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How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Online


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There are 5 core components to creating multiple streams of income online, learn what they are an put them in place to start creating multiple income streams.

There are 5 core components to creating multiple streams of income online, learn what they are an put them in place to start creating multiple income streams.

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  • 1. The 5 Step Formula For Creating Multiple Streams Of Income Online...Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up every morning with multiple streams of incomefilling your bank account on compete auto-pilot?It almost seems like a myth doesn’t it!?Well today I want to share with you how it’s completelypossible for the average Joe to create multiple stream ofincome on complete autopilot.…and it has nothing to do with push button systems orany flashy products.What I’m talking about is a REAL business model that people have been using since theearly years of the internet to extract multiple income streams out of thin air!Haha, well it seems like it’s out of thin air but the truth is:The ONLY way to make money online is by selling products and services.…it’s IMPORTANT to understand that first. >>CLICK HERE to Start Making Multiple Streams Of Income...<< Multiple Streams Of Income On Complete Autopilot…Ok, so like I mentioned earlier in order to create multiple steams of income on completeautopilot you need to use the EXACT same business model that every successful personhas been using for year.Here are the components to this business model:1 - Product/ServiceIt all starts with a product and/or service to sell and when it comes to the internet you wantto create leverage so you need to provide a digital product that way when people purchasethey can instantly access the product.
  • 2. This means no packaging or shipping, leverage at it’s finest!2 - Capture PageYou want to be able to capture the details of your target market such as name, email andphone number that way you can follow up with your prospects.Here’s an example of a capture page: Click Here...…But more on that later.3 - Sales PageAs soon as people enter their details to learn more about your product or service they areinstantly redirected to a sales page which sells you product/service for you on completeauto-pilot.Here’s an example of a Sales Page: Click Here...4 - Up sellsIt’s important to utilize the up sell method to create extra income on the front end of yourbusiness. Do you want fries with that?Businesses have been using the up sell method for years, almost everywhere youpurchase products people are trying to up sell you with other products.One of the most famous is the golden archers “McDonald’s”, they are always trying to upsize your meal.So if someone watches your sales video and purchases your product you want to instantlyredirect them to another page where they have the opportunity to purchase anotherproduct from you.This is POWERFUL because your prospect has already made their first buyer decisionwhich means they’re more likely to purchase another product.5 - Auto-Responder/Follow UpsThis is where it get’s really cool when it comes to create multiple streams of income oncomplete autopilot.The Auto-responder!If you’re not familiar with what an auto-responder is it’s basically an online service whichallow you to store people details, build a list, and create an email follow series whichemails your prospects on complete autopilot. This take automation to a whole new level!
  • 3. The idea with the auto-responder is to create an email follow up series which builds arelationship with your prospects over time.And at the same time offer them tips, tricks, training, promotions, recommendedresources, etc.This will allow you to sell your products/services, affiliate products, recruit people into abusiness opportunity, basically anything you like as long as you’re building a relationshipwith your list.The beauty of this is that it’s YOUR list and YOUR auto-responder,…you can set it up however you like!You can have an email follow up series that continues to email your prospects for days,weeks, months, EVEN years!And stuffed with products that you make money on!This is creating multiple streams of income on complete autopilot… How To Start Creating Multiple Streams Of Income TODAY.Just take a glance around at ANY online business or at ANYONE making money onlineand you’ll see that this is the EXACT business model they are using. • A product/service • A sales process • And followup emailsThis is the core base of any online business…But how does the average Joe set this up for themselves without having to learnEVERYTHING and piece it all together on their own?The answer in SIMPLE.Just plugin to a business model that’s alreadybeen created for you.It’s been tested and PROVEN to work.In fact this business model has worked so wellthat it’s already paid out over $20 million incommissions to the people who use it.You can see some of the success storieshere.
  • 4. Look you don’t have to bang your head against the wall trying to create your own productand sales process to see if it’s a profitable business venture.You can just plugin to a tested and PROVEN business model that will start creating youmultiple income streams TODAY if you Watch this video and take action on what youlearn.Once you have a business model like this, the only thing left is to drive targeted trafficthrough your sales process which will result in: Leads + Sales = List + Online Business = Lifestyle!All you have to do is:Watch this video.Get Started.And follow the getting started videos.It’s all laid out for you.You just need to TAKE ACTION…Billee BradyUS – 315 285 4251AUS – 0447 692 751Skype – billee01