How Your Business Can Use Snapchat


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One app that nobody could seem to ignore in 2013 was the time-sensitive messaging platform Snapchat. One of the hottest and fastest growing apps of all time, use of this service jumped exponentially this year.

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Some brands and marketing experts have already tapped into this new trend, taking advantage of its massive young audience. In this presentation, we'll look at some of the ways other businesses can adapt their digital marketing strategies to include this fun, hot service.

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How Your Business Can Use Snapchat

  1. 1. How Your Business Can Use Snapchat
  2. 2. Who We Are Rebecca  McCarthy             Community  Manager   BigMarker   Andrew  Bungert             Community  Manager   BigMarker  
  3. 3. Some Snapchat Facts: •  Founded  in  2011  as  a  class  project  at  Stanford  University.   •  In  October  2012,  20  million  snaps  were  sent  per  day.   •  In  June  2013,  200  million  snaps  sent  per  day   •  Today,  it’s  around  400  million  snaps  sent  per  day.     •  That’s  a  1,750%  increase  in  just  one  year.    
  4. 4. Some brands using Snapchat: •  Lynx   •  Taco  Bell   •  16  Handles   •  Acura   •  Chat  sports   •  The  co-­‐operaQve  electrical   •  MTV  U.K.   •  GrubHub   •  Seventeen  Magazine  
  5. 5. Importance as a marketing tool? •  Snapchat  allows  you  to  avail  of  social  media  markeQng  without   having  to  fight  through  cluWer.   •  Drives  exposure.   •  Cost  effecQve.   •  Creates  a  compelling  markeQng  campaign,  although  other  plaZorms   may  be  required  to  leverage.   •  As  a  new  tool,  early  marketers  will  be  in  a  posiQon  to  set  the  tone  and   expectaQons  of  future  campaigns.  
  6. 6. Potential Uses: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Brand  GamificaQon.   CompeQQons.   Discounts.   Building  Buzz.   Event  promoQon.   Insider  MarkeQng.  
  7. 7. Does Snapchat Fit Your Demographic? •  EsQmated  400  million  photos  shared  daily.   •  Surpassed  the  amount  shared  on  Instagram,  and  now  reportedly     Facebook’s  350  million  /  day  too.   •  Most  users  aged  between  13-­‐25  and  growing  amongst  over  40s.   •  80%  of  users  currently  in  the  USA.   •  Likely  Snapchat  will  be  moneQzed  soon          aber  rejecQng  Facebook’s  $3B  offer  last        month.  
  8. 8.   “Real  Value  in  sharing  moments  that  don’t  live  forever.”              -­‐Evan  Spiegel  (co-­‐founder  of  Snapchat)  
  9. 9. 1. Brand Gamification. •  A  built-­‐in  feature  of  Snapchat.   •  Messages  last  1-­‐10  seconds,  so  have  to  be  interpreted  quickly.   •  Ideally  built  around  specific  day/event.   •  Provide  clues  for  scavenger  hunt  (self-­‐destrucQng).   •  Can  be  used  to  take  consumer  to  brand-­‐permanent  desQnaQon.   (website,  Facebook).  
  10. 10. Rebecca Minkoff: •  Availed  of  Snapchat  coming  up  to  the  release  of  her  Spring  2014   collecQon.   •  Felt  consumers  should  get  special  perks  even  if  they  couldn’t  aWend   her  show.   •  As  a  treat  and  to  build  excitement  for  fashion  week,  she  SnapchaWed   her  friends  5-­‐10  pictures  of  her  designs  before  they  were  revealed  on   the  runway.   •  Just  for  adding  her  on  Snapchat.   •  Snaps  come  across  as  being  tailored  just  for  recipient,  which  isn’t   necessarily  the  case.  
  11. 11. It started with a tweet:
  12. 12. Make it exciting. •  You  have  a  maximum  share  Qme  of  ten  seconds.   •  Make  the  most  of  your  Qme.   •  ‘Add  to  your  story’  opQon.  (Allows  friends  to  view  unlimited  amount   of  Qmes  for  24  hours.)    
  13. 13. 2. Competitions. •  Fast  ReacQon-­‐  ‘Quick  Snap’.   •  Immediate  way  to  reach  out  to  interested  consumers.   •  Creates  urgency:  Qme  limit  demands  customers’  aWenQon.  Whereas   Facebook  posts  can  sit,  Snapchats  disappear.     •  Increases  engagement.  (SQpulaQon  of  entry).   •  Treasure  hunts.   •  Send  snaps  with  clues.   •  Avail  of  other  networks  to  promote.  
  14. 14. Chat Sports: •  Decided  to  target  their  college  demographic.   •  Wanted  to  create  a  stronger  brand  connecQon  with  individuals.   •  Prize  was  Qckets  for  a  baseball  game.   •  Entrant  had  to  get  5  friends  to  add  Chat  Sports  on  Snapchat.   •  Each  had  to  send  a  unique  snap  which  included  the  fan’s  Snapchat   username  and  #gimmeQckets.   •  Winner  found  out  about  contest  on  Chat  Sports  website,  where  it   suggested  following  on  Snapchat.  
  15. 15. Example of one of the images entered:
  16. 16. 3. Coupons / Discounts: •  Send  keyword/code.   •  Secret  item/discount  available  for  limited  Qme.   •  Create  excitement  through  promoQon.   •  Insider  markeQng:  send  to  most  loyal  fans.   •  16  Handles  had  a  successful  model.   •  One  to  one  engagement  personalizes  relaQonships  with  your   customers.  
  17. 17. The co-operative electrical issued coupons through Snapchat.
  18. 18. The Co-operative Electrical (U.K.) •  Campaign  was  intended  to  target  students.   •  Aber  adding  the  brand,  students  were  sent  a  coupon  that  they  had  8   seconds  to  take  down  to  obtain  a  discount.   •  No  filter,  so  technically  anyone  could  receive  a  discount  code  
  19. 19. Case Study: 16 Handles.
  20. 20. 16 Handles: •  Frozen  yogurt  chain.   •  Snapchat  a  picture  of  purchase  to  16  Handles  account.   •  Coupon  ranging  16%-­‐100%  off  sent  back.   •  Had  to  be  used  immediately,  therefore  couldn’t  be  forwarded.   •  Created  excitement  by  discount  and  surprise.   •  Bonus:  customer  commits  to  sale  before  redeeming  coupon.  
  21. 21. 4. Building Buzz: •  Preview.   •  Movie,  book,  show  release.   •  LiWle  sneak-­‐peeks  get  people  excited  for  release  date.   •  Sending  to  key  followers  will  ensure  more  exposure.    
  22. 22. Case Study: Taco Bell
  23. 23. Taco Bell: •  Leveraged  Snapchat  campaign  by  tweeQng  special  announcement   they  would  share  with  Snapchat.   •  In  May,  announced  “Beefy  Crunch  Burrito”  with  Snapchat.   •  Availed  of  Story  Feature-­‐visual  of  friends  hanging  out  at  Taco  Bell.   •  Director  of  Social  and  Digital  for  Taco  Bell  Tressie  Lieberman          says  brand  has  been  “blown  away”  by  response.  
  24. 24. 5. Event / Live show. •  Snaps  of  set-­‐building  /  run  up  to  the  show.   •  Backstage  snaps.   •  Unique  angles  featuring  arQsts  /  sponsor  or  both.   •  Provides  the  recipient  with  sense  of  exclusivity.   •  Can  be  seen  as  a  way  to  reward  loyal  fans  /  followers.   •  Get  users  to  snap  live  from  the  event  you  host  /  sponsor.   •  Allows  you  to  see  how  followers  are  enjoying  themselves.   •  Encourages  users  to  share  pictures  on  other  sites.      
  25. 25. Lynx-Backstage view. •  (Ran  by  TMW  CommunicaQons  agency)  Lynx  asked  followers  to  add   them  48  hours  before  a  launch  event.   •  They  then  sent  behind-­‐the-­‐scenes  images  from  their  event  to  around   100  new  Snapchat  friends.   •  TMW  reported  it  as  a  Qme-­‐consuming  way  to  communicate  with  fans        and  an  issue  with  unsolicited  images  sQll  been  received  aber  the              event.  
  26. 26. Can be used for series promotion: •  MTV  U.K.  availed  of  Snapchat  to  promote  a  new  series  of  one  of  their   shows  “Geordie  Shore.”   •  Fans  were  sent  sneak  previews  of  what  the  new  season  held.   •  Reaffirms  exclusivity.     •  Spoke  directly  to  demographic.  
  27. 27. Sneak Previews: •  Exclusivity.   •  Using  the  app  to  showcase  new  products/informaQon.   •  Creates  talking  point.   •  Generates  brand  excitement.  
  28. 28. Acura’s Sneak Preview: •  Acura  unveiled  their  NSX  super  car  prototype  with  a  6  second   Snapchat  video.   •  The  first  100  users  who  added  Acura_Insider  got  sent  a  video  of  the   car  on  the  track.   •  Built  a  layer  of  exclusivity  around  their  product  and  their  Snapchat   communicaQons.   •  Excellent  tacQc  when  building  a  following  on  a  new  plaZorm.  
  29. 29. Acura’s NSX preview:
  30. 30. 6. Insider Marketing. •  If  someone  screenshots  a  Snapchat,  sender  is  noQfied.   •  Send  Snapchats  to  loyal  fans  /  influencers.   •  All  areas  of  business.   •  Screenshot  noQficaQon  funcQons  as  a  measurement  tool.   •  If  people  take  screenshots,  they  may  share  on  personal  networks  or   redistribute.   •  Consider  an  “exclusive”  campaign  as  phase  one,  content  can  be   reposted  at  a  later  date  on  other  social  media  forums.  
  31. 31. Advantages. •  Allows  you  to  form  personal  connecQon.  (Facebook  /  TwiWer  is  more   public.)   •  Can  ulQmately  redirect  back  to  website  or  page.   •  Likely  to  receive  responses  quicker,  creates  sense  of  urgency.   •  Fans/Followers  market  for  you  as  they  spread  the  word  through  their   personal  accounts  and  to  friends.   •  Injects  fun  into  markeQng  campaigns.   •  Cost  effecQve.  
  32. 32. Disadvantages: •  Exact  content  can’t  be  socially  shared.   •  EsQmated  ‘Vines’  are  shared  half  a  million  Qmes  per  day.   •  Demographically  dependent.   •  Not  really  suitable  as  a  mass  markeQng  tool.   •  Can  be  sent  unsolicited  images  in  return.   •  Time  consuming.  
  33. 33. Contact us: Please  feel  free  to  email  us  if  you  have  any  quesQons: