. 2. They are instantly taken to another page that sells them on a cheap product of value.This is whats called the sales page which is either made up of a sales video and a buy button orsales copy and a buy button, but the ultimate goal is to give you readers a chance to buy somethingfrom you.That is the first step to profiting from your blog with a sales funnel.3 - Up sellsOnce someone lands on your sales page like I mentioned they have the opportunity to purchase acheap product of value from you, now if they purchase two things happen: 1. In the background they are instantly emailed the access details to access their new product.
  • 3. 2. They are instantly redirected to an up sell page that offers a limited time offer on a slightly higher priced product of VALUE.Research shows that people are more like to buy when they’ve already got their credit card out andrecently made a purchase.So if you provide an up sell sequence you have a much higher chance of making a lot more moneyon the front end.The cool thing is that you can set the up sell process up as deep as you like, which means you couldsell a cheap product of say around $25 on the front end and then have an up sell that sells them on aproduct of maybe $97 and then $500 and then $997 and so on.This up sell process is the KEY to making A LOT of money on the front end.4 - An email follow up seriesLike I mentioned when your reader enters their email into your capture page their details are storedin your auto-responder, well you can set up an email series that drips out to your reader on completeautopilot.This will allow you to slowly build a relationship with your reader on complete autopilot whilesending them back to your original sales page and other offers you think they would be interestedin.Now having said that I don’t recommend relying solely on your auto-responder to build therelationship, I highly recommend sending out regular broadcasts to your list with new videos thatyou do, updates about your latest blog post, current event’s, tips, tricks, strategies, etc.The main idea is to provide VALUE to the people on your list and in the process relationships,customers and business partnerships will be born. The Secret Sauce For Creating Automated Income With A BlogNow that you know the components that make up a successful blog that will make you some seriousincome,…how do you create automated income with you blog?Well there are two main way to do this: 1. Continue to build traffic and readers to your blog and run them through your sales funnel. 2. Make the first two products in your sales funnel monthly membership products.That way you can create a monthly residual income that comes in month in and month whether youcontinue to work again or not,…this is the secret sauce to creating automated income with a blog.
  • 4. Get Started Creating An Automated Income TODAY!The next big question is how do you set this up for yourself?Well setting this up isn’t quite the hard part, the hard part is crafting products of VALUE that have acompelling enough sales message to get people to pull out their credit cards and buy.This is why I HIGHLY recommend using the Empower Network blogging platform, you can learnmore here. The Empower Network blogging platform has ALL of this and MORE!Everything that I’ve mentioned in this post is setup and ready for you to start taking action andbuilding yourself an automated income.It’s crazy how streamline these guys have made it for the average person to start making money byblogging.To get more information about the Empower Network and to see how you can get started TODAY. >>> Click Here, Enter your Email and Watch the Video <<<If you take ACTION on what you learn in the video it WILL change your life!To Your Success!Billee BradyUS – 315 285 4251AUS – 0447 692 751Skype – billee01