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Graphic Facilitation Training Module 1_Handout_110322



Here are the slides used for the 2 day training we held at the Hub. Thank you for the great presentation.

Here are the slides used for the 2 day training we held at the Hub. Thank you for the great presentation.



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Graphic Facilitation Training Module 1_Handout_110322 Graphic Facilitation Training Module 1_Handout_110322 Presentation Transcript

  • Module 1Learning to draw & building a visual language‐ Visual Thinking‐ Visual Language‐ Visual Notetaking‐ Graphic Recording
  • 5 deliveries Break free from endless power-point at meetings© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Summarise meetings in a memorable way© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Communicate the essence of your business in just 10 minutes© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Experience break- through meetings and seminars© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Create engagement around your strategy, vision or project© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • 4 core beliefs Visualisation clarifies an idea and creates a shared language and understanding© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Systems thinking brings multiple perspectives into dialogue to find workable solutions to complex challenges© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Powerful Questions ignite creativity and learning, and facilitate strategic focus and engagement© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Skilled Facilitation helps a group move forward with ease in a collaborative way.© 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • The Field• Graphic Facilitation • Presentations• Visual Facilitation • World Cafe• Graphic Recording • Open Space• Visual Dialogue • Art of Hosting• Mindmapping • Art of Harvesting• Mindscapes • Ideation• Scribing • Prototyping• Visual Notetaking • Design Management• Strategic Engagement • Scenario Planning• Visual Communication
  • Application• Visual notetaking• Mind mapping • Brainstorming • Presenting data (information, ideas, concepts)• Prototyping ideas• Conflict resolution• Cross cultural dialogues• Designing, facilitating and documenting meetings• Spreading ideas• Cascading dialogues• Driving change processes• Organisational behaviour change
  • Benefits• Increased Participation and Engagement• Speed in communication and understanding• Group Memory• Big‐Picture thinking and understanding • Shared direction and action
  • © 2011 Bigger Picture Aps
  • Helping Danfoss Ventures leadership engage employees in dialogues around the future of the business
  • …and it all starts with:
  • Element 1: People
  • Element 2: Place
  • Element 3: Process
  • Element 4: sPeech
  • Element 5: Text
  • Element 5: Text (continued)
  • Element 6: Effects
  • Element 7: Color
  • Element 8: Your Visual Language Synthesis Scope Toolbox Change request Q&A Project Equal Status Analysis Upgrade Big Picture Change management Lawtext Dependency Validation Strategy Frustration Pharma industry Consensus Team etiquette Success Team spirit Resources Stakeholder Estimate Schedule Time Standardization Miscommunication Network Purpose Catastrophy Future Project agreement Vendor Budget Users Commitment Risk Deadline Regroup Realization phase User satisfaction Goal Support Project manager Just-in-time Conflict Motivation User requirement Benefits Performance Functional Enthusiasm Failure Phases Time out Software Execution phase Productivity
  • Graphic Recording & Facilitation