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Building Business At Expos & Trade Shows Linked In


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An overview of ways a company can be more successful when exhibiting at trade shows.

An overview of ways a company can be more successful when exhibiting at trade shows.

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  • Note the difference between the show’s job and the exhibitor’s job
  • 7. That list averages 31 for a major trade show.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building Business at Expos & Trade Shows8/11/10
      Pat Lee, Public Relations DirectorJackie McBain, Expo Marketing Mgr.
    • 2. Are Trade Shows Still a Viable Form of Marketing in the Age of Google?
      Depends on your business but… people go to shows to:
      Talk to other people
      See products up close and personal – in action
    • 3. Are Trade Shows Still Viable…?
      Face-to-face connections are irreplaceable
      People trust (and want to do business with) people they know; the handshake has not gone out of style
      See, touch, feel, hear… not the same on a computer screen as in person
    • 4. Testimonial
      “We have a couple of items we came specifically to look for. One of the items we’re concerned about the noise level it produces, so we’re going to turn it on and listen to it while we’re here.”
      FABTECH 2009 Attendee
      Lee Curtis, President
      Curtal Corp., Beloit, WI
    • 5. How Do You Select the RIGHT Trade Show?
      Obtain audience demographics.
    • 6. How Do You Select the RIGHT Trade Show?
      2. Compare your
      company products
      and services
      to exhibitor list.
    • 7. How Do You Select the RIGHT Trade Show?
    • 8. How Do You Select the RIGHT Trade Show?
      3. Attend the show and
      observe first-hand, talk to attendees.
      4. Ask current customers
      what shows they attend,
      and why.
      Event resource:
    • 9. Do Trade Shows Deliver Results?
      Not always, but here’s why:
      Only 24% of exhibitors set objectives
      More than 80% of exhibitors do NO pre-show marketing
      84% of booth staffers receive no training
      87% of trade show leads are never effectively followed-up on
      Only 14% of exhibitors have any organized post-show measurement
    • 10. To Achieve Success
      Set objectives
      Invest in pre-show marketing
      Train your booth staff
      Have a follow-up plan and work it
      Do reasonable post-show measurement based on objectives
    • 11. Pre-show marketing targets
    • 12. How to Get the Most BANG for your BUCK!
    • 13. How to Get the Most BANG for your BUCK!
      Print Advertising
      Show Specific & Industry Media
      1. Advance Marketing
      • Invest at least 15% of your total show budget to marketing – dedicate portion to pre-show.
      • 14. Use multiple media to deliver marketing message. Plan for at least three hits.
      • 15. Target potential visitors.(3x TI)
      • 16. Communicate benefits & solutions.
      Public Relations
      Media Contacts, Press Releases, Press Kits,
      Electronic Media
      Web, Email, Phone, Voice Broadcast, Fax
      Direct Mail
      Letters, Invitations, Postcards, Brochures
      New Media
      Personalized Postcards, PURL’s, HTML Email, Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts
    • 17. How to Get the Most BANG for your BUCK!
      2. Develop great booth signage with a definitive message and consistent design theme .
      • Highlight more than products and services.
      • 18. Why should they visit your booth?
      • 19. Focus on solving problems, creating opportunities, delivering value.
      -- Example: Reduce downtime by 20%
    • 20. How to Get the Most BANG for your BUCK!
      3. Leads
      • Set realistic booth lead goals
      and communicate to booth staff.
      Exhibiting hours 24
      Booth Staff on Duty x 4
      Total Staff Hours 96
      Interactions/Hour/Staffer x 3
      Total interaction* 288
      ( x .25 = 72 qualified leads)
      • Preparation of booth staff – who does what.
    • How to Get the Most BANG for your BUCK!
      • Determine what is a lead
      -Current customer
      -Prospect in your pipeline
      -New prospect discovered at show
      • Assign value to leads
      - Do they have an application, need, problem or opportunity?
      - Are they the decision maker or influencer.
      - Do they have a budget?
      -Do they have a reasonable time frame?
      • Develop a lead qualification process, capture tool and teach booth staff how to use.
    • 21. How to Get the Most BANG for your BUCK!
      • Timely post show follow-up.
      - Example of an “A” lead follow-up
      • Handwritten note or email sent
      at end of show day.
      • Mail/Email appropriate info
      within 3 days of close of show.
      • Phone call within 7 days of
      mailing above.
      • In person appointment set within
      3 weeks after phone call.
      • Lead Reporting System – what happens over time.
    • 7 Top Considerations in Preparing to Do a Trade Show
      Understand exhibiting investment is about more than your booth on the show floor
      Set realistic performance goals in advance
      Train booth staff
      4. Create compelling message and offer – use 10 second rule
    • 22. 7 Top Considerations (cont.)
      Market to most promising prospects before the show
      Follow-up all leads within one week after show
      Understand that today’s trade show attendees prepared in advance, planned their time on the show floor, and have a list of must-see exhibitors in hand when they arrive.
    • 23. How to Be a Good Show Attendee
      Advance planning spells success
      Remember, you’re going to meet people, judge their credibility, and see products in action
      Take advantage of opportunities for free advice
      Travel light
      Don’t answer your cell phone if you are engaged with a live person
    • 24. For more information
      Visit the exhibitor solutions center