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Know more about Bigvue Consulting - who we are and what we do.

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About Bigvue Consulting

  1. 1. Bigvue Consulting Private and Confidential Creating Insights with Data Analytics
  2. 2. About Bigvue Our service model provides an integrated and end-to-end solution strategy • Bigvue leverages Analytics and Technology to help companies take business decisions • We build Strategy and Process Management solutions for various segments - BFS, Retail, Travel, Media, Non-profit and Government Services • We have client base across various geographies including India, USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Hongkongand Australia • We have a strong expertise in multiple Analytics and Business Intelligence Technologies, both proprietaryand open source 2 BigvueConsulting Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved Business Strategy • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Survey Management and Strategic Insights Process Management • Analytical Campaigns • Data Integration • Analytical Marketing Services we offer:
  3. 3. Our Team Our team consists of a diversified group of consultants with strong industry experience to their credit. At the helm of the core team are: Surbhi Bansal- Founder and Chief Data Scientist Surbhi has over 5 years of experience of providing analytics consulting to companies across various countries including India, UK, USA and countries in APAC region. She holds a Masters Degree In Econometrics and Quantitative Techniques in Business and a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Delhi University. Ashok Mittal - Strategy Advisor Ashok has over 25 years of IT experience with last 18 years in the financial industry, building and managing real time, 24x7, market data, analytics and trading solutions for over the counter (OTC) derivatives, bonds and equities instruments. He holds an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Kansas State University, USA and a B.S. in Electronics and Communications from Gujarat University, India Additionally, we have on board a teamof industry experts, brainstormersand analysts. We also inviteinterns fromIITs, IIMsand variousinstitutesto work withus on variousprojects. Bigvue buildson thesesynergiesto develop innovative solutions for variouscompanies. 3 BigvueConsulting Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. How Do We Make a Difference 4 BigvueConsulting Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved 1. Robust and accurate decisions making - Scientific and data driven technique 2. EnhancedROI - New revenue opportunities, Increased profitability 3. Operational efficiencies - Detect patterns to initiate action, fraud/risk detection 4. Better customer relationship management- portfolio insights and behavioral analysis 5. Competitive Advantage - Proactive and predictive approach to decision making
  5. 5. Solutions We Provide and Problems We Solve 5 BigvueConsulting Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved Our Solutions Business Objectives/Challengeswe havesolved in past 1.Predictive Analytics and Statistical Modeling 1.1 Customer Relationship management 1.2 Lifecycle management (acquisition, retention ,value build-up, need identification) 2.Segmentation and Clustering 2.1 Customer Profiling 2.2 Behavioral analysis and customised Product offerings 3.Forecasting and Planning 3.1 Capacity Planning 3.2 Business/operational forecast 4 Strategic Insights and Decision Science 4.1 Business opportunities /new segments 4.2 Survey management 4.3 Risk identification 5.Product Development and Management 5.1 Market growth strategy 5.2 New product launch 6.Data Visualisation 6.1 Data Visualization and trend analysis 7. Process Managementfor implementingthe solutions
  6. 6. Some of Our Recent Work (Jan’13- Nov’13) BigvueConsulting’scurrentclientlist alsoincludes ecommerce, financial institutions, tourism,educationand media companies - Further names kept anonymous for confidentiality reasons 6 BigvueConsulting Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved We have build morethan50 analytical modelsand solutions so far.This has helped companiesin meetingtheirbusiness objectives. 1. Product cross-sell and customersegmentation solution for a B2B ecommercecompany 2. Textanalytics solution for real time profile matching and name disambiguation 3. Solution on CustomerLifecycleManagementfor creditcardportfolio of a financial institution 4. Building BI dashboardfor a financial institution 5. Customer insights and behavioral analysis of mobileapp users 6. Demandinsights and customer segmentation for effective promotions by an ecommercecompany 7. Analytical Marketing and optimizingROI for SMEs during tradeshows
  7. 7. Business Objective Data Assessment Building Analytical Solution Validation and Documentation 1. Assessing the data requirement and availability 2. Preparing data for analytical model building 3. Integrating secondary and external data as per assessment 1. Analysing the objective 2. Requirement gathering for analytical objective 1. Trend analysis of parameters 2. Segmentation of the target population 3. Building predictive model and choosing the most accurate model 1. Validating the analytical solution for future robustness 2. Documenting the results and key definitions 7Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved 1.Implementing the solution on various channels as per requirement 2.Tracking the implementation to analyse the conversion BigvueConsulting Implementation and Tracking Our Methodology
  8. 8. How We Share Results 8 BigvueConsulting Data Visualization What does data look like? BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE What’s happening now ? SEGMENTATION How is the behavior across segments ? PREDICTION What is likely to happen? Visualisation tools and reports Dashboards and Survey Reports Profilerand insightdeck Scorecard End results/tools BUSINESS VALUE COMPLEXITY Low High LowHigh CopyrightBigvueConsulting2013|AllRightsReserved
  9. 9. Solution Focused Approach - Open Source + Proprietary Tools 9 BigvueConsulting Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved We believe in leveraging a host of proprietary and open source tools to bring best of the analytical capabilities in building robust solutions
  10. 10. Your Partner in Strategy and Decision Making Contact: Surbhi Bansal surbhibansal@bigvue.in Phone : +91-8860700205 Our website : www.bigvue.in /bigvueconsulting /@Bigvue /company/bigvue-consulting /bigvue 10Copyright Bigvue Consulting 2013 | All Rights Reserved BigvueConsulting Thank You