Laure Beer Launching Proposal in VietNam market


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Laure Beer Launching Proposal in VietNam market

  1. 1. NEW PRODUCT355BIERE LARUE LAUNCHING PROPOSAL This proposal created & designed by Milestone Communications - May 2011
  2. 2. CONTENT Client’s Brief Event Overview Concept Decoration idea Program flow Man Power
  3. 3. The story about one beer has passed the challenges of time to become one of the oldest beer brand and famous beer in Viet NamBiere Larue now be seen as the most commonand popular beer in Central market and is growing fast in the Southern market.
  4. 4. Biere Larue now have 3 kinds of beerBlue Biere Larue 450 ml:in Central Market Biere Larue Can 330 ml: in Central & Southern Market Biere Larue Export: in Southern Market
  5. 5. In 2011 , VBL will launching NEW LARUE Volume : 355 ml Package & bottle like Heineken Business objective - Expand market Biere Larue at Southern (Southeast & Mekong Delta) - Convert current users of Saigon Beer (or local beer) to Larue
  6. 6. Fully energy Modern &technology Want to be Prove different themselves TARGET CONSUMER Male, more than 18yo, Class BC+
  7. 7. The Biere Larue 355Launching Event willbe organized in HCM & Can Tho in July 2011
  8. 8. Location Date Timing Ho Chi Minh : Grand Palace HCM: 14/15 – July 2011 Ho Chi Minh – 18:00 PMCan Tho: Đại Thống Restaurant Can Tho: 21/22 – July 2011 Can Tho - 10:00 AM Target AudienceTotal: 700 guests- Owner of beer outlet- Owner of restaurant/ tavern/ pub- Sale team
  9. 9. FOCUS ON EVENT OBJECTIVES INTRODUCE NEW BEER BRAND Communicate CORE MESSAGE Build the TRUST Build strong RELATIONSHIP Friendly & Impression Modern & Technology Entertainment & joyful
  10. 10. The new Larue beer with new shape of bottle & give more quality, more fresh to consumer Target consumer: Male ,BC+ class Larue is known as the beer for common people of CDE class in Central Viet Nam. With new Larue, BVL target to higher rank consumer in B class. We will build all of the design & program to show the new product & emphasize about level of consumer to make the deeply impression to audiences in event launching. EVENT CONCEPT
  11. 11. CORE MESSAGEBiere Larue 355 bring more QUALITY – FRESH to all MODERN MAN to enhance their MAN LEVEL
  12. 12. EVENT TITLE 355 DIEÄN MAÏOTAÏO ÑAÚNG CAÁP Option 1: 355 – Aspect enhance level
  13. 13. EVENT TITLE 355MÔÛ CÖÛA ÑAÚNG CAÁP Option 2: 355 – Open new level
  14. 14. KEY VISUAL Teaser Teaser visual will be used when welcome guest to get their attractive about a new beer.
  15. 15. KEY VISUAL
  16. 16. KEY VISUAL
  18. 18. HO CHI MINHGRAND PALACE142/18 Cộng Hòa, Tân Bình, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh - Việt Nam.
  19. 19. GRAND PALACE142/18 Cộng Hòa, Tân Bình, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh - Việt Nam.
  20. 20. CAN THODAI THONG PALACE6/45 Trần Phú Q.Ninh Kiều
  21. 21. DAI THONG PALACE6/45 Trần Phú Q.Ninh Kiều
  22. 22. Welcome gate & Reception area Option 1
  23. 23. Welcome gate & Reception area Option 2
  24. 24. Welcome gate & Reception area ITEM DESCRIPTION 01- Standee - 06 standee (0,8 x 1,6) with key visual of event will guide guest come to event hall. 02- Press Wall2 3 - Press wall (3m x 2,5m) for guest to take 1 picture with Larue’s Girl 03- Welcome Gate - HI flex on steel frame, with blue light to make an impression to all guest when come in the event hall.
  25. 25. Event Hall Option 1
  26. 26. Event Hall2 1 ITEM DESCRIPTION 01- Stage - Larue stage (12m x 4m x 0,8m) with 3 LED screen at the center of stage. 02- Larue Pillar 4 - Pillar with Teaser Visual to ger attractive from guest. - Hiflex on steel frame with blue light. Option 1 03- Larue Mockup display - Larue mockup will raise from platform when unveiling product. 04- Refrigerator for chilled beer
  27. 27. Larue Display Area
  28. 28. Event Hall Option 2
  29. 29. Event Hall ITEM DESCRIPTION2 1 01- Stage - Larue stage (12m x 4m x 0,8m) with LED screen at the center of stage. 02- Display Area Option 2 - 06 display area around the hall with Larue POSM display inside. This area will be covered by blue silk, and will be unveiled when Sale Manager present about display & POSM. - 06 refrigerator to chill beer for dinner.
  30. 30. Invitation
  32. 32. PROGRAM FLOW18:00 - Welcome Guests19:00 - Opening Dance Hồ Chí Minh19:05 - MC introduce event & VIP19:10 - Opening Speech19:15 - Brand Manager introduce new Larue 35519:30 - Act of launch19:40 - Sale Manager’s presentation19:55 - Q & A from audiences20:10 - Toasting - Dinner20:15 - Flamenco performance with Live Band20:45 - Singer performance (singer or group)21:00 - Stage Game for guest21:15 - Performance of guest (with live music)21:30 - Lucky draw22:00 - End – Door gift
  33. 33. PROGRAM FLOW09:00 - Welcome Guests10:00 - Opening Dance Cần Thơ10:05 - MC introduce event & VIP10:10 - Opening Speech10:15 - Brand Manager introduce new Larue 35510:30 - Act of launch10:40 - Sale Manager’s presentation10:55 - Q & A from audiences11:10 - Toasting - Launch11:15 - Flamenco performance with Live Band11:45 - Singer performance (singer or group)12:00 - Stage Game for guest12:15 - Performance of guest (with live music)13:00 - Lucky draw13:30 - End – Door gift
  34. 34. 18:00 Welcome Guests PGs in Larue Beer uniform will welcome guests and VIPs to event hall- 02 PGs at the corner of stairs to guide guests to event area.- 02 PGs at the reception table to: - Get name cards and greet guests. - Check guest list.- 02 PGs stand at door to welcome guest to event hall.- 02 beautiful Larue Girls will take picture with guest Uniform Option 1 Uniform Option 2 at Press Wall- Soft drink will be served during talking and waiting for the main function access.
  35. 35. 19:00 Start Event Light dim. Event start by dance performance to give energy & get attention from all audiences Option 1: “Red Silk Dance” by 05 Option 2: “Cheer Dance” by 08 dancers with drum beat background dancers make to get attention from to give energy for event audiences
  36. 36. 19:10 Speech – Introduce new Larue presentation MC welcome guest & introduce event Invite VIP to stage for speech VBL Representative Warmly greeting all guest to event. Thanks guest for the cooperation with VBL & achievement in 2010 Introduce new Larue 355 (presentation) Brand Manager of Larue Introduce new Larue to all guest Communicate core message of brand ** Presentation live on screen
  37. 37. 19:30 ACT OF LAUNCH After the presentation of Laure’s Brand Manager. Light dim. Follow light focus on stage. The new Biere Larue 355 will be launched. Option 1- Dance music – and blue light will follow to Larue Mockup at center of hall.- Blue silk covered the mockup will fall down.- The New Larue 355 will appear. - The big Larue bottle mockup will be elevated to show the full bottle. - Around the mockup, Real Larue bottle will also elevated.- Beautiful Larue PGs will show Larue around the hall in thunderous applause.- Guest will be impressed with this moment.
  38. 38. 19:30 ACT OF LAUNCH Option 1
  39. 39. 19:30 ACT OF LAUNCH After the presentation of Laure’s Brand Manager. Light dim. Follow light focus on stage. The new Biere Larue 355 will be launched. Option 2 - Dance music – and blue light will follow to center of stage. - LED screen at the center of backdrop will be split up. Smoke will spread out from behind backdrop. - The New Larue 355 will appear. - Real Larue beer on showcase will appear with beautiful PG on stage. - LED screen will close and the new Larue 355 display on screen. - Beautiful Larue PGs will show Larue around the hall in thunderous applause. - Guest will be impressed with this moment.
  40. 40. 19:30 ACT OF LAUNCH Option 2
  41. 41. 19:40 SALE’S BRIEF – Q&AMC invite Sale Manager (or Regional Sale Manager) come to stage & present sale’s brief and outlet display. Sale briefing Sale Manager (or RSM) Introduce about policy of sale, discount rate, promotion…. Present about display in outlet & restaurant (POS,POP….) 19:55 Q & A from audiences Q & A between audiences and Larue team
  42. 42. 20:10 TOASTING - PARTY MC invite all Larue team come to stage for toasting Served chilled Laure to all guest Toast & start dinner Flamenco Live Band perform on stage while guest enjoy party
  43. 43. 20:45 SINGER PERFORMANCE & GUEST Performance of 01 singer & 01 female group. KHA LY NHẬT NGUYỆT GROUP 4ME GROUP BĂNG DIBetween the performance of singer is the performance of guest with live band music on stage
  44. 44. 21:00 STAGE GAME MC invite guest come to stage for game 15 first male will join game and get a BIG prize from Larue Game play - 15 male will be invited to stage. PGs will help them change to the high-level man. **: gamer will change their costume to: a business man, a cowboy, a actor…as they like - Dance music play and couple dancer will teach Gamer as some wonderful dance for high-level man like: Chachacha, Rumba, …… - After learning some dance movement from dancer. Now is SHOW TIME!!! - Gamer will perform with female dancer - Audience will vote for the BEST LARUE MAN in show. - 3 best man will get BIG PRIZE
  45. 45. 21:30 LUCKY DRAW – DOOR GIFT The lucky draw with many valuable gift from LARUE to make an exciting atmosphere in the event hall. Hong Nhung MC thanks all guest – PGs give door gift Close event at 22:00
  46. 46. THANK YOU