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Bigger Picture Catalogue For Cop15 Nov 12 2009
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Bigger Picture Catalogue For Cop15 Nov 12 2009



This is a first draft at a catalogue of ideas which can be put into play at the COP 15. Feel free to comment and add ideas.

This is a first draft at a catalogue of ideas which can be put into play at the COP 15. Feel free to comment and add ideas.



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    Bigger Picture Catalogue For Cop15 Nov 12 2009 Bigger Picture Catalogue For Cop15 Nov 12 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • Visual Catalogue for COP15
      Bigger Picture
    • This catalogue is an overview of the visual elements that Bigger Picture can contribute with. There are differerent levels of deliveries – whether it is helping the process internally in the teams, internal communication to the teams or delegates or visual deliveries with an external outcome for the media and the public.
      Visual facilitation
      The Big Picture
      Daily visual news
      Visual dialogue tools
      Facilitation of meetings
      Facilitating dialogues
      Press releases
      Graphic Recording
      Press Conferences
    • Visual facilitation – The Big Picture
      An overview of the negotiations – who’s pushing, who’s pulling, who’s blocking. What happens day by day and how does decisions affect the outcome.
      Aim: To create an overview both for the teams internally but also as a communication tool externally for explaining what is going on.
      Required: At least two illustrators working on the Big Picture and resource people from within the teams who feed information.
    • Facilitation- Daily visual news
      A visual equivalent to ECO and other daily updates. Reflections, observations and visual comments in a folded A3 for everyone to take . Each team can have their ”own” visual section, there could be a daily comic strip and a visual dialogue tool on the back.
      Aim: To create awareness among negotiaters of the discussions and campaigns in the Bella Center, and to create a possibility for personal reflection for everyone.
      Requires: Illustrators + layout + layout assistance + printing access.
    • Visual Facilitation - dialogues tools
      Dialogue tool hand-outs as a campaign product that has both a stop up effect, a ”keep” value for participants and a dialogue starter.
      Aim: To focus on the vision and the steps to get there and to make every person reflect for him or herself.
      Requires: Design meeting with client, facilitator, illustrator, lay out and printing access.
    • Visual Facilitation - facilitation of internal meetings
      Facilitation of morning and or evening meetings using a visual set up. Key words: Time keeping, a voice for every person and transparency.
      Aim: To facilitate meetings with a clear output in an engaging way thereby supporting the team.
      Requires: A design meeting with the facilitator, a clear mandate for the facilitator.
    • Visual Facilitation - facilitating dialogues
      On -the-floor-dialogues (”sandwich boards”) around the Bella Center where visual facilitators host dialogues around powerful questions
      Aim: Making delegates aware of both their own role and the discourse outside the walls of negotiations. Bringing the outside in.
      Requires: Tools, two facilitators per board.
    • Illustration - ECO
      Custom made illustrations for every ECO edition which reflects the discources , themes, movements and topics of COP 15.
      Aim: To make the ECO more ”alive” with a visual ”path” to the articles and thereby create more attention to the content of ECO.
      Requires: An illustrator that attends every editorial meeting
    • Illustrations – press releases
      Custom made illustrations for press releases that (ironically) comment on the content and/or pin points the messages in one single frame.
      Aim: To create attention and to help with communications to the press and thereby the public of what is going on at the Bella Center.
      Requires: Illustrator
    • Illustration – observations and reflections
      Daily reflections from a helicopter perspective made by illustrators and drawn in a big scale for example at the booth. Creates both awareness as the illustration is being drawn and serves as a perfect daily picture.
      Aim: To bring inside themes outside to the public and to make healthy provocation internally to negotiaters
      Requires: The illustrators edgy , humoristic and thougthful input and client approval.
    • Illustration - booth
      Designing and illustrating the booth. An illustrator is present and continously visualising the COP15 dialogues.
      Aim: To create both attention and serve as a communication/dialogue tool that grows during the day. To have a media shooting spot always with the latest updates.
      Requres: Tools, paper, daily input and illustrator.
    • Graphic Recording - meetings
      A graphic recording of your internal morning, evening and communications meetings. It can be used for getting newcomers up to speed, as a track record of the process, as clarification and summary.
      Aim: To help the team with it’s own process.
      Requires: An illustrator present, tools, paper and an awareness of how the outcome can be used.
    • Graphic Recording - press conferences and side events
      Graphic summary of various press conferences and side events where the posters serve as summaries for the press. This tool is for all NGO events to create a coherent visual presence.
      Aim: To help get the inside out to the public through the press.
      Requires: Illustrator and acceptance for hanging the posters.
    • Graphic Recording - plenaries
      Visual summary of the opening, plenaries and closing of the COP15. It serves as visual explanation and inputs for the booth, observations, reflections and more.
      Aim: To ”translate” what is going on inside and bring it back to delegates and for client to communicate clearly to public.
      Requires: Illustrator, tablet and a clear purpose for both client and illustrator for the possible usage.