Four Simple Guidelines for Planning a Mobile Communications Strategy


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Mobile Marketing- With 99% open rates and very high adoption rates organizations cannot afford to ignore mobile as one of their primary communication channels. As organizations develop or augment their mobile plans, NEW strategic thinking and implementation practices are prerequisites to achieve maximum results. Here we offer four "early stage" suggestions to evolving the approach plan.

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Four Simple Guidelines for Planning a Mobile Communications Strategy

  1. 1. Four Simple Guidelines for Planning a Mobile Communications Strategy
  2. 2. Author’s note on getting the conversation started-  Depending on your industry type there’s a dozen or more ways to begin this conversation, including-  nonprofit, private sector B-2-C, B-2-B, digital publishing, healthcare/financial services, education, membership/associations, symposiums/events, retail, e- commerce, voters/advocates, & such  For the purposes of an attempt at brevity I’ve chosen for this deck to take a middle of the road approach  Mobile communications applies to everybody in some fashion or another
  3. 3. Mobile Communications  It’s the wild west of communications  It’s the fastest growing media platform in history  If you start soon and apply different tactics you’ll beat your competition to the marketplace  Depending on your model you may dominate a slice of the market
  4. 4. The Statistics Are Staggering  99% of all push messages are read- think of it, that’s crazy  & 90% of push messages are read within the first three minutes  2014 marks the first year that mobile to web searches will eclipse PC to web searches
  5. 5. The Adoption Rates Are Surprising  64% of the US population uses Smartphone technology- Nielsen  The 65’s an older are already north of 25% adoption, within two years they’re expected to be close to 50% (the “grandchildren” are part of the impetus)  55’s and older with household incomes of $100K + are close to a 50% adoption rate, and their age group is the fastest growing age group for Smartphone adoption  For Millennials, adoption rates are beyond 90%
  6. 6. If you’re planning to apply what you know about traditional marketing in present or future mobile initiatives- STOP!
  7. 7. everything about mobile is different… -by the way, if you don’t have a mobile strategy yet, or you’re not planning on one, why not?
  8. 8. Here are four simple things we recommend you consider for a mobile strategy plan- 1. Connect and engage philosophy (cross media) 2. Mobile acquisitions plan 3. Landing pages: the golden keys to two-way interactions 4. Nurturing automation
  9. 9. 1- Connect & Engage Philosophy  Have a cross media perspective for mobile; you may “acquire from or push to” social media, web traffic, e- communications, direct mail, signage, events, trade shows, PR and traditional mass advertising  To be most effective in mobile communications adopt a “marketing 3.0 philosophy”- make your conversations about them (as much as you possibly can)  Their expectations are instant- keep it concise!
  10. 10. 2- Mobile Acquisitions Plan  There are dozens of ways you can organically develop a mobile communications list; some from the short list-  Registrations, purchases, donation activity, events, direct mail, social media, publications, any form of mass advertisements, offers, content downloads, environmental sustainability initiatives, great messaging and creative “calls to action”  It may sound quirky but think of signage (if you have any)- what are the ways your signage can compel people to take notice, take action, and engage with you via mobile  Most signs don’t, start being different
  11. 11. 3- Landing Pages- the golden keys to two-way interactions  Landing pages from mobile message links (or any other media for that matter) are an excellent way to connect and engage with your target market  Better than a website home page, landing pages give you mission or message specific options for purchase, register, donate, respond (one question surveys can be great), download, follow, share… and all the activity is trackable
  12. 12. 4- Nurturing Automation  Mobile is in the marketing automation game; you can create multi- touch personalized drip messages to meet any communications lifecycle requirements  And, its responsive design capabilities can recognize and adopt to which device is in use  Message relevancy, communications that are known to boost conversion rates are compounded by extraordinarily high open rates and smart “if-then drip nurturing”, thus allowing savvy marketers the ability to create campaigns like never before
  13. 13. Some Encouragement!  Mobile messaging- the highest open rates ever  It’s one of the three things we take with us everywhere now, (keys, wallet, phone)  Your target market has already bought in  Consider new approaches, new strategic planning
  14. 14. I’d love to know if this deck was helpful to you in any way. And, if you’d like to see anything differently in the future. Peter Winters President, Big Dog Innovations 917 301-9100 LinkedIn: SlideShare: Cross Media Implementation Team- MSP Digital Marketing
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