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  • The beneficiary logo has been designed to tell the public that you have received Lottery money Only recipients may use it The logo is one piece of artwork Elements may not be altered in anyway! There are two versions of the beneficiary logo: standard and high-impact Standard logo preferred Use the high-impact logo if space is limited or where the public has less time to register the mark SIZE : We have a minimum size to make sure our logo is clear and easy to read Standard logo: make sure crossed fingers symbol is at least 12mm High Impact: make sure crossed fingers symbol is at least 14mm COLOUR: Two full colour options: pink and blue You cannot change to one of your corporate colours You can also use our black or reversed-out logo
  • Tell your story presentation 25.9.12

    1. 1. Tell your story: PR on ashoestringEast of England CommunicationsTeam26/09/2012
    2. 2. Welcome and agendaSara BetsworthHead of Region #BIGlf
    3. 3. BIG Funding OfficersRichard Drape and Michelle DrummondA Summary of Support
    4. 4. Your regional comms teamOur remit:To support successfuldevelopment and deliveryof BIG’s fundinginitiatives locallyTo raise awareness andmaximise impact ourfunding locally
    5. 5. You said:Survey Monkey results:•100% of respondents use websites above allother methods to inform people about yourprojects•58% of you tweet•8% blog•41% use events•word of mouth is still a popular method
    6. 6. How we communicate in theregion: a snapshot•Being out and about – funding fairs, workshops and briefingevents•Engaging with local media•Publications and website – case studies, feature articles,and social media•Public affairs – keeping MPs, Local Authorities and regionalstakeholders in the loop•Engaging with regional stakeholders – project visits,launches and VCS groups.
    7. 7. The power of being socialListen, learn and shareTwitter: @BIGEofEFacebook: Big LotteryFund – East of EnglandBIG’s blog:
    8. 8. Supporting you along the journeyIn print: Grant acknowledgementrequirementsOnline: BIG website - grant holdersection: the phone:01223 449027/449034In person:Invite us to your events, tweet us,tell us about your successes!
    9. 9. Online support from BIG & support:•Publicity guidelines•How to order merchandise forevents etc (T shirts, Balloons,banners, bunting)•How to use the BIG logo (andadvice on styles)
    10. 10. BIG Branding: use of the logo•Tells the public wherelottery money is spent•Encourages others to apply•It’s a condition of yourgrant!
    11. 11. Where should I use the logo?Any form of promotional or publicity materials:•Press releases•Leaflets•Posters•Brochures/annual reports•Websites•Stationery/letterheads•Job averts/ on vehicles etc•Twitter/facebook
    12. 12. Logo – hard and fast rules!•Only recipients may use it•Do not alter in any way•Standard logo preferred•Size at least 12mm•Available in pink or blue•Available on website
    13. 13. BIG Logo
    14. 14. Generating local publicity•All grants awarded aremade public (press release,BIG and DCMS website)•BIG sets embargo date•National and regionalmedia alerted•Then it’s up to you! Buttoday should help ...
    15. 15. Telling your story
    16. 16. Where to start:•Have a Comms plan: keymessages, audience,methods you will use•Know your local media andhow they reach audiences:print/broadcast/ TV/online?•Pressreleases/leaflets/blogs•Social Media
    17. 17. #BIGlf