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WebSphere MQ includes a alternative of APIs and supports the Java™ Message Service (JMS) API. WebSphere MQ is that the market-leading messaging integration middleware product. Originally introduced in …

WebSphere MQ includes a alternative of APIs and supports the Java™ Message Service (JMS) API. WebSphere MQ is that the market-leading messaging integration middleware product. Originally introduced in 1993 (under the IBM MQSeries® name), WebSphere MQ provides associate degree an, reliable, scalable, secure, and superior transport mechanism to handle businesses property necessities.

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  • 1. WEB SPHERE MQhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 2. CHAPTER OBJECTIVESBe able to: Explain why messaging andqueuing is used Describe the asynchronous flowof messages Explain the function of a queuemanager List three zSeries-relatedadaptershttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 3. local queuechannelmessage-drivenMQIasynchronous applicationdead-letter queueQMremote queuesyncpointKEY TERMS IN THIS CHAPTERhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 4. BBAAMQIMQIMQIMQIQueue 2Queue 1SYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATION MODELhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 5. BBCCAAQueue 1Queue 2MQIMQIMQIMQIASYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATION MODELhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 6. ProgramAProgramBProgramCProgramAConversationalMessagingCall andreturnProgramAProgramBProgramAProgramASTYLES OF COMMUNICATIONhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 7. MESSAGES Types of messages:– Datagram– Request– Reply– Reporthttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 8. MessagesProgramDataProgramProgramQueuemanagerDB2QUEUE MANAGERhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 9. ApplicationQueue managerMQIQueuemanagerobjectNamelistobjectProcessobjectMajor callsMQCONNMQCONNXMQOPENMQCLOSEMQPUTMQPUT1MQGETMinor callsMQBEGINMQCMITMQBACKMQINQMQSETMESSAGE QUEUE INTERFACE (MQI)http://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 10. Set by application andqueue managerHeadersMQMDMQXQHMQDLHand so forthAny sequence of bytesPrivate to the sending andreceiving applicationsNot meaningful to thequeue managerMessage = Headers + Application dataApplicationHeadersMESSAGE LAYOUThttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 11. Program A Program B Program CSystem 1 System 2MQPUT Q2 MQPUT Q1 MQGET Q1 MQGET Q2QueuemanagerQueuemanagerMQIQX Q1 Q2DLQNetwork - MCAQUEUE TYPEShttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 12. MQIProgram 1putgetQMALocal Q2ChannelQMB.QMAReceiverRemote Q1XmitQQMBChannelQMA.QMBSenderMQIProgram 2putgetQMBLocal Q1ChannelQMB.QMBReceiverRemote Q2XmitQQMAChannelQMB.QMASenderNetworkCHANNELShttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 13. Local Queue ManagerRemote Queue ManagerMCAMCAMCAMCAMQMDApplicationDataUSERIDContextDatabaseSECURITYhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 14. DBDBWriteSendSyncpointReceiveWrite DBDBSyncpoint2-phasacommitSynchronousmodelUnit of workDBDB WritePutSyncpointUnit of work 1Unit of work 2Unit of work 3qq GetWriteSyncpointDBDBAsynchronousmodelDATA INTEGRITYhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 15. MQPUT CAR RENTALMQPUT FLIGHTMQPUT HOTELMQGET Reply-to-queueCar rentalFlightHotelCarFlightHotelMQPUTMQPUTMQPUTReply-toqueueTRAVEL AGENCY EXAMPLE REVISITEDhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 16. INTERFACING TO WEBSPHERE MQ MQ is available on many platforms On z/OS it has interfacing to:– CICS– IMS– Batch or TSOhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 17. MQ FUNCTIONS Common application programming interface (MQI) Assured delivery: messages do not get lost andthey arrive only once No synchronous access needed Message driven application Quicker development due to shielding of thenetworkhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html
  • 18.  Messaging and queuing enables communication betweenapplications on different platforms. WebSphere MQ is an example of software that managesmessaging and queuing in the mainframe and otherenvironments. With messaging, programs communicate by through messages,rather than by calling each other directly. With queuing, messages are retained on queues in storage, sothat programs can run independently of each other(asynchronously).SUMMARYhttp://www.bigclasses.com/ibm-mq-online-training.html