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Bill Stankiewicz Linders
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Bill Stankiewicz Linders


You are viewing presentations from conferences that I have attended. Please enjoy & if we can help you with any logistics projects in the Americas please contact me at 678.364.3475 …

You are viewing presentations from conferences that I have attended. Please enjoy & if we can help you with any logistics projects in the Americas please contact me at 678.364.3475

Bill was also on the Board of Directors for the St.Vincent DePaul Foodbank in Roseville California helping with the fund raising and meals to the poor program. While based in Northern California he was successful in fund raising programs for the Crusade of Mercy and helped Father Dan Madigan at the Sacramento Food Bank also. For 2008, Bill is a member of the Board for WORKTEC on also an Advisory Board Member for Boys and Girls Club for Metro Atlanta-Clayton County Chapter. See or . Bill is also on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Warehouse Association & represents Georgia for 2010-2012.


Bill Stankiewicz
Vice President and General Manager
Shippers Warehouse

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  • 1. Transported Asset Protection Association Europe Middle East & Africa Paul Linders Regional Security Manager EMEA CEVA Freight Management / EGL Global Logistics Board of Directors, TAPA EMEA
  • 2. Agenda Risk and Challenges Basics about TAPA Standards and Services Regulatory Influence Summary and outlook2
  • 3. Risk and Challenges 3
  • 4. AlbertEinstein „The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of those who don‘t do anything about it.“ Albert Einstein, 1879 - 19554
  • 5. Why are we thetarget?• Value of products – Technology goods, watches, MP3’s, high value cloth and shoes – Not just functional items anymore they are part of our lifestyle• Risks of the supply chain – Organized criminals and gangs operating worldwide – Targets: high value and luxury goods, easy to get, easy to sell• Stolen products can be replaced – missed sales opportunities can not be recovered!5
  • 6. Controllable Risk? Mfg. G Asia Cust DC, Suppliers Returns / L Fulfill. Retail, Service Mfg. Consumer O Parts Supplier B Mfg. Cust DC, Returns / Hub A EMEA Retail, DFx Service Supplier L Fulfill. Consumer Mfg. Parts Product/ Process Mfg. P Cust DC, Returns / NA Retail, Definition L Fulfill. Service Supplier Consumer Hub A Parts Launch / Mfg. N Proto Build N LA Cust DC, Returns / Contract Retail, Mfg. I Fulfill. Consumer Service N Parts ODM GEvery point of transfer, change of possession or manner of conveyance represents an opportunity forloss, damage, misdirection or theft.The consistent application of sound security standards, the timely and accurate reporting of losses andthe expeditious movement of product improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.Product at Rest is Product at Risk. 6
  • 7. Supply Chain Opportunities Due Diligence & Alignment w/ Key Data Collection Physical & LogicalCertification (ASL) Business Initiatives IIS Security Upgrades Contracts, Internal Theft 3rd Party Baseline & Insurance Compliance Reviews& INCO Terms Investigative Vendor & Opportunity Counterfeit & Litigation Strategies Audit Supplier Spiral &Requirements Software Integrity & Dependency Grey Market Practical NDAs Negligence Cyber Vigilance Defined Cargo / in Transit LossesForwarder & Carrier Mapping Supply Networking, C-TPAT, Packaging & Labeling Liability Lanes & Processes TAPA & MIG 7
  • 8. Who cares ?• The world’s biggest manufacturers• Law enforcement agencies• Airport authorities• Airlines• Freight forwarders/integrators• Ground handlers• Truckers• Underwriters• Insurance agencies8
  • 9. Basics about TAPA 9
  • 10. Basicsabout TAPA• Founded in the US in 1997 – extended to EMEA and APAC in 1999• Membership is open to manufacture companies and related logistic and freight service providers.• The strategic intent – establish best known security practices in industry – influence their adoption by regulatory bodies – promote compliance with identified best practices• Today TAPA has 600+ member Companies in EMEA, the AMERICAS and APAC• Market cap valuation of member companies $ 1.6 trillion, annual sales = 920 billion10
  • 11. VISION &MISSION• Vision TAPA effects the reduction of losses in the manufacture, transportation and distribution of high value products.• Mission To establish and maintain best practice asset protection for industry and related logistics and freight service providers.11
  • 12. Success• 223 Members 250 339 Reps 2 200• 13 Sectors: 10 TAP High Tech 150 SSP Clothing 144 100 118 Assoc Jewellery 50 68 89 Full 50 Tobacco 13 15 19 17 26 30 30 32 42 8 Airports 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Airlines Insurance Integrators Countries Carriers AE, AT, BE, BG, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, Ground Handlers GB, GR, HU, IE, IT, JO, KE, LU, NL, QA, RO, Service Providers SE, ZA12
  • 13. Members13
  • 14. Why are we the TARGET?!STANDARDS AND SERVICES 14
  • 15. Freight SecurityStandards• Freight Security Standards – Introduced 2001, revised 2005 & 2007 – Worldwide minimum standards for freight forwarders’ facilities handling high tech / high value products. – now covers 650 + facilities w/w – Levels A,B,C decided in partnership between shippers and logistics service providers – A and B certification from independent audit bodies – Accepted by US Customs CTPAT program as BKM (Best Known Method) –
  • 16. TSR and CTS• Truck Security Requirements – Rolled out on a w/w basis in 2006 – Level 1,2,3 (1 is highest level) – Self assessment process- required level agreed between buyer and supplier –• Cargo Terminal Security Standards – Mid term project – Evaluation / discussion with airport industries ongoing16
  • 17. IIS = IncidentInformationService• Members and Law enforcement reporting incidents to IIS• More than 2800 supply chain incidents in Europe since 1999 » Loss value > 635 Mio € - EU = € 8 Bio annually• Database highly protected. » Loss owner details anonym• Added value » To identify hot spots and trends » Immediately react on warnings » Conduct risk assessments on lanes » Exchange infos w other affected companies and Law enforcement• IIS provides: » Flash mails / warnings for members » Monthly bulletin – summary of incidents » Special statistics and analyses17
  • 18. IIS MonthlyBulletin18
  • 19. LEA Partners19
  • 21. RegulatoryBodies• TAPA EMEA is contributing to EU & w/w initiatives – FSR an integral part of Government Projects/Regulations on Supply Chain Security – Be a credible an authoritative ‘partner’ to Regulatory Bodies• Levels of activities – Those which TAPA EMEA wants to influence – Those which the Association wishes to be kept informed but does not intend to influence• Currently working on – Supply Chain Security (DG TREN – Directorate General Transport and Energy) – Secure Parking (DG TREN) – Civil Aviation Security (2320) revision – Authorized Economic Operator (DG TAXUD - Taxation and Customs Union )21
  • 22. Other Activities• Operation GRAFTON – London Heathrow• Fighting crime in Southafrica – JNB Airport• Other Airport Initiatives e.g. FRA & AMS• Secure Parking Project EU• Alignment / cooperation with Freight Forwarder International (FFI)• Associate Partners • GDV – Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. • DIPS - Drink Industry Project Scotland/ Scottish Business Crime Center • SOCA - UK Serious Organised Crime Agency (in preparation) • Swedish Association of Marine Underwriter (in preparation)22
  • 23. THE FUTURE 23
  • 24. Outlook• It is not sufficient • to simply agree that cargo crime is a problem• Major buyers • of air cargo/logistic services want to work with suppliers that can demonstrate how they are helping to tackle theft• TAPA members • will go where they can get FSR/TSR standards and where they can participate in active partnership with law enforcement and other stakeholders to reduce the threat.• Security requirements • will be increasingly embedded in competitive bids and contracts24
  • 25. Focus• Improve security to prevent cargo crime - fight against terrorism through C-TPAT, AEO, ISO 28000• Harden the target against organized crime in joint interest with Law Enforcement• Harmonize procedures to one acceptable level• Include all interest groups – have one voice• Assist authorities on future regulations• Open membership to more business sectors25
  • 26. The Future• 2007 will be a record year on incidents• Loss values will be higher• The integration of the new EU Members will cause a change in crime and activities• Neighbor countries will be endangered• Crime development trends: » Simple but brutal » No rules, no ethics » Corrupt » Organized » Terrorism26
  • 27. Some incidents..• The kidnapping of two truck drivers and theft of the freight, East England (GBR)• Arrests after a truck break-in in Spain / Portugal (ESP / PRT)• Losses amounting to millions through trailer theft in North-Rhine Westphalia (DEU)• Load was stolen, while driver was in the cabin, Veneto (ITA)• Driver was hijacked at parking place, Emilia Romagna (ITA)• Van forced off the road, load of mobile phones stolen, South East England (GBR)• Load was stolen, while driver was sleeping in the cabin, Catalonia (ESP)• Partial load was stolen, while driver was sleeping in the cabin, London (GBR)• Forced stops and hijacking by bogus police officers, Vryberg & Midrand (ZAF)• Truck and driver hijacked, Oxfordshire (GBR)• Truck and driver hijacked, Wolverhampton (GBR)• Trailer was stolen by bogus collection, Rotterdam (NLD)27
  • 28. incidents registeredin IIS (©TAPA) in % 76 Suplier Facility related Airport related Truck related 2 22 28 Info by IIS (© TAPA Emea)
  • 29. EU in general…. general 29
  • 30. For an economist, the map looks a bit different …. N Sw Fin Ir Den Rus UK NL Pol B Germany C H France U Sw R A P Spain Italy G Tur 30
  • 31. Effects EU: • Schengen agreement (open borders throughout Europe) • No checks on in-out coming vehicles / persons within these countries (high risk for terrorism) • Longer border line with Russia (Baltic states; Hungary; Poland) • Fast movement in place for goods in transit. 31
  • 32. Organized Crime(OC) in Europe: • Is problem # 1 in theft. • Is growing rapidly within Europe and Russia. • Is using European and international networks. 32
  • 33. 33
  • 34. Biggest OC gangsin Russia: • Tambov • Podolsk • Kazan • Kurgan • Malyshev • Uralmash • Solntsevo • Bykov • Ismailov • Mikho • 21st Century • kostenaya • Luchanskiy 34
  • 35. Russia • 16.600 crimes counted for in 2006 (+15%) • 368 incidents with grand theft (+3%) • 1974 robberies • 40% more then 2005 were committed by OC • Equipment used: guns, police uniforms, bogus police cars) Info by IIS / TAPA 35
  • 36. SUMMARY 36
  • 37. Summary• Thieves will always exist. Thefts will always occur.• Security is only as strong as the weakest link.• It is essential that senders of high value goods and carriers/service providers have better working relationships.• Loss Prevention & Security is Everyone’s responsibility!• ASSIST TAPA – HELP US GROW37
  • 38. Any Questions? – Thank you very much! 38