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Best Regards,

Bill Stankiewicz
Vice President and General Manager
Shippers Warehouse of Georgia
Office: 678-364-3475

Have you seen our recent ad in the Inbound Logistics Magazine? Shippers is the premiere third-party logistics and distribution provider in the greater Southwest! We welcome your business!

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Pl February2011newsletter

  1. 1. PC PALLET CONSULTANTS NEWSLETTER! FEBRUARY, 2011 The Pallet The Case of the Missing “E” Why do we buy Chocolate Marketing Genius or Something Else? for Valentine’s Day? Research into the connection between Valentine’s Day and chocolate shows that we really don’t know much about why people connect the two. Apparently, somebody, somewhere, at some point in the past, woke up and said, “It’s Valentines Day! I think I’ll go buy some chocolate for my sweetheart.” The idea caught on. As a result, according to statistics, people buy around 58 million pounds of chocolate around this time of year. Naturally, then, marketers seize upon Valentine’s Day to sell chocolate. This reality brings up questions about our particular business. Do we take full advantage of seasons where Didn’t anyone at the sign company affects potential consumers. Some might people seem to buy more ofknow that “Barber” has an “e” in it? Could think, “Can I trust someone with so our product than at other times? Havethe owner(s) only afford five letters? Did careless a sign?” Does your advertising we missed opportunities, or slacked offthey order the sign without measuring the motivate people to try your product or during typically profitable seasons thatamount of space available? Or, did a very service? Does it make your company we have grown to take for granted?smart marketer figure out that the attractive? In the above case, skill, Have we created new opportunitiesbarbershop would get more advertising service, and friendliness trump everything for connections to our product orbuzz (pardon the pun) if they misspelled else. But, you still need to get clients in service? Perhaps we can learnthe sign? Whether the signage arose the door. Oh, one last pressing question: something from chocolate companies.deliberately or accidentally, the message Do you think the barber’s name is Frd? PALLET CONSULTANTS’ OFFERS A FREE EVALUATION OF YOUR WAREHOUSE/DISTRIBUTION CENTER Pallet Consultants’ free assessment process. Our knowledge and trustworthy counsel of warehouses and distribution centers both facilitates your decision making and can lets businesses profit from our years of save you thousands of dollars. We can help you experience at no extra cost to them — pinpoint areas that need improvement and offer and without further obligation. We solutions. Our support with racking and other visit your facility and evaluate your warehouse necessities adds another valuable facet pallet needs in terms of your own to our visit of your facility. Schedule a free visit particular product(s) and supply chain by calling (888) 782 2909 or (954) 946-2212. !