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Apollo project

  2. 2. CREDIT WORTHINESS OF APOLLO HOSPITAL It is the market value of any organization which shows its businessstatus.apollo being a recognized group of hospitals, is world famous and the creditaccountability undoubtedly of the best. the market value of Apollo has beentremendously increasing because of the following reasons . (1) Highly marketed and well branded (2) Consistent increment facilities and amenities since it was established. (3) Efficient manpower and good quality of the staffs. (4) Healthy and hygiene environment. (5) Establishes faith for all customers.EACH OF YOUR CLIENTS IS WORTHY(1) Clients preference should not be wealth biased.(2) Clients or customer should be given proper preference in terms of health Hygiene and recovery.(3) Clients are highly responsible for credit accountability.(4) Clients should be credit worthy in terms of business growth and profit in any Industry.INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY Apollo Hospitals is a major hospital chain based in Chennai, India. It wasfounded by Dr.Prathap C. Reddy in 1983. Apollo is private healthcare provider
  3. 3. in Asia with hospitals in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Republic ofMauritius, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait . Several of the groups hospitals have been among the first in India toreceive a form of international, in their case by the American-based JointCommission International (JCI). The Hyderabad hospital was the first in the world,outside the US, to receive JCIs Disease- or Condition-Specific Care (DCSC)Certification in addition to general accreditation when it received this for itsAcute Stroke treatment in 2006. However, they have not as yet acquiredinternational accreditation from any hospital accreditation group from outside ofthe USA.The group has developed services in telemedicine, after starting a pilot project in2000 in Dr Pratap C. Reddys own home village. It is now the largest telemedicineprovider in India with 71 centres.Apollo Hospital and DHAN to provide affordablerural healthcare, Philips press notice, July 08, 2005 accessed.Another venture of the group is Apollo Health Street, a global healthcare servicescompany (Apollo Health Street). It offers business process outsourcing (BPO)andIT services internationally, operating out of three countries - the United States, theUnited Kingdom, and four centres in India (Hyderabad, NewDelhi, Chennai and Coimbatore). The success of Apollo Hospitals has made it thetopic for Harvard Business School case study.
  4. 4. Company OverviewIt is often said that nothing happens, unless there is a dream first. At the genesis ofthe Apollo story there was a dream. A dream so powerful, that it helped transformthe medical landscape in India.VisionApollos vision for the next phase of development is to Touch a Billion Lives.Mission"Our mission is to bring healthcare of International standards within the reach ofevery individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance ofexcellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity"ValuesThe confluence of seven values results in a ray that represents Apollo’s leadershipin Indian Healthcare. A ray that is the beacon for millions looking for a cure…looking for hope.
  5. 5. The dream nurtured and grew within Dr. Prathap C Reddy, the founder Chairmanof Apollo Hospitals, until the point of inflection happened in 1983. A young mansuccumbing to an ailing heart was what it took to ignite Dr. Reddys vision into areality - a vision where quality healthcare was given, where the pursuit of clinicalexcellence was daily endeavor, India a hub in the medical tourism map and wherethe Apollo family touches and enriches lives every minute, every day.Today, with over 8500 beds across 54 hospitals, and a significant presence at everytouch-point of the medical value chain, Apollo Hospitals is one of Asia’s largesthealthcare groups. Commenced as a 150 bed hospital, today the group has grownexponentially both in India and overseas. Its growth is often said to be synonymouswith India emerging as a major hub in global healthcare.Apollo Hospitals is driven by a single thrust, to provide the best standards ofpatient care. It is this passion that has lead to the development of unique centers ofexcellence across medical disciplines, within the Apollo Hospitals network. ApolloHospitals has JCI accreditations for 7 of its hospitals, the largest by any hospitalgroup in the region.True to its founding principles, the group has made quality healthcare accessible tothe people of India, and even overseas. It has become an institution of trust, and abeacon of hope to so many searching for a cure for their ailments.The legacy of touching and enriching lives stems from the pillars of the Apollophilosophy - experience, excellence, expertise and research. We pride ourselves forconstantly being on the cutting edge, and going the extra mile to stay relevant andrevolutionary.The Apollo Hospitals Group is the pioneer of integrated healthcare delivery inIndia. This vision led the group to earmark time and resources to strengthen each
  6. 6. vital cog in the process of healthcare delivery. As a result of these efforts, thegroup today is in a unique position to exponentially increase its healthcare cover.This will be critical in order to meet future requirements.Apollo Hospitals Group, today, is an integrated healthcare organization withowned and managed hospitals, diagnostic clinics, dispensing pharmacies andconsultancy services. In addition, the group’s service offerings include healthcareat the patient’s doorstep, clinical & diagnostic services, medical business processoutsourcing, third party administration services and health insurance. To enhanceperformance and service to customers, the company also makes available theservices to support business, telemedicine services, education, training programs &research services and a host of other non-profit projects.GROWTH OF THE COMPANYMEDICAL :First American underwent a successful Heart Transplant at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai ! Ronald Lemmer, 65 years old, was transplanted with the heart of a 36-year-old accident victim in an eight-hour surgery by Dr Paul Ramesh at ApolloHospitals Chennai. In the process, two records were also created. The patient wasnot only the first U.S. citizen to undergo a heart transplant in India, but he wasalso the oldest person to undergo a heart transplant in the country.Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi successfully completed 200 Liver Transplantcases of Pakistani patients, in November 2011. With a success rate of over 90%,Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals has created a milestone in the history of medicineby becoming the first hospital in the country to reach the 200 mark for patientsfrom a single foreign country.
  7. 7. Apollo Bramwell Hospital, Mauritius in conjunction with Global BiohealthSolutions, launched the Apollo Bram well Stem Cell Therapy Program.The Apollo Hospitals, one of the six centres in India to be part of a global trial onusing drug-eluting bio-restorable stents, are the first in Chennai to use the product.The next generation in devices that relieve blood vessel blocks will dissolvewithin a couple of years. The device works like a regular stent by restoring bloodflow to a clogged vessel. It also contains a drug that is slowly released to help thehealing process.Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital Launches Eastern Indias first dedicatedcomprehensive Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.Apollo Hospitals Group has performed more than 775 solid organ transplants forthe year, 2010, making it one of the World’s Busiest Liver Transplant Centres.Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has also completed over 500 liver transplantsin February, 2011.Apollo Hospitals Chennai completed 10,000 Coronary Angioplasties in 2009,including many refined procedures like Multi-Vessel Angioplasty, Left MainAngioplasty and Bifurcation Lesions.Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Chennai added successfully conducted exultant Microvascular free tissue transfer and Aesthetic surgeries on more than 1000 patients bythe end of March 2011.Worlds 1st iPod Navigation Hip Resurfacing Surgery was successfully performedat Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Chennai.Latest M guard stent technology, a specially designed Mesh covered stent, wasused to save a 27 year old man from an acute heart attack ! Apollo Hospital first tointroduce the technology in Chennai !
  8. 8. Centre for liver disease and transplantation, Apollo Hospitals Chennai hascompleted 100 liver transplantations in less than 4 years with over 90% successrate, creating a milestone.Apollo performed an unprecedented revolution in orthopedics by equalizing limbsand deformity correction by the llizarov procedure.In 1995, Apollo Hospitals performed its first Bone Marrow Transplantation, aswell as the first multi organ transplant in the country.First private healthcare provider to perform a heart transplant in 1995.Performed over 7,50,000 major surgeries and over 10,00,000 minor surgicalprocedures with exceptional clinical outcomes.Largest series of aortic valve replacement with stentless heart valve bioprosthesisperformed.Conducted over 90,000 cardiac surgeries - one of only 10 hospitals in the world toachieve these volumes. Achieved a 99.6% success rate in cardiac bypasssurgeries, over 91% of which were beating heart surgeries.By 1992, Apollo Hospitals introduced Artery Stenting for the first time in India.Introduced cutting edge procedures like off-pump and beating-heart surgery,either by thoracotomy (minimal invasive access) or classical sternotomy, trans-radial angioplasty and stenting, mitral valve replacement.Pioneers of the Preventive health check programmes in India and performed 3million checks to date.Pioneered open heart surgeries and cardiac catheterization, in the early 80’s.First successful:Pediatric liver transplant in IndiaAdult liver transplant in IndiaCadaver liver transplant in India
  9. 9. Transplant in acute liver failure in IndiaLiver-kidney transplant in India were all performed by Apollo Hospitals.Apollo Hospitals was the first Indian hospital group to introduce StereotacticRadiotherapy and Radiosurgery for cancer treatment.Pioneered orthopedic procedures like hip and knee replacements, the Illizarovprocedure and the Birmingham hip re-surfacing technique.Revolutionary Ceramic Coated Knee Replacement was performed for the 1st timein South India at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai.Resorbable screws were used for the first time in India at Apollo HospitalsChennai to correct congenital spine problem of a six-year-old child fromTanzania.An innovative Orthopedic procedure was performed for the first time in India atApollo Hospitals Chennai - leading to pain free postoperative recovery aftershoulder surgery. The Orthopaedic team at Apollo Hospital, Chennai successfullyperformed an Arthroscopic Brachial Plexus Catheterization on a young ladypatient.The Paediatric Cardiac team at the new Apollo Children’s Hospital successfullyperformed a complicated surgery to treat a complete AV canal defect in a 4–month old Nigerian baby in 2009.Indias first keyhole multiple bypass surgery was conducted at the IndraprasthaApollo Hospital, Delhi. It took less than four hours to perform the scarlesssurgery, without cutting any bone of the patient. This technique uses acombination of small holes in the chest and a small incision, made indirectly overthe coronary artery to be bypassed. It is often performed using robotics and video-imaging, which help the surgeon operate in a small area.An 8 year old Omani child with aortoarteritis and uncontrollable hypertensionwith impending kidney failure and intestinal gangrene was successfully managed
  10. 10. by a simultaneous vascular reconstructive surgery on the narrowed arteriessupplying both the kidneys and the intestines at Apollo hospitals chennai .Suchsimultaneous bypass and reconstruction in a young child was a first for India andonly a few such procedures had been done worldwide.MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY:First to install the most modern diagnostic and surgical infrastructure like the 320-Slice CT Scan and many others.First hospital group to bring the 320 Slice CT- Angio scan system and the 64 SliceCT-Angio scan system to India.First hospital group in South-East Asia to introduce the 16 Slice PET-CT Scan.Equipped with the largest and most sophisticated sleep laboratory in the world.Introduced the most advanced CyberKnife® Robotic Radio Surgery System inAsia Pacific, the world’s first and only robotic radiosurgery system designed totreat tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy.Novalis Tx™ Radiotherapy & Radiosurgery , one of the most precise, non-invasive and fastest treatments available for cancerous and non-cancerousconditions of the entire body was launched at Apollo Cancer Institute Hyderabadin 2009. Treatments are delivered from outside the body to destroy tumors withoutan incision. This protects the patient’s healthy tissue, so patients can avoidhospitalization, lengthy recovery periods and many of the complications oftenassociated with conventional surgery.Full Field Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis (3D) system, First-of-its-kind in South Asia was launched at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai.Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals launched Novalis Tx - an advanced form ofradiotherapy and radiosurgery that offers a versatile combination of advancedtechnologies for treatment of tumors and lesions.
  11. 11. SECTORS OF APOLLO HOSPITALSApollo Hospitals is the largest healthcare group in Asia. Apollo group owns andmanages 41 hospitals in and around India and has a total capacity of 7000 beds.Apollo Hospitals was founded by Dr. Prathap C Reddy in 1979 and is the firstgroup of hospitals that pioneered the concept of corporate healthcare delivery inIndia. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL), the flagship company of thegroup, is a listed Company on the Bombay Stock Exchange.Today, AHEL is the leading private sector healthcare provider in India and ownsand manages a network of speciality hospitals and clinics. The company alsooperates a chain of pharmacy retail outlets across the country, and providesconsultancy services for commissioning and managing hospitals. The consultancydivision of Apollo Hospitals offers project and operations managementconsultancy services to clients that vary from conceptualization to commissioningof a wide range of healthcare models.GROUP COMPANIES OF APOLLO HOSPITALSApollo Health Street Limited: It is a global healthcare services company thatoffers business process outsourcing and IT solutions and services to a globalclientele.Apollo Pharmacies: It is the largest retail pharmacy chain in India with over 70round-the-clock retail outlets in India. Apollo Pharmacies is moving towardsoffering e-prescription based services to the end user and the doctor.Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited: Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited (AHLL)is engaged in establishing a network of clinics in India and neighbouring countries.
  12. 12. It intends to address the day-to-day health needs of common people by providing arange of superior quality healthcare services at affordable prices.MedVarsity Online Limited (MOL): MedVarsity Online Limited is promoted byApollo Hospitals and NIIT Ltd. MedVarsity has developed over 1500 hours ofmedical content that is accessible to the medical community anytime andanywhere.Apollo Telemedicine Enterprises Limited (ATEL): Apollo TelemedicineEnterprises Limited has developed the Apollo Telemedicine Network that allowsthe participant sites to collaborate with institutions in the country and abroad andprovides their clientele access to better healthcare in areas not adequately servedby the medical community.Family Health Plan Limited (FHP): The company deals in the healthcareinsurance sector and is the largest Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Asia.Recommendation At this point in time, I would recommend building additional hospitals. Thisapproach allows Apollo to continue towards its ultimate goal of providingcomprehensive health coverage, while allowing for other events to occur inparallel. There are not enough resources available to deploy that are committed tothe “Apollo Way”. While new hospitals are being built the IHM could beexpanding its training programs and producing additional management resourcesthat can be deployed. At the same time, we will be able to fight the government redtape and continue our education of the Indian people regarding the benefits andnecessity of health care.
  13. 13. ACTION ITEMSShort Term Build new hospitals Expand programs at the IHM and IHC to increase available manager resources Work on a process/procedure to allow for the efficient and effective implementation of a licensing programMid Term Implement the licensing programLong Term Incorporate the ultimate goal of HMOUNDERSTAND THE PLAN BUSINESSBusiness Planning & Clinical VisioningThe first step for establishing a healthcare facility is the preparation of acomprehensive Business Plan. We carry out a comprehensive primary market andsecondary market analysis on the demographics, disease patterns and trends,market segments, demand and supply dynamics, which serves as the basisfor hospital planning and setting up of the facility.
  14. 14. The clinical services are formulated to suit current and future market needs. Theservices are also chosen based on their viability.The medical equipment and human resource needs are assessed and a plan toacquire them is laid out. All the above details along with the estimated project costsand financial forecasts are presented in a detailed project report (DPR) which formsthe basis for taking the project forward.setting up a Healthcare FacilityHospital Planning and DesignWe assist in hospital planning and hospital design according to internationalstandards and contemporary design parameters. The hospital designs and drawingsare reviewed based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for otherservices and management ease. We bring in our vast experience to ensure that thedesign enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility at optimal cost.Setting up a Healthcare FacilityInformation Technology and TelemedicineThe Information Technology and Telemedicine consulting services include theassessment of the Information technology & telemedicine needs of the facility anddeployment of the right solutions. We assist in formulation of requirementspecifications for software, hardware and networking and selection and
  15. 15. procurement of the software. We ensure that the facility is equipped with the latesttechnologies with an eye on the future.Medical Equipment Planning and ProcurementApollo Hospitals Group has significant experience in medical equipment planningand procurement and is the largest private sector purchaser of medical equipmentin Asia. The medical equipment advisory services are spread across three broadcategories – Medical Equipment Planning Selection and procurement assistance and Site preparation, installation and commissioningHospital Commissioning & Start Up AssistanceWe provide expert hands at hospital commissioning and start up. We ensure thatall systems, protocols, services and structure are in place, the hospital has obtainedall required regulatory approvals and licenses, operational policies are well laid outand most importantly the marketi
  16. 16. Hospital Operations ManagementWe manage hospitals for our partners. Apollo’s role as a hospital operator isguided by its commitment to Ensure that the skill-sets of key clinical and managerial team members are amongst the best Achieve and maintain accreditation status and international standards Develop a sustainable competitive advantage for the hospital to ensure high levels of quality, customer service and competitivenessAs a part of the hospital operations management / hospital operator role, Apollodeputes a senior management team to manage the day to day affairs of the Hospitalin line with international best practices which strives to establish the hospital as aleader in the region with the best patient care and a sustainable competitiveadvantage. All managed hospitals become part of the Apollo network and benefit through a host of initiatives which include central marketing and purchasing programmes. Telemedicine linkage between the managed facilities and Apollo’s tertiary care facilities which enable patients and doctors to consult a large network of medical consultants based at other Apollo’s facilities. Exchange program for medical consultants, nurses and technicians to facilitate knowledge sharing and technology exchange.Apollo now manages more than 42 hospitals in India and abroad.Hospital Quality Management & Consulting
  17. 17. Apollo Hospitals is synonymous with world class quality. Quality is a way of lifeat Apollo and we continuously set new standards and benchmarks for ourselves.For us no two clients are alike and neither are the challenges they face. We offerour clients unparalleled expertise through our Hospital Quality Consulting servicesso that people throughout the world are benefited by access to the highest qualityof healthcare. Some of the areas of Hospital Quality Consulting are Quality Improvement Critical path and continuum of care guidelines Joint Commission survey/ ISO readiness Utilization Management Patient Safety Risk Management