Accelerate your Twitter Marketing


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The culture of Twitter and how to Accelerate your Twitter Marketing in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

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Accelerate your Twitter Marketing

  1. 1. Presented by Bill Griffin Owner/CEO@bgriffin04 @Griffanza
  2. 2. Obligatory and Shameless Self-Promotion Slide Griffanza is an Online Marketing Company• Help businesses , Consultants and Non-Profits Get Found, Grow & Prosper Online• SEO• Social Media• Inbound Marketing• Online Advertising• Website Development• Content Management• Public Relations• Analytics and Metrics
  3. 3. Twitter Facts and StatsStarted in 2006Has 225 million users190 million tweets sent on average per dayAverage user has 115 followers53% of Twitter users have been a member for lessthan a year
  4. 4. Twitter CultureGive to GetLimit Self Promotion and SalesHonesty and TransparencyPut your Best Forth6-7 Topics or InterestsDon’t Auto RespondDon’t Tweet Nude Pictures of Yourself
  5. 5. Engagement Features• #Hashtags• ReTweets• Direct Message (DM)• @Mentions I got ReTweeted• YAY! Favorites #TwitterRules• Lists
  6. 6. Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)• TweetDeck• HootSuit• Seesmic•• Mobile• Others
  7. 7. TweetDeck is a Twitter desktop application developed on the Adobe Airinterface. Its primary advantage is the notifications you receive when your followerstweet AT you, and when the people you follow tweet.Allows for multiple Twitter accounts to be used at once.
  8. 8. With HootSuite , you can manage multiple Twitter and socialmedia profiles (e.g. Foursquare, Facebook), add multiple editors, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.
  9. 9. is a unique application that allows you to collect tweets andcurate them manually or automatically in a newspaper-style formatwhich can be automatically shared daily on your Twitter account.
  10. 10. Twitter on the Go – Do It!!
  11. 11. Who to FollowFriends and ColleaguesLike Minded FolksActive UsersIndustry LeadersRelevant Content GeneratorsNewsGeographical MarketPotential Clients or DonorsWho ever You want to
  12. 12. Finding Tweeters to Follow• Just Tweet It• Twubble• Twittie Me• Twitdir• We Follow• Twellow
  13. 13. Find Trends on Twitter• Twitscoop• Trendistic• Tweet Scan• Twitterment• Tweetmeme• Twistori• Twitturly• GoodBadMe• Favotter
  14. 14. Track Twitter Users• Twitterholic• Who.Unfollowed.Me• Toptweet• Twitrank• FriendorFollow• Toptweet
  15. 15. Track Keywords on Twitter• Tweet Beep• Site volume• Tweet Volume• Monitter• Hashtags• Twemes• Tweetchannel• Twitter Meter• Twittertroll
  16. 16. Track Tweets Geographically• Twittearth• Twitter Vision• My Tweet Map• GeoTwitterous• Twitter Map• Twitter Local• TwitSpy• Geo Twitter• Mibazaar• Twitter Atlas• Twitter Faces
  17. 17. Twitter Statistics Tools• Twittercounter• Tweetstats• Tweetvalue• Twitaholic• Tweetvolume• Tweet.grader• Twitgraph• Twoolr• Tweetmeme• Twittermeter
  18. 18. Twitter Strategy• Clearly Defined Goals• Listen• Tactics• Tools• Resources• Measurement• Tweak and Improve
  19. 19.