Voice-of-Customer Marketing


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Voice-of-Customer Marketing is enabling businesses to achieve unprecedented results in their marketing efforts...

This presentation provides insightful information and easy-to-follow diagrams of:

-- Voice-of-customer marketing channels

-- How voice-of-customer marketing channels drive your organization's overall integrated cross-media marketing plan

-- How your entire integrated cross-media marketing plan can be measured to accurately determine your organizations return on investment (ROI) across the entire sales and marketing enterprise

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  • Two-way marketing communications or interactive marketing communications can and should occur across multiple media platforms- the advantage of this is two-fold: The ability for the marketer to gain increased insight as to their prospect or customer’s changing needs and preferencesThe ability for the marketer to follow through relevantly where message relevancy dramatically increases conversion rates
  • A simple depiction of a two-way marketing communications loop
  • Two way interactive communications can start from any number of dozens of different techniques- four shown here (clockwise from upper left) include PURLs from a mailing, text messaging from a sign, a social media lifestream, a QR code from an advertisement
  • Using dynamic landing pages (as opposed to the typical “static website”) enables the marketer to generate all sorts of interactions and transactions. An example of one of these interactions is depicted in the next three slides…
  • Survey page usually intended to be a quick dialogue where the marketer can gain insightful information
  • Thank You or Response Page
  • Leads can be routed to an assortment of distribution points including a sales rep, the marketing department for storage and future reuse, the fulfillment support center for custom kit fulfillment that’s relevant to the conversation designed to expedite the conversion process.Lead follow through can also be designed to follow an intelligent data-driven “if-then-else” rules based follow through path.
  • In a more complex view the circle in the upper left is depicting “the conversation” as being launched from any number of integrated cross media formats… as the “conversation” is driven towards an online environment such as inbound marketing to the website or survey landing page response the online activity can include an array of marketing cycle activities as well as routing to an intelligent marketing CRM system that can sequence and automate the next “stages” in the marketing or “nurturing cycle”.
  • Marketing “nurturing” or “incubation” gives the marketer a wide range of customized choices to develop a rules-based if then else “customer of one” follow through process. This voice of customer workflow is scalable and can be measured and refined in real-time.
  • Best practices in “Marketing CRM Systems” today include the ability to manage campaigns from one central “marketing console”. Data can be fed into the marketing console from pre-existing third party systems such as depicted from the squares at left. Rules based marketing campaigns can be generated from within the marketing console. In either a “direct marketing touch” or a “trigger based marketing touch” multi-media two-way communications efforts can be developed and the prospect-client activity (or lack thereof) can be automatically routed to the next stage of the marketing workflow process. All this activity can be measured and refined from “command central” - the marketing console…
  • Big Dog Innovations can provide initial leadership with “voice of customer” starting points and supply any mixture of marketing logistics support to help organizations realize the benefits of dialogue and message relevancy that helps organizations increase marketing returns on objectives.
  • Voice-of-Customer Marketing

    1. 1. Voice-of-Customer Marketing<br />Big Dog Innovations<br />www.bigdoginnovations.com<br />
    2. 2.
    3. 3. “Voice of Customer Marketing”<br />
    4. 4. Integrated Cross Media<br />Direct Marketing<br />Mobile Marketing<br />Social Media Marketing<br />Visual Marketing<br />
    5. 5. In both B-2-B & B-2-C communications the vast majority of the population prefers to go online first as their method of initial response and further inquiry<br />“If – Then”<br />Automation<br />(Marketing Cycles)<br />Conversation<br />(2-way dialogues)<br />
    6. 6. Landing Page from a communications “device”<br />
    7. 7. CaptureInformation- position yourself to respond<br />
    8. 8. Dynamically respond across multiple platforms<br />
    9. 9. Fast Launch Program<br />“If – Then”<br />Automation<br />Conversation<br />(2-way dialogues)<br />Lead Generation<br />Customer Retention<br />Cross-sell & Up-sell<br />Sales Department<br />Sales Management<br />Custom Fulfillment<br />Technology<br />Execution<br />Production/ Distribution<br />Strategy<br />Marketing Department<br />Measurement<br />Nurturing Cycles<br />Customer Preference Database<br />All Measurable Across Any Platform & Shift Strategy “On-The-Fly<br />25% of Your Next Campaign<br />
    10. 10. Website/Blogsite<br />Landing Pages<br />PDF Download<br />Event Registration<br />Product/<br />Service Purchase<br />Feedback/R&D Survey<br />Newsletter Sign-Up<br />Call Center<br />CRM(Centralized Database)<br />Form/Survey Responses<br />Purchases<br />Contact Data<br />Email<br />Email Lists<br />&<br />Automation(Unlimited Follow-Up Sequences)<br />Direct Mail<br />Social Media<br />Analytics<br />Platform<br />Call Center<br />
    11. 11. Marketing Automation – “If-Then-Else”<br />Landing Page with Call-to-Action & Web Form/Survey(Event registration, product/service purchase, free report download, etc.)<br />Website/Blogsitewith Call-to-Action & Sign-up Box(E-newsletter sign-up, free report download, etc.)<br />Email Message (Day 1)<br />Mail “Product” (Day 1)<br />Follow-up Phone Call (Day 7)<br />Email Message (Day 28)<br />Email Message (Day 28)<br />and/or Send<br />Customized <br />Fulfillment <br />Kit(Day 7)<br />Sales Lead to Mobile Device (Day 7)<br />Mail Postcard (Day 28)<br />Mail Postcard (Day 28)<br />Follow-up Phone Call (Day 35)<br />Follow-up Phone Call (Day 35)<br />Email Message (Day 56)<br />Email Message (Day 56)<br />Follow-Up Phone Call (Day 63)<br />Follow-Up Phone Call (Day 63)<br />Mail Postcard (Day 70)<br />Mail Postcard (Day 70)<br />Continued, Monthly Follow-ups<br />Continued, Monthly Follow-ups<br />CRM(Centralized Database)<br />
    12. 12. Integrated Cross Media Marketing Dashboards<br />
    13. 13. “Software Platform”<br />CRM<br />Customer Lists<br />Purchase History<br />Inquiries<br />API to Client CRM or Fulfillment<br />PURLs<br />QR Codes<br />VDP Direct Mail<br />Telemarketing<br />Web to Print<br />Email<br />API<br />“Media Platform”<br />SMS Text<br />Events<br />Print <br />Broadcast<br />Data<br />“Marketing Console”<br />Asset Management<br />Data Integration<br />Rules & Logistics<br />Integrated Cross Media<br />Marketing Dashboard<br />API<br />Marketing Touch<br />Yes<br />Respond ?<br />No<br />“Employee Platform”<br />Telemarketing<br />B2B<br />Not for Profit<br />Opt-in<br />Data<br />API<br />PURLs<br />QR Codes<br />VDP Direct Mail<br />Telemarketing<br />Web to Print<br />Email<br />Event Triggered Touch<br />“Mass Marketing”<br />RTP<br />Broadcast<br />Print Advertising<br />Mass Media<br />API<br />
    14. 14. We provide the strategies, engines & logistics to tie it all together<br />The hybrid model for customer centric marketing support- <br />all under one roof<br />
    15. 15. For more information, contact:<br />Jackie Crino<br />Director of Marketing<br />Big Dog Innovations<br />Email: jcrino@bigdoginnovations.com<br />Mobile: (845) 629-4504<br />Web:www.bigdoginnovations.com<br />Twitter: @BigDogInnov<br />