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Social Media Measurement
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Social Media Measurement


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Social Media Measurement - How to Track Social Engagement and Effectiveness …

Social Media Measurement - How to Track Social Engagement and Effectiveness

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • First step—like any marketing effort—is setting a specific goal. What are you trying to accomplish by monitoring your social media presence? Do you want to find conversations that could help drive traffic to your website? Increase your (or your company’s) thought leadership? Generate leads? Sales? Buzz?
  • One of the latest features Facebook has introduced is the opportunity to leave recommendations on a business Page. In order to take advantage of this functionality, you need to install the Recommendations plugin, which will display personalized recommendations from other Facebook users.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media MeasurementHow to Track Social Engagement and Effectiveness
    • 2. Presented by Bill Griffin Owner/CEO@bgriffin04 @Griffanza
    • 3. Obligatory and Shameless Self-Promotion Slide Griffanza is an Online Marketing Company• Help businesses , Consultants and Non-Profits Get Found, Grow & Prosper Online• SEO• Social Media• Inbound Marketing• Online Advertising• Website Development• Content Management• Public Relations• Analytics and Metrics
    • 4. Who is using what?
    • 5. Why Monitor Social Media?• See what’s going on• Brand Health• Engagement• Leads• Sales• Members• Opportunity
    • 6. What is ROI? ROI is determined by taking the return, orrevenue, and subtracting the investment, or cost, and divide it by the cost.
    • 7. Social Media ROI• Return on Involvement• Return on Influence• Return on Intelligence• Return on Incompetence Social Media ROI is NOT a cash on cash analysisThe “Return” is user defined and the “Investment” is mainly effort and time.
    • 8. What’s the value?
    • 9. Tracking Social Behavior is Tricky Business
    • 10. Measuring the Human Factor• Trust• Engagement• Sharing• Loyalty• Resolutions• Action
    • 11. Social Media Measurement Tools
    • 12. Selecting the Tools• Google Analytics• URL Shorteners• Social Influence• Twitter• Facebook• YouTube• LinkedIn
    • 13. Analytics Dashboard#1 #2 #3
    • 14. Social Network ReferralsWhere is your audience coming from?
    • 15. Drilling Down the Metrics
    • 16. Google Social Metrics• Goals• Social Campaigns• Reports• Advanced Segments
    • 17. Tracking GoalsAn Analytics Goal is a way to measurebusiness objectives for your Web site. To be valid, it must correspond to a measurable action that visitors on your site will perform.
    • 18. Setting up GoalsChoose Goal Name• Fill out your contact form• Sign-up for your email newsletter• Buy a product from you• Visit your social media accounts
    • 19. Overview ReportWith this information, businesses and non-profits can assign a monetary value to the social media and understand ROI.
    • 20. Conversions ReportThe Conversion report allows you to measure how each ofyour social channels is contributing to your Goal success bygiving you a site-specific conversion rate.
    • 21. Social Sources ReportIdentifies the networks and communities visitors are using to engage withyour content and then lets you see how people interact based on wherethey came from.On Google+ You’re able to see who is starting the conversations aboutyour brand, what they’re saying when they share it, and then gain directaccess to these people via URL Ripples and URL Trackbacks.
    • 22. URL Shorteners For Redirecting & Tracking Affiliate Links••••• Custom
    • 23. Bitly Stats
    • 24. Bitly Stats
    • 25. Measuring Social Media Influence• Klout• PeerIndex• TwentyFeet• CrowdBooster• My Web Career• TrueSocialMetrics
    • 26. Klout
    • 27. Klout• Main Stream• Integrates with Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FourSquare• Perks
    • 28. Twitter Metrics• What to Measure• Management Systems• Tracking Tools
    • 29. Followers and friends are easy to count, and tell youabout interest, but little about actual engagement
    • 30. #Hashtags indicate common interests, location or event, - instant community. Retweets are one of the easiest kinds of engagement, and put a little bit of the author’s credibility at stake.
    • 31. @Mentions represents a deeper engagement Direct Messaging (DM) is the most intimate form of engagement
    • 32. Favorites may be a signal for a more in depth relationship Lists can be a measure of your authority and influence
    • 33. Twitter Management Systems• TweetDeck• HootSuite• Seesmic• SMMS
    • 34. Twitter Tools• Twitalyzer• Twylah• NewsMix• SocialBro• Tweriod
    • 35. Measuring Facebook• Wall Posts• Comments• Likes• Recommendations
    • 36. Facebook Insights• Determine the best time of day to post• Best day of the week to post• What type of content is most popular• Insights tool is constantly updated
    • 37. LinkedIn Metrics• Followers• Profile Views• Likes and Comments• Group Interaction• Q&A• Page Statistics
    • 38. LinkedIn Page Statistics
    • 39. YouTube Analytics• Views• Subscriptions• Retention• Engagement• Action
    • 40. YouTube Analytics