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Strategies to convert your SE exposure into more business. Evaluates multiple stages of the online consumer buying cycle.

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  • It’s not competitors stealing your business. Their advertising, their marketing, their pricing . . .
  • There have been major changes in the Web, yet we still implement the same way we did when we built our first website! If we don’t make a conscious effort to improve, how can we expect anything more than we are currently getting?
  • Can’t evaluate these things in a vacuum. They need to developed in a dynamically changing environment. The most important change you need to focus on is not technology, or Google (although it is very important!). Actually, the most important change that you must consistently stay on top if is your PROSPECTS!
  • Conversion strategies ascrs asoa 2012

    1. 1. Conversion Tactics For Today’s Online UserGet More Web-Based Leads and Close More Business Bill Fukui, COO, Page 1 Solutions, LLC
    2. 2. Financial Disclosure
    3. 3. It’s not how many shots you take . . . . . . It’s how many you make!
    4. 4. Starts WithSelf-evaluation•Our People•Our Protocols•Our Resources•Our Messaging•Our Calls-to-action•Our Tactics
    5. 5. Know Your Prospect• Knowledgeable• Impatient• Confident and In Control• Destination-focused• Relationship-driven
    6. 6. Know Your ProspectWhere are they accessing Web – On the go! And get it NOW!
    7. 7. Convert Search Engine ExposurePay-Per-Click Advertising - Convert More PPC Today’s Website: Needs To Do A Lot More!
    8. 8. PPC Conversions – Exposure Into Clicks! Keyword Research – Bidding• Open-ended Keyword Phrases• Geo-targeted/Local Search• Exact-Match vs. Broad Match• Not Just About Traffic (in most cases)• Keyword Psychology – “Surgeon/Doctor” “Cost”
    9. 9. PPC Landing Pages•Limited Navigation/Links•Promotion, Call-To-Action-driven•A/B Testing•Video PPC Landing Page•Instant Chat Means “Instant Conversions!”
    10. 10. Conversion TrackingKey Performance Indicators (KPI) to go beyondclicks and costs.Track your Goal Conversions!•Should be limited to the thank you, orconfirmation page after checkout, formsubmissions, etc.
    11. 11. PPC Campaigns Custom vs. Automated
    12. 12. Other SE Conversion ConsiderationsPay Per Call per phone call) Requires use of a Google forwarding numberSEOConvert Organic Searches, 1st-page exposure, top-page exposure, Google Places when displayed. DESCRIPTIONS – NEED TO BE CUSTOM PER PAGEGoogle Marketing Webinars
    13. 13. Improving Website Your Conversions (Traffic into leads)
    14. 14. Avoid Dead-End Pages!Anticipate “Next Step” Actions and Links
    15. 15. Graphic Action ItemsCalls-to-action – Try different ones – free, instant, quick, convenient Today’s Website: Needs To Do A Lot More!
    16. 16. Contact Forms•On Every Page•Stand Out•Limited Form Fields•Phone Number•Rapport-Building
    17. 17. Real Photos/ Personal Engagement R ate unce o er sB L ow
    18. 18. Video l• E ducationa ing ild• R apport-bu
    19. 19. Don’t Forget “About Us”• Highly Trafficked Page/Section• Not About Ego, It’s About Rapport- Marketing, Relationship-Selling• People Choose To Business With People and Practices They Like, Know, Trust, etc.
    20. 20. Post Search Activities Local Post-Search Activities Contact Business Online 11% Contact Business by Telephone 46%
    21. 21. Focus on Telephone Calls! Online users are not only willing . . . . . . Your staff is better at converting them!• Hotline/Quick Call• Frequency – 3 times per page• Include phone in ALL C-T-As and contact forms
    22. 22. Instant Chat Today’s Website:Needs To Do A Lot More!
    23. 23. Track and Test•Heat Map Testing•Call Tracking•Email Tracking
    24. 24. Mobile Website•82 percent of Smartphone users researchand read the news through their phone•81 percent browse the Internet•77 percent use search engines (Google Research)As much as 20 percent of visitors areviewing your website in a mobile browser•Focus on Phone Calls•Thumb-friendly•Max 7•85% of Smartphone users email throughmobile device
    25. 25. Conversions Through The Sales ProcessAssume- they are shopping/comparing – you are notthe only practice they have called/emailed!Stand Out! “Connect” with Visitor
    26. 26. Follow up-Sales Harvard Business School Research2011 – over 2,000 companiesWeb-generated leads-37% responded within an hour-16% responded within 1-24 hours-24 % took more than 24 hours-23% never responded at all Today’s Website:-Avg. response time was 42 hours Needs To Do A Lot More!
    27. 27. More Important:How Quickly Online Leads Grow Cold1.25 Million Sales leads (70% B2C leads)•Responded in less than an hour = 7 times more likelyto qualify lead (meaningful conversation with keydecision-maker) than those even just an hour later.•60 times more likely than those that waited 24 hoursor longer. Today’s Website: Needs To Do A Lot More!
    28. 28. Strategic Email Follow Up•LINKS!!! - Target Website Pages•Examples: Financing, How To Compare, Safety,Questions You Need To Ask, Your Consultation -WhatTo Expect, About Your Surgeon (ALWAYS).•Printable Pages-Direct them to PRINT•Once is NOT ENOUGHPrograms Today’s Website: Database Marketing/ Lead Nuturing, Needs To Do A Lot More!
    29. 29. Strategic Email Follow Up•Positive Reviews and Ratings – Powerful Conversion Tool•Keep in mind, many of your follow up emails are going toSmartphones! – Great Opportunity to Convert Emails intophone calls!
    30. 30. Secret Shopping “I am interested in lasik surgery. I haveastigmatism too. How much do you charge for lasik surgery?”
    31. 31. Thanks for considering my practice for your lasikprocedure. We charge between $1000 and $1400 per eye.This covers all pre and post op visits and a lifetimewarranty. Go back to my web site for more informationand then call the office for the free consultationappointment. We can meet and see if lasik is right for you.Thanks for your time, Dr. Brand 30 min.
    32. 32. Hello Gary:Thank you very much for reviewing our website. The cost of Lasik varies between $4000 to $6200 depending on procedure performed. Please feel free to make an appointment for a free Lasik consultation and discuss with eye surgeon Sanjay N. Rao, MD what procedure would best suit you.Thank you. Ernesto Carrasco 45 min. Lakeside eye Clinic O: 312-553-1818
    33. 33. Our LASIK fees range from $4260 to $4660. The fee includes the evaluation, bilateral surgery, 1 year of follow up visits, and an enhancement if needed within the year. May I schedule your appointment with Dr. James Katz? Thank You, 3 hours Andrea The Midwest Center For Sight
    34. 34. Hi Gary, Thank you for your email. Our pricing for Laser Vision Correction varies depending on the type of procedure you have. We determine what procedure is safest for your eyes based on Dr. Kraffs recommendation at the initial consult. Without that information I can give you a range of price; the cost can go from $2800-$3200 per eye (before pricing adjustment based on vision insurance, how you heard about us, your employer, etc.). If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 312-338-1234. Warmest regards, Sarah Stradone Refractive Counselor Kraff Eye Institute 7 Days 25 E Washington St, Suite 606 Chicago, IL 60602 312-338-1234
    35. 35. Hi Gary,We would be happy to see you for a free lasik consultation. For a limited time we are offering a special for our Custom/Bladeless Lasik procedure. 3495.00 for both eyes.Please let me know your availability, our next appointment is Wednesday 3-21st, I have a 12;00pm or a 3:00pm.Looking forward to your reply,Joyce Wolter 4 hoursSloane Vision Center1301 W. 22nd StSuite 305Oak Brook, IL 60523630.368.6100
    36. 36. Hi Gary:My best price is $3790 for both eyes for custom, wavefront, intralase lasik.Please let us know if you are interested.Sincerely,Stuart Sondheimer, M.D.9150 Crawford Avenue 35 min.Suite 201Skokie, IL 60076847.677.2794
    37. 37. Dear Gary, Second Follow Up Thank you so much for contacting Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer regarding your interest in a Lasik eye procedure. I invite you to contact our office to discuss Lasik and schedule you for a free consultation. If you are just interested in price for lasik, we are offering a discounted price now of $3790 for both eyes. The office staff can be reached Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 847-677-2794. Looking forward to seeing you. Sincerely, 60 min. Marcia Patient Advisor
    38. 38. Hi Gary, Third Follow UpWe wanted to touch base and see if this was a better time to schedule your lasik consultation. Please let me know your availability, and we will do our best to work within your schedule. Looking forward to your reply, Joyce WolterSloane Vision Center1301 W. 22nd St 3 WeeksSuite 305Oak Brook, IL 60523630.368.6100
    39. 39. Conversion Tactics ForToday’s Online User Bill Fukui Page 1 Solutions, LLC. 800-916-3886