Pre Crm Planning For SMBs2010
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Pre Crm Planning For SMBs2010

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Pre-CRM Planning Tips for SMB's ...

Pre-CRM Planning Tips for SMB's
In this presentation, we’ll look the basics of Pre-CRM planning and how your organization can stem the tide of over blown CRM costs and engineer systems that will meet your sales and marketing objectives.

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    CRM Plan
    Retail Small- Western Region
    Wholesale - Clubs
    East New York
    © 2010 Bill Noonan - All rights reserved
  • 2. Billions blown on CRM systems not needed or used. 73% don’t use
    features and functions.
    Gartner and Meta Group state
    50-80% of CRM programs fail.
    It doesn’t have to be this way.
    The Problem
  • 3. Leapfrog The CRM Minefield
    Bill Noonan,
    Founder & Understated CRM Guru
    Irvine, California
    Measurable success for
    organizations that planned for and
    adopted tactical CRM processes.
    Who is Bill Noonan
  • 4. Pre CRM Planning Primer
    Planning might be the smartest
    thing you can do because…
    CRM is never as easy as it
    first seems...
    The Solution
  • 5. What is Customer Relationship Management?
    Google Article Search
    17,200,000 CRM articles and definitions
    CRM: defines what you sell,
    how you sell, who you sell to and
    who sells for you.
    CRM Concepts
  • 6. C: The “Customer” in CRM
    Increasing customer relationship
    complexity and competition.
    CRM requires morestructure and
    control over customer knowledge
    and info.
    CRM Defined
  • 7. R:The ‘Relationship’ Role in CRM
    Technology has changed the
    customer behavior and their
    relationship needs.
    Customer behaviors have changed
    the sales relationship role.
    CRM Defined
  • 8. M: The “ Management” Role in CRM
    Managing customer expectations:
    Staying tuned to customer’s
    with a map of defined processes.
    Systematize why customers buy
    and what they expect to gain.
    CRM Defined
  • 9. Be Wary of Instant CRM Solutions
    Vendors have created an industry
    around"easy" and "quick fix“
    solutions to sales and marketing
    ‘Easy’ CRM is just marketing hype.
    ForgetInstant CRM
  • 10. What is a Pre-CRM Plan?
    Blueprint of the individual
    processes of everything you do
    with a defined destination.
    Define what it takes to orient CRM
    with each tactical sales process.
    Pre-CRM Plan
  • 11. User Adoption Barriers
    The human factor is the biggest
    hurdle in driving the success of a
    CRM program.
    User Needs
    The planning stage is a perfect
    place to stop, look and resolve
    adoption barriers.
  • 12. CRM: What, How, and Who You Sell
    VAR Analysis
    CRM Scope
    Western Sales Teams
    Distributor Network
    Marketing Analysis
    Customer Support
    Buying Cycles
  • 13. Measurement & Reporting
    View CRM as the hole in the
    donut. Your organization is the
    donut part.
    The entire design of CRM
    relies upon the data going into it.
    First Steps
  • 14. What’s Your Competition Doing?
    What is your competition doing to
    acquire and protect its customer
    Will anything they are doing
    force you to change your sales
    Competitive Forces
  • 15. What biggest improvement must occur.
    Define, define, define: stick to a
    short list of ‘vitals’.
    If it doesn’t result in improving
    sales, don’t even think about it.
    Stick to vitals
  • 16. Customize Only For Strategic Gains
    Minimize customization,
    maximize delivery time tables.
    Include only changes that provide
    strategic, measurable gains.
  • 17. Internal Department Changes
    CRM eliminates the formal
    distinction between sales and
    Both need to work in unison
    in the same system with the same
    Cultural Changes
  • 18. Sales Opportunity Process Design
    Sales opportunity designs that
    correspond to a company-wide
    ‘account’ management’ strategy.
    The sales processes have to be
    designed, they’re not automatic in
    Selling Strategy
  • 19. Considerations for IT
    Not accustomed to non structured
    processes and the abstract
    nature of sales and marketing.
    Layout a step-by-step plan on how
    this occurs or will need to occur.
    IT Needs
  • 20. Compatibility With Other Systems
    Compatibility with resources, other
    What’s needed now, soon,
    maybe, or later… and what’s just
    a dream.
    What’s Needed
  • 21. Customer ‘Needs’ Strategy
    Don’t forget about the customer in
    the CRM equation.
    Need a plan and focus for the
    customer’s needs, wants and
    Customer Needs
  • 22. User Training & Management
    Use and policy training … just
    what is expected, how data is
    entered, in what format …
    Need precise user disciplines to
    maintain CRM database value.
    Policy Training
  • 23. Business Metrics Training
    Never been taught to manage the
    business aspects.
    The computational power of CRM
    makes business metrics
    information dynamicand strategic.
    Biz Analytics
  • 24. Program Administration
    Day to day management …
    and not just the software.
    The right Program Administrator
    changes how well you can live with
    your CRM.
    Program Admin
  • 25. Start With What You Can Handle.
    Take it in bite sized chunks.
    Have a final development date.
    Deliver only what users can
    reliably handle.
    Pick what’s vital and stay there.
  • 26. Make Sure The ‘Real’ Budget Fits
    Software licenses or subscription
    fees are only the small part.
    Factors can multiply the real cost
    several times over. Re-evaluate
    your comfort levels routinely.
  • 27. Data That Fits Your Strategic Plan  
    The explosion in data sources
    often leads to the wrong
    information and wasted activity.
    All data must be optimized to
    match your customer strategy.
    Optimize Data!
  • 28. Clean Up Existing Data
    New systems usually involves
    significantly more time and cost to
    transfer data.
    Completeness, accuracy and
    optimization are vital.
    Data Upload
  • 29. Don’t Get The Cart Before The Horse
    Run out with a laundry list and tell
    me how your CRM will work.
    No Pre-CRM Plan
    Isolated things don’t magically
    connect and have no reason to
    connect in a live CRM program
  • 30. Horse and Cart In The Right Order
    Here’s what we need our CRM
    to do …and how it has to do it.
    Show me how your CRM does it.
    Planning Benefits
  • 31. Recap:Pinpoint Where The Biggest Improvements Must Occur
    Need a finite destination to
    determine the ROI on your CRM
    Defines what is expected of users.
  • 32. Recap:Refine Your CRM Objectives
    How critical is the component?
    How does each affect the bottom
    How will it save time? Money?
  • 33. Recap:Have a Firm Game Plan
    Match your business strategy,
    including users.
    Match to your budget.
    Match to your customers.
  • 34. Recap: Changes In Company Culture
    The move from spread sheets and
    gut instincts to a formalized and
    structured process affects
    everyone, including customers.
    Recognize, plan and adapt to
    impact of CRM.
    Cultural Changes
  • 35. Recap:Upper Management Role
    Actively and substantially involved
    in supporting the organization’s
    commitment to the CRM role.
    Need to own it before you can sell
    it to the troops and customers.
    Management Support
  • 36. Leapfrog over the CRM minefield with a comprehensive pre and post CRM plan.
    Bill Noonan
    Need help or have a question?
    I’m always glad to help. Reach me at:
    Join my LinkedIn Connections - Open Networker
    Contact Bill