BigHeads Network - Brand Opening (Open Innovation, Co-Creation, Thought Diversity)
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BigHeads Network - Brand Opening (Open Innovation, Co-Creation, Thought Diversity)



Brand Opening is our online open innovation and co-creation session where we harness the perspectives and thinking of our curated brain trust made up of bright minds, creative thinkers and problem ...

Brand Opening is our online open innovation and co-creation session where we harness the perspectives and thinking of our curated brain trust made up of bright minds, creative thinkers and problem solvers from DIVERSE fields and interests to help brands, companies and organizations develop innovative products, generate unique insights and solve difficult problems.

Contact Carlyn Kelly at if you'd like to learn more.



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BigHeads Network - Brand Opening (Open Innovation, Co-Creation, Thought Diversity) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. (Your BRAND + OPEN Innovation)
  • 2. 2! Our favorite quote Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse” His point being – if you want to innovate and create truly original ideas…you can’t rely solely on your conventional and predictable sources for inspiration and stimuli
  • 3. 3! Unfortunately, when the time comes to innovate, many brands and companies limit their creative exploration by relying solely on the perspectives and processes they’ve become comfortable with…and they end up missing out on a universe of creativity and opportunity The unfortunate reality
  • 4. 4! The BIG question So, the logical question is – how can your brand or company break out of that comfort zone and go beyond those traditional processes and familiar perspectives?
  • 5. 5! Adopt an open model…with a focus Open innovation has come to be defined as “the systematic encouragement and exploration of a wide range of internal and external sources for innovative opportunities”…and there are countless models being used to deliver on that promise We recommend brands and companies eager to innovate and create disruptive ideas activate an open model designed to harness diverse thinking
  • 6. 6! Diverse thinking delivers Research has proven that disruptive solutions and ideas are more likely to happen when brands and companies activate an open model that accesses diverse groups made up of individuals from many different disciplines, backgrounds, interests, and experiences, because it provides the input from both familiar and unfamiliar sources
  • 7. 7! If you need the proof…just read these!
  • 8. 8! There is little doubt that diverse teams have a greater chance of coming up with unique ideas. I don’t mean diversity only in terms of disciplines, but also in terms of culture, ethnicity, geography, age, and gender. Diversity in teams allows different viewpoints, approaches, and frames of mind to emerge. Diversity is also a proven way to increase the randomness of concept combinations. It is often said that one of the reasons for the United States’ unparalleled innovation rate is its very diverse population. People who have experienced the innovative power of diverse teams tend to do everything they can to encourage them. Innovation is more likely when people of different disciplines, backgrounds and areas of expertise share their thinking. - Creativity and the Role of the Leader /Harvard Business Review A “wise crowd” must be diverse, so that lots of different opinions are represented. It must be decentralized so no single person can influence the outcome. It must be independent, so that "good" information can balance out "bad" information. Finally, it must be collaborative, so that it can result in "collective intelligence.”
  • 9. 9! In a world where innovation is global, multidisciplinary and open, you need to bring different minds and different perspectives together to discover new solutions to long-standing problems. - IBM Innovation Jam website “Innovation never comes from the established institution. It’s always a graduate student or a crazy person or somebody with great vision.”  - Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google (60 Minutes interview) Nike CEO Mark Parker spends time with musicians, graffiti artists and other creative talent. “I meet regularly with our biggest retail customers, but I also go off the beaten path where I can stimulate the right side of my brain - and discover new tastes in music, fashion, cuisine.” - CEOs Are Spending More Quality Time With Their Customers/WSJ
  • 10. 10! Introducing the BigHeads Network Since diverse thinking fosters innovation, we curated a brain trust made up of more than 1,000 bright minds, creative thinkers and problem solvers from all different backgrounds They are BIG thinkers with BIG ideas, so we call them BigHeads…and we harness their perspectives and thinking to help brands and companies boost their creative output, develop innovative products, generate unique insights and solve difficult problems
  • 11. 11! Imagine the possibilities Just imagine the ideas, insights, inspiration and solutions you will generate by accessing the perspectives and thinking of a curated group of diverse minds made up of artists, educators, chefs, comedians, fashion designers, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, app developers, musicians, bloggers, sustainability experts, mixologists, physicians, tattoo artists, politicians, athletes, decorators, deejays, photographers, filmmakers, supermoms, architects, gamers…and many more
  • 12. If you already have creative minds, experts and forward thinkers from within your industry thinking about your business…doesn’t it make sense to have creative minds, experts and forward thinkers from outside your industry thinking about it too? It just makes sense
  • 13. 13! Our core process - Brand Opening Our Brand Opening is a turnkey open innovation process where we host an online creative session with diverse members of BigHeads
  • 14. 14! It’s 100% elastic The process is 100% elastic and can be tailored to deliver against any BIG challenge. Past assignments have included: • New product development; filling the product pipeline • Developing product innovations, services, features and programs that bring key insights and research findings to life • Reinvigorating and strengthening existing concepts, products and strategies • Finding solutions to various business and organizational problems • Developing relevant service and benefit offerings • Creating intuitive platforms and applications • Creating product names and unique packaging inspiration • Identifying tools, approaches and resources to most efficiently help commercialize concepts and innovations
  • 15. 15! Step One – Deep Dive The BigHeads leadership team meets with you to review and solidify the project objective, key considerations and final deliverables. As appropriate, additional information such as target information, category research, competitive analysis, etc., may also be reviewed
  • 16. 16! Step Two – Stepping Back (reframing the problem) Once we understand your objective/problem we step back and view it through a broader lens to develop a project thematic/topic that will interest our diverse BigHeads and allow them to make connections to their lives and experiences Simply put, we convert your objective from internal speak…to human speak
  • 17. 17! Step Three – Online Session/Question Development We then create a compelling online session that includes a series of strategically crafted questions for the BigHeads to answer that are designed to uncover techniques they employ, things they know, tools they use and connections they have, all in relation to the more involving topic/thematic This line of questioning arms us with the unique stimuli and inspiration we use to develop breakthrough solutions
  • 18. 18! Step Four – The BigHeads We place your project into our secure online platform and invite the BigHeads to contribute their unique thoughts, ideas and perspectives
  • 19. 19! This is where the real magic happens! At this point, our internal team begins making connections (connecting the dots) between the feedback we received from the BigHeads and your overall objective to develop our final ideas and recommendations Step Five – Connecting the Dots
  • 20. 20! Step Six - The Open Book You receive project report that we call the Open Book, which includes an overall summary of participants, all the unedited responses from the BigHeads and a catalog of content that meets your overall objective
  • 21. 21! Step Seven – Review & ranking We present all the insights and concepts during an interactive half-day work session with members of your team Additionally, your team will have the opportunity to rank the content against your overall objectives and criteria so you are armed with the top insights, ideas and approaches
  • 22. 22! Confidentiality is a priority •  All members execute a comprehensive NDA when they join •  Participants do not receive typical brand/creative briefs. Our projects are designed to elicit stimuli for our internal team to use when creating final ideas, so participants oftentimes do not even know your formal objective •  You always have final approval before a project is distributed…so sensitive information is never released •  Even though your brand's stature can help drive participation, it is possible to keep projects 100% anonymous
  • 23. 23! Working together We work with innovation teams, new product development groups, brand teams, research groups and agency teams as a one-off tool/resource…or as an ongoing collaboration partner
  • 24. 25! CONTACT: Carlyn Kelly / EVP of Strategy & Innovation (m) 203.219.3478 (o) 888.646.0411 x-705 (e) Let’s open your brand!