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Who's the Point?
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Who's the Point?


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This was the slide presentation given at Ignite Raleigh, August 5, 2009.

This was the slide presentation given at Ignite Raleigh, August 5, 2009.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Who’s the Point?
    • Finding Me and Meaning in Social Media
    • by Bill Albing
  • 2. Concept
    • This presentation is a concept
    • An approach to a very broad concept
    • The concept of social media
  • 3. WHY use social media?
    • Everyone always asks:
    • why use Twitter, why use Facebook, why use the computer?
    • it seems almost like an oxymoron – how social, if online, how media (in the middle) , if supposed to be immediate?
  • 4. More than Artifacts
    • Links on LinkedIn or Xing or photos on social networks
    • Purchases on Amazon with recomm’ for future purchases
    • Multi-player games and simulations of socializing
  • 5. What it is NOT
    • Web for its own sake
    • Business or clicks or counts
    • Self-promotion or branding
    • Making money or making friends
    • … alone
  • 6. Isn’t Content king?
    • Is Web content-centric?
    • Content may be king, but we want participatory democracy
    • Content is essential but not an end in itself
  • 7. More and More
    • Not just content
    • Or even the flow of content
    • But the interaction with content
    • AND Interaction with each other
    • Interaction of humans on Web
  • 8. Multi-Faceted Interaction
    • It is not science or art or sport or religion or politics –
    • It is ALL of these, online
    • Social media is what makes possible Web interactivity
    • Multi-directional, multi-dimensional
  • 9.
    • The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
      • - George Bernard Shaw
  • 10. Humans being human
    • communication
    • Information
    • computing
    • expression
    • interaction
  • 11. Igniting Social Media
    • Ignite Raleigh IS social media – me and you and my intention and your participating
    • Participating - from making presentations to voting to buzz to the actual event
  • 12. Collectively Intelligencing
    • As a collective we have a goal of creating the Web to connect us and our intelligences
    • As an individual each of us is on a quest for meaning
  • 13. Interfacing the Truth
    • Interface between it all is SM
      • Individual quest for meaning
      • Social collective intelligence
      • Online information, expression, etc.
    • Squishy interface layer
  • 14. A Web is a Web is a Web
    • Take Steven Johnson’s Interface Culture a step farther
    • Not just interface to machines or to Web
    • Web is the interface
  • 15. UI for All Interactivity
    • All information not real unless it is on the Web
    • Networking of all content and all decision making and all team-worked effort
  • 16. Whose Consciousness
    • Not machine consciousness
      • Terminator
      • I Robot
      • Matrix
    • Or even our consciousness
  • 17. de Chardin’s Convergence
    • Teilhard de Chardin said the universe strives towards higher consciousness,
    • and does so by arranging itself into more complex structures.
    • Well, maybe that’s what we’re doing with the Web.
  • 18. Who’s the Point?
    • The point of social media isn’t the media itself – it’s what we are accomplishing.
    • The point is not a thing.
    • The point is me and you.
  • 19. To Sum Up (or Down)
    • Social media not just in middle
    • We all participate in social media; it is an interactivity!
    • Social media is more than the message or the medium
    • Use the Web - Be Social
    • The Point is Me and You and Us
  • 20. Next Step
    • “ Ignite MultiSite ”
      • Multiple geographical sites
      • All at same time
      • Participation is global