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  1. 1. & Loops Have fun making an easy, two-needle bracelet by Melody MacDuffee Ladders L stepbystep et your creativity drive this sides. This forgiving ladder-stitch project. Start with a focal bead design allows you to be creative and and a handful of cylinders. have fun. So let yourself go, but be Start by stringing the center row, Raid your old stashes to find sure to use long cylinder beads every building first to one end, then the complementary beads and two or three rows to stabilize the other. To make the uprights and rows seeds, and you’re ready to go. Line up bracelet. Stop to test your seed counts lie flat, you’ll need to experiment your pieces for a preview, or thread as you link rows to ensure that the with your seed bead counts. These beads on the fly. If you live on the edge, bracelet lies flat but doesn’t look directions produce an 8-in. (.2m) build the bracelet with asymmetric too loose. bracelet with 31 rows. 106
  2. 2. stringing the bracelet Cut a 4-ft. (1.2m) piece of Nymo, condition it with beeswax, and thread a needle on each end. String an agate, a spacer, a focal bead, a spacer, and an agate. Center the beads. String three seed beads, a jade bead, and three seeds on both sides of the center row (photo a). (A focal bead a c wider than the 11mm bead shown requires more seeds for the ladder to lie flat. Most 10-11mm centerpieces require five to seven seeds.) String a Czech bead, a jade bead, an agate, a jade, and a Czech on either needle. Continue through the end seed (photo b). Set this needle aside. With your second needle, go through the beads on the new row from the opposite direc- b tion, picking up the first seed you come figure 1 to on the other side (photo c). Add four to six seeds on each side. (The seed count depends on the width of your row.) Repeat step 3 (figure 1), using varied combinations of beads on each row. Bead & Button • April 2004 107
  3. 3. d f g figure 2 figure 3 e Continue until you have 15 rows. If Center the first row on the thread, and (see “Basics,” p. 166). Make two shorter you’re changing the bracelet’s length, make the second half of the bracelet a dangles using an agate, a spacer, a continue until you are about two rows mirror image of the first. 14 x 4mm cylinder, a spacer, and an shy of half the desired length. The beads String eight seed beads on either agate (photo f). for your end rung should be shorter needle. Slide the button over the beads. Connect the earring sections than the other rows. Run the needle through the end row to (photo g). Open a 9mm jump ring Make a loop of seed beads just big close the loop (photo e). Strengthen by (see “Basics”). Slide on the three dangles enough to fit around your button. I running the thread through the loop with the longest one in the middle. Add used 23 seeds for a 5⁄8-in. (16mm) button and end row several times (figure 3). a 7mm ring and close the 9mm ring (photo d). Run both threads through Tie the tails together and dab the knot (see “Basics”). Open a 4mm ring, slide the loop beads and the last rung of your with glue. Pull the ends through the on the 7mm ring and one of the posts, bracelet several times to strengthen this nearest bead then cut the tails. and close the rings. stress point (figure 2). Tie the tails Make a second earring to match together and dab the knot with glue. making the earrings the first. w Pull the ends through the nearest bead String a Czech bead, a spacer, an then cut off the tails. 8 x 5mm cylinder, a spacer, a 14 x 4mm For more information, contact Melody at Cut and condition 4 ft. of Nymo, cylinder, a spacer, and a Czech bead 5854 N. Chalet Dr., Mobile, Ala. 36608 then thread one needle on each end. onto a head pin. Make a wrapped loop or (251) 342-9076. materials • button with shank, 5⁄8 in. (16mm) to 7⁄8 in. 8-in. (.2m) bracelet (23mm) • metal focal bead • clear glue or nail polish • 4 metal accent beads earrings • 14 14 x 4mm cylindrical gemstone beads, • 6 14 x 4mm cylindrical gemstone beads, new jade new jade • 6 8 x 5mm cylindrical gemstone beads, • 2 8 x 5mm cylindrical gemstone beads, green turquoise green turquoise • 40 2 x 4mm gemstone beads, jade • 4 4mm Czech pressed-glass 3-sided beads • 6 4mm beads, moss agate • 8 4mm gemstone beads, moss agate • 12 4mm Czech pressed-glass 3-sided beads • 14 5mm spacers • 28 seed beads, size 80 matte, gold-lined • 6 head pins • 335 Japanese seed or cylinder beads • 2 9mm jump rings • 10 spacers, 5mm • 2 7mm jump rings • Nymo D beading thread • 2 4mm jump rings • beeswax • pair earring posts • beading needles, #12 Tools: round- and chainnose pliers, wire cutters 108
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