Mind map Digest - Aug 13th 2012


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Weekly digest of all the new mind maps added to Biggerplate over the last week! Maps uploaded between 6 - 12 August 2012.

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Mind map Digest - Aug 13th 2012

  1. 1. Mind Map Digest: August 13th 2012The latest mind maps added to Biggerplate.com!(Click the Orange words to visit the relevant area)New Mind Maps this Week: 46 http://www.biggerplate.com/latest-mindmaps
  2. 2. OODA Loops – Decision MakingCreated by: biggerplateMap Type: iMindMapCategory: ManagementDescription: OODA Loops,the model outlines a four-point decision loop thatsupports quick, effective andproactive decision-making. Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/Vd2SMloz/ooda-loops-decision-making
  3. 3. Underdog Marketing StrategyCreated by: danavanMap Type: MindManagerCategory: MarketingDescription:Insurgent/UnderdogMarketing StrategyAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/TucjAhRp/insurgent-underdog-marketing-strategy
  4. 4. How we perceive time?Created by: tfahmy666Map Type: iMindMapCategory: UncategorisedDescription: This is asummary of article abouthow psychologically weperceive time Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/xVFgbixC/how-we-preceive-time
  5. 5. SharkCreated by: peterterMap Type: iMindMapCategory: Mind MappingDescription: Creative way ofusing iMindmap6, its not amindmap, but it is a way toput information in a picturein logical order. Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/nXhhej9O/shark
  6. 6. Facebook Marketing StrategiesCreated by: danavanMap Type: MindManagerCategory: MarketingDescription: FacebookMarketing Strategies Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/jNZaz36J/facebook-marketing-strategies
  7. 7. Reasons Winners Keep WinningCreated by: tfahmy666Map Type: iMindMapCategory: ManagementDescription: This is asummary of HBR articleabout reasons why winnerskeep winningAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/K2QawMhW/reasons-winners-keep-winning
  8. 8. DissertationCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: EconomicsDescription: A Mindmapthat I used to plan mydissertation. On usingSimCity in an Economicsclass. Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/5Dxhxi6O/dissertation
  9. 9. 9 Lives of the Social Media CXOCreated by: danavanMap Type: MindManagerCategory: MarketingDescription: The 9 Lives ofthe Social Media CXOAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/oUMw6loc/the-9-lives-of-the-social-media-cxo
  10. 10. New Course Development TemplateCreated by: mikkoaMap Type: iMindMapCategory: Mind Mapping inEducationDescription: I have created atemplate for new coursedevelopment. Academicsand teachers may find thisof interest.Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/bJ6OqAcJ/new-course-development-template
  11. 11. ElasticityCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: EconomicsDescription: Summary ofhow Elasticity works inEconomics Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/RmkLJoLf/elasticity
  12. 12. New Skills for Sales PeopleCreated by: tfahmy666Map Type: iMindMapCategory: SalesDescription: This is asummary of HBR article onthe new skills that salespeople should have Available Here:http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/rHZksNmw/new-skills-for-sales-people
  13. 13. 60 Second Intro to Mind Mapping Created by: roger_c_parker Map Type: MindManager Category: Mind Mapping Description: My created my 60-second Introduction to Mind Mapping to acquaint newcomers with a concise introduction to the many ways authors, entrepreneurs, and content marketing professionals can put mind mapping to work.Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/s7wBr33v/roger-c-parker-s-60-second-introduction-to- mind-mapping
  14. 14. Motiv für EntscheidungCreated by: kjlietzMap Type: iMindMapCategory: PersonalImprovementDescription: Vorlage für einDPA-Interview zum Thema,warum wir Entscheidungenmanchmal treffen undwarum wir uns oft darumdrücken. Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/wrUWH9Xo/motiv-f-252-r-entscheidung
  15. 15. Black Hat Searchlight: Green HatTriggers Created by: gijsvanbeeckcalkoen Map Type: iMindMap Category: Dashboard Maps Description: We can use the results of Black Hat Thinking as triggers for further creative exploration of a topic.Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/ctUp9dhk/black-hat-searchlight-green-hat-triggers
  16. 16. Dunkle MaterieCreated by: stephschieMap Type: XMindCategory: Physical EducationDescription: Dunkle MaterieMaterie unbekannter Naturphysikalische KosmologieExistenz und BedeutungExistenz nicht nachgewiesenIndizienUmlaufgeschwindigkeit inäußeren Bereichen vonGalaxien müsste abnehmenGravitationsgesetze Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/NKoY37T1/dunkle-materie
  17. 17. Need Your Brain Power! Created by: mastermindmaps Map Type: iMindMap Category: Innovation Description: The art of observing. Do you know what you see. Is your interpretation correct? In business, science, everyday life it is of enormous importance to correctly interpret visual information. Do you know the object of the central image of this mind map?Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/MN6Lc4VP/need-your-brain-power-what-is-the-object-in- this-mind-map
  18. 18. Youtube, la revolución del videoCreated by: phanou6bMap Type: XMindCategory: InternetDescription: Resumen#ConversANDAdel 08.08.12 por@andaperu. "Youtube, larevolución del video",dictado por RodrigoEchevarria de GoogleAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/aBBT7128/youtube,-la-revoluci-243-n-del-video-r- echevarria
  19. 19. Teamwork PsychologyCreated by: tfahmy666Map Type: iMindMapCategory: LeadershipDescription: This mindmapgives an idea about therelation between team sizeand productivity andexplains the phenomenasknown as Ringelmann Effect& Social Loafing Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/bsehnjka/teamwork-psychology
  20. 20. White Paper & Content Scale MapCreated by: danavanMap Type: MindManagerCategory: MarketingDescription: White Paper &Content Scale MapAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/BIm30Q9H/white-paper-amp-content-scale-map
  21. 21. AS Level Micro EconomicsCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: EconomicsDescription: A Mindmapgiving an overview of MicroEconomics for AS-levelstudents. Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/ji5S63tP/as-level-micro-economics
  22. 22. Bad PC’sCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: Whats badabout PCs Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/nqX3REUM/bad-pc-s
  23. 23. DatabaseCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: Benefits ofDatabases Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/dWmmE3ej/database
  24. 24. Data ProtectionCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: Summary ofhow to protect your Data Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/1qB72jJL/data-protection
  25. 25. 10 Things Social Media Can’t DoCreated by: danavanMap Type: MindManagerCategory: MarketingDescription: 10 Things SocialMediaCant Do Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/EMat4720/10-things-social-mediacan-t-do
  26. 26. Ethical Use of Social NetworkingCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: How to useSocial Networking Ethically Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/SRpYrmgc/ethical-use-of-social-networking
  27. 27. Weblog Implementation RoadmapCreated by: danavanMap Type: MindManagerCategory: MarketingDescription: WeblogImplementation Roadmap Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/ClpYP0oB/weblog-implementation-roadmap
  28. 28. Green ICTCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: How ICT couldbe environmentally friendly Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/RPg3WIEa/green-ict
  29. 29. ChunkingCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: Breaking upstudents work intomanageable chunks Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/RW6qGIbh/chunking
  30. 30. Elements of Thought LeadershipMarketing Created by: danavan Map Type: MindManager Category: Marketing Description: Elements of Thought Leadership - Thought Leadership MarketingAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/bCktJjTv/elements-of-thought-leadership-marketing
  31. 31. Value of Personal DataCreated by: eslwebMap Type: XMindCategory: ICT Mind MapsDescription: Shows thevalue of your personal datato companies. Available Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/BO54Yl04/value-of-personal-data
  32. 32. Content Marketing Planning Created by: danavan Map Type: MindManager Category: Marketing Description: Content Marketing Planning Map - 1-7- 30-4-2-1* * Some ideas adapted from Russell Sparkman and Content Rules by Handley & ChapmanAvailable Here: http://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/ENgLTxAY/content-marketing-planning-map-1-7-30-4-2-1
  33. 33. For thousands more free mind maptemplates and examples, visitBiggerplate.com http://www.biggerplate.com/latest-mindmaps
  34. 34. The Mind Mapping Mini-ConferenceLondon: Jan 31st 2013Learn More>