Job Corps Sept 2010


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Updates to CompTIA Certifications

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Job Corps Sept 2010

  1. 1. CompTIA Education Update Alan Rowland Education Manager CompTIA
  2. 2. Welcome to the CompTIA 2010 Update Alan Rowland Business Development Manager, Education CompTIA Today’s goal is to share information about CompTIA’s education related products and programs, inform you of upcoming changes and answer your questions.
  3. 3. About CompTIA CompTIA is the leading association representing the international technology community. Our goal is to provide a unified voice, global advocacy and leadership, and to advance industry growth through standards, professional competence, education and business solutions.
  4. 4. Education To Careers program Launched in the late 1990’s, the Education to Careers program is a collection of benefits and services designed to assist educators promote the value of certification as an educational outcome. The goal of the E2C program is to remove or reduce financial and other barriers of obtaining certification Educational institutions purchase an Association membership to take advantage of CompTIA benefits and services School members may develop partnership opportunities with testing partners, computer recycling programs, etc
  5. 5. Education To Careers program Three main barriers to certification are cost, fear of failure and lack of access to a convenient test center. Our market is about evenly split with half high schools and half two year post secondary schools Overall – 12-15% of students in courses attempt a CompTIA certification test. Ratio is higher in post secondary education Currently almost 750 member schools in the US Only 14 JobCorps locations
  6. 6. Education to Careers - Membership evolving to Partnership What is happening? CompTIA’s mission is to represent the technology industry. Over time we have included related business as members. In 2010, non-technology based members will be migrated to the… CompTIA Authorized Partner Program CAPP will be organized around business roles – Content Provider, Training Partners, Education, etc. Partners will continue to be supported by CompTIA program staff Education Partner Program Will launch in Q1 of 2011. Existing members will be migrated to Partner status at their renewal date. A new fee structure will be announced that will lower the annual dues for most Education partners ($500 per member)
  7. 7. CompTIA A+ Exam Update Exam status • As of Sept 1, 2010, only the 2009 version of the A+ test is available . • CERTIFIED FOR LIFE - any candidate who passes on or before Dec 31, 2010 will hold a certification that never expires • The marketplace will continue to nudge IT professionals toward the most current and relevant certifications.
  8. 8. CompTIA A+ Exam Update A+ Certification Renewal • After Jan 1, 2011, a certification will have to be renewed every three years or the candidate’s certified status will lapse. • Candidates may simply re-test on the most current exam, or may complete tasks from the continuing education process to be announced. • Designed to ensure that an individuals skills are current and relevant • A variety of options for skill updating will be provided • The Renewal program provides great opportunities for school members to offer update prep courses to former students.
  9. 9. Certification Renewal Policy Summary If certified on or before 12/31/10 – “Good for Life” • certificate will not expire and will not have an expiration date • must enroll in CE on or before 12/31/12 to participate • choose to enroll in CE they have three years from the date of enrollment to complete their CE activities and earn the appropriate level of units. Upon completion of the CE program (i.e. earning the appropriate level of units and paying all program dues prior to program expiration) they will receive a new ANSI accredited exam(s) certificate, but will also retain their “Good for Life” certificate. • if not enrolled in CE on or before 12/31/12 to participate in CE will require the individual to retake and pass a CE exam in order to opt back into the CE program If certified on or after 1/1/11 – Not “Good for Life” • certificate will expire three years from the date certified • three years from date certified to complete CE requirements • candidates that allow their certification to expire must retake and pass the current CE exam(s) in order to opt back into the CE program
  10. 10. CompTIA Continuing Education Program •CE program launch targeted for Q4 2010, including online submission and tracking system • CE participants are subject to an audit at any time during CE program enrollment – therefore submission records are important • Qualifying CE activities must have been completed no earlier than 90 days prior to starting a CE cycle • Based on DOD feedback we will be implementing Max units per activities – TBD based on current discussions • Individuals will be enrolled into the CE program that is for the highest CompTIA level certification held, therefore if they hold CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ they will only need to participate in CE for Security+ to keep all three certifications current
  11. 11. Other Exam Updates What about other CompTIA Exams? • Currently, only A+, Network+ and Security+ are affected by the 3-year certification expiration rule. • Linux+ is changing from a one test to a two test certification this fall. We have partnered with the Linux Professional Institute to combine the best parts of our exam content to release Linux+, Powered by LPI • Strata certificate exams have been released • New exam programs are being explored • A new exam roadmap will soon debut that will clearly articulate the vision for CompTIA certification programs and products
  12. 12. What is CompTIA Strata? • Strata is CompTIA’s certificate program that offers credentials for entry-level to advanced IT professionals • Strata certificates validate knowledge in several IT subjects, including Green IT, Technical Sales and entry- level PC concepts • Strata certificate holders can work in a wide variety of industries, such as: healthcare, biotechnology, graphic design, music and digital video production, Green IT, finance and more
  13. 13. Who should take the Strata exam? • Individuals seeking a new career in IT • Students new to the job market • Professionals in technology or technology sales careers • Individuals considering CompTIA A+ or other IT industry certifications • Certified IT career professionals who want to enhance their credentials (e.g. Green IT)
  14. 14. CompTIA Strata – Specialized Exams Certificate holders can implement environmentally sound techniques in: • Disposal • Preservation of power • Reduction of an organization’s carbon footprint • Virtualization on IT systems • Calculations of ROI involved in Green IT initiatives Green IT
  15. 15. • Cost-effective exams – Strata exams from $99 – Academic price - $59 • Condensed Training Time – Comprehensive study in as little as 2 days – Flexible options for instructor-led or self-paced training CompTIA Strata: A Small Investment for a Large Return
  16. 16. Exam Target Candidates Hands-On Experience Required Exam Purpose Next Steps or Potential Career Outcomes Credential Earned Number of Exams  High School Students  Community College Students  Job Changers None Demonstrates basic knowledge of computer terminology and functionality  Train for A+ and other professional IT certifications.  Internship to gain hands-on experience Certificate of Achievement 1 exam 70 questions  High School Students  Community College Students  University Students  IT Professionals Minimum 500 hours lab or field experience Validates technical skills in installation, preventative maintenance, networking and troubleshooting  Train for Network+, and other professional IT certifications  Become a candidate for entry-level job roles such as Help Desk Technician, Depot/Bench Technician Professional Certification 2 exams 100 questions each exam A+ and Strata IT Fundamentals Comparison
  17. 17. Strata IT Fundamentals A+ Essentials A+ Practical Application Hardware Identify, and explain PC vocabulary and functions Categorize, explain, compare, install PC's and laptops Install, configure & maintain and repair/replace PC's, laptops and printers. Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance Recognize common operational problems Explain: troubleshooting theory, common PC/laptop hardware, OS and printer sypmtoms Troubleshoot connectivity issues Integrate common preventative maintenance techniques Differentiate between Window OS directory structures Evaluate and resolve common issues O.S and Software Demonstrate ability to set up a basic PC workstation Compare and contrast Windows O.S Select commands, utilities and evaluate results Install basic software Demonstrate proper OS usage Evaluate, resolve OS issues Networking Identify wireless networking terms Categorize network types and cables Install and configure a small home office Troubleshoot client-side connectivity issues Security Recognize security risks and ways to prevent them Explain basic principles of security. Prevent, torubleshoot and remove viruses Summarize security features Implement security measures and troubleshoot common issues Operational Procedure Identify basic hardware compatibility issues and operational problems caused by hardware Apply appropriate safety and environmental features Identify Green techniques, equipment and procedures Demonstrate appropriate communication and professionalism Strata IT Fundamentals and A+ Objective Comparison
  18. 18. Other CompTIA news Breakaway – A unique track of sessions specifically designed for educators by educators will be held at this annual conference in Washington, D.C – SAVE THE DATE - August 1-4, 2011 Testing Centers – We constantly encourage schools to open an on campus test site – Both Prometric and Pearson VUE will work with you to start a site at your campus
  19. 19. Q & A What questions do you have about….?? • A+ certification renewal • Strata - a certificate, not a certification • Misc – testing center, Breakaway Conference • Other..
  20. 20. THANK YOU! For More Information! • Alan Rowland Business Development Manager-Education CompTIA 317- 456-2526 Join our Facebook Group CompTIA Education Group